Exotic Call of the Common Asian Koel Chiang Mai Thailand


Exotic Call of the Common Asian Koel Chiang Mai Thailand

Exotic Call of the Common Asian Koel Chiang Mai Thailand


Exotic Call of the Common Asian Koel Chiang Mai Thailand


Whenever I think of Thailand, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is hearing a dear old friend serenading us from the canopy: The Common Asian Koel.


The melodic, exotic and quite loud but beautiful call of the bird can be heard throughout much of Thailand. I commonly hear these guys in Chiang Mai and Phuket, adding a mysterious air to both tropical areas.


I filmed this 1080 HD video to record the bird call. He was nowhere to be found, as is often the case for these shy, reclusive birds.


Click the play button (and enjoy the pig digging for truffles in the background):



Common Asian Koel


Unlike the photo above, most of these birds are dark-colored numbers. Large by nature, if you do spot one it hops from tree to tree high in the canopy, staying fairly well-camouflaged from potential predators. Koels do stick around as evidenced by repeated calls I tend to pick up over 5, 10 or even 30 minute intervals as the birds work the area. Far from non-stop calling but you will get your fair share of shrill Koel songs if you spend enough time in the Land of Smiles.


Read this helpful post on Thai National Parks for the 411 on the bird:


Asian Koel


I thought I saw one while filming the video but you never know; the house borders Doi Suthep National Park. This means plenty of bird life and other wildlife works its way through the property, including large centipedes, scorpions and bird-eating tarantulas. But you knew this already.


If you want a read an information post on spiders in Thailand enjoy this article on The Thailand Life:


10 Most Common Spider Species in Thailand


Oh yeah; a few months after we left our neighbor Marta filmed a video of a 15 foot long python looking for a snack on the back porch. Thank goodness our neighbor’s dog Mai was safe and sound inside, away from this huge predator who could easily make a snack of virtually any soi or farang dog in the area, let alone cats.


The koel called out brilliantly from the trees for many months before I actually saw one of these guys. Even then I had no idea how omnipresent they were until I traveled around different regions of Thailand, from Phuket, to Bangkok, to Chiang Mai, to Koh Lanta, to Pak Nam Pran.


Heard these birdies everywhere, with their unmistakable, shrill, sharp and ear-popping calls, which came across beautifully in the video above.


Like the Tokay in One Way


The koel call is like the Tokay gecko call in one way; I had no clue in hell of the culprit behind each call. Absolutely no idea, for months.


I would hear the loud sounds of each creature yet would sleep through the night or carry on with daily activities after a quick glance up toward the canopy.


After repeated exposures to each fascinating call – which sound like nothing I have ever heard in New Jersey – I did a little online due diligence and uncovered the source of the sounds.


Hearing both the Koel and Tokay instantly alert me to the fact that I am in Thailand.


Image Credit: Pixabay