Eye Popping Sunrise Midday and Sunset Photos Opotiki New Zealand

April 18, 2018
Sunrise Opotiki New Zealand
Sunrise Opotiki New Zealand


I know you are likely sick of this trash heap by now; understood.


So I will spare you the nightmare of seeing too many photos from the dump known as Opotiki. Hideous, right?


Kelli and I experienced another ho-hum sunrise yesterday. Seen above. Oh well; same ish, different day, eh? Terrible.


Before we delve into an Onion like scenario, let me hold up for a second. I feel playful. Sarcasm drips.


Seriously though; Opotiki is eye-popping. Giving ya a feel of how the sunrise, midday and sunset views bedevil your senses on a single day. Mesmerizing. Jaw-dropping. Scintillating. Paradise.


Yesterday was a gem of gem days here. The doggies woke me at sunrise for their morning jaunts at the Bay of Plenty. Plenty of glorious sunrises, methinks.


Peep the play of colors; fiery but fluffy clouds dance in the high sky, providing you with a little playfulness in the air up there. Attention grabber. Allow your eyes to drift toward the horizon. Sun yet to rise fully, a little differing in hues, as the moisture and mountains make for a dramatic, severe setting.


I snapped a midday shot about 5 hours after recording this photo.


Here you go…..


Midday Opotiki New Zealand


Billowing, towering, awe-inspiring cumulonimbus clouds dominate this show. Sleep on ’em. Or allow your eyes to rest on the clouds, fitting, in the Land of the Long Cloud.


But this is an appetizer guys. The South Pacific laps at the beach, creating a fine mist guaranteed to put you at ease.


In between puffy clouds and peaceful ocean you’ve the mystical mountains and bright blue, rocking hue, New Zealand skies. No filter. Aka, as I have dubbed it on Instagram, the “New Zealand Filter.”


Contrasts abound. Bright blue, white clouds, and precipitation plus light fog make for a movie-worthy scene among the hills, not unlike a snap from a Lord of the Rings movie.


The last actor in this snap; the impossibly green grass. New Zealand really is like a combo of all the most gorgeous countries on earth. Fiji like seas, Ireland like green grass, Scotland like rocky outcroppings, Swiss like South Alps.


Time for a sunset snap aka, the money shot in a location of money shots.


Sunset Opotiki New Zealand




Is it Mars? Or planet earth?


I instantly recalled the movie Total Recall while snapping this shot. Not only because I wanted to use “recall” twice in one line. But peep those red, mysterious, other-world-ly hues on the mountains. I’ve not seen anything like in on planet earth, in person, at least.


The peaceful South Pacific laps at the shore, once again.


What a glorious way to wrap up the day.


Sunrise, midday, sunset. All snaps from the spot where we are house sitting in Opotiki, New Zealand.


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  1. The doggies have been responsible for my early morning sunrises LOL 🙂

  2. Rhonda Albom Says:

    The sunrises on the east coast of New Zealand are to die for. Yours is spectacular. Actually, all your views are spectacular. While I’m near the beach in Napier, I haven’t been able to drag myself out to see a sunrise yet. However, I do plan to see it out of my beachfront stay in Papamoa later on my tiki tour trip of the North Island. I guess having the dogs wake you up early isn’t so bad when you get to see those views first thing.

  3. Amazing, right Jan? You have some gorgeous sunrises your way too I know. Quiet magic; love it. Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Jan Verhoeff Says:

    Oh glorious color on the rising sun, let it be yours until the day is done… Ryan, the colors in that sunrise are magnificent.

    What a wonderful blessed morning you must have experienced in such warmth and wonder!

    I’m always so impressed by sunrises. They’re my favorite time of day. I just love the quiet magic of a morning filled with color and words.

    Be blessed, my friends… Be blessed.