7 Blogging Excuses that You Need to Kill

April 8, 2015

How is that for a dramatic view? Kelli took this picture recently at Uluwatu, Bali.


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Now….onto the post!

I noted something weird after publishing my recent blog post.

Some readers recoiled in terror at my 7,000 word post count. Like, if they published such posts, their readers would recoil in terror. Like, long = crap. Like, long = boring. Like, long = garbage, drivel, and filth. Like, long = terrible, low quality, long-winded blog post.

Which is absolute bunk.

Or, in less diplomatic terms, which is absolute bullshit.

Pinkies, Ho’s and Nawlins


Right cher, and now – my feeble attempt at a Cajun accent – I am reading a crime novel in Bali. Called Fat Tuesday. No, it has nothing to do with the size of the average Western tourist here in the Bukit of Bali. Yes, they are fat. The read is a New Orleans crime drama/thriller with all the classic requisite twists. Stunned that I’m reading stuff like this these days. Perhaps I have what people call, eclectic tastes. Or, range? Whatever.

In any case the novel is 458 pages long. Small words. I’m on about page 400. I’ve spent weeks reading this bad boy, because I ENJOY IT. There, I said it. I enjoyed reading the novel. Who cares if it’s a bit trashy, or if it’s more a romance novel than I care to admit, and if you can envision me sitting beside the pool at the villa, eating bon bons, my hair in curlers (that’d be some feat), with gossip magazines strewn about, watching the pool boy scoop cicadas and other large, imposing dead insects from the swimming area.

The novel is long. But I enjoy reading it. Length plays no factor in whether I enjoy the novel or not. If I see a good story for reading, it can be 10,000 pages. Honest. I’d read it. Even if it took me 2 months to read it. Because I love reading. It’s entertaining.

Lemme give Sandra Brown – she’s the author – a shout out:


The point my blogging tips starved buddies, is this: the post length limiting belief is 1 or 100 or 10,000 or 100,000 limiting beliefs littering your mind. I still have them, the limiting beliefs bit.

Here’s 1 of mine, that I am defeating now.

It’s Impossible to Publish 1 eBook Weekly


I clung to this one for many months. For many moons. Last week I chose to kill it. Dead in its tracks.

I formerly published 15,000 word eBooks. I charged like 8 or 10 bucks, or more? I forget.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I felt an intuitive nudge, one that’d inspire me to kill the limiting belief that I can’t publish 1 eBook weekly.

I dropped prices for my eBooks to $2.99.

I dropped word counts to 10,000 words. Maybe a bit more.

I began publishing eBooks weekly.

Anyway, I cut that limiting belief off at the knees because I was willing to examine it.

A Thorough Inspection Brings One a New, Refreshed Reality


As of this writing, Kelli and I are planning to visit Singapore in a few days. One day deal. We can get a taxi or ride a motorbike to the airport. It’s close by. Since we’re in Jimbaran.

I initially hired a transport. A few factors influenced my decision:

  • it’s easier to be driven, than to drive, anywhere
  • the distance factor; not too far at all, but not SUPER close
  • the police here can be a bit…ummmm….well…..not so much on the up and up (political correct answer)
  • traffic
  • not having driven a motorbike to the airport before, it’d be a new experience

After figuring out the cost of being driven to and from the airport, I assessed my decision. Cheap fare no doubt, but I thought, sheeite: if I can save that dough, by riding a motorbike for a few minutes, I probably should.

So I thoroughly inspected my decision to hire a transport/taxi driver, versus if I drove us by motorbike. I uncovered a few key facts.

  1. We’d be riding the motorbike at 5:30 AM to about 6 AM; this means no traffic whatsoever, and we’d also be highly unlikely to run into any police…..on the way home, we’re riding from 12 AM to 12:30 AM, ditto on the traffic and police
  2. the distance is not far at all
  3. it’s literally 4 turns from our place, with most of the trip being on a major highway
  4. motorbike parking for the day is 1500 ruppiah = 12 cents….yes, 0.12, or 12 cents of a USD

On an honest, objective analysis, I assailed my fears/limiting beliefs/worries about driving the motorbike. So we’ll drive the motorbike, and I’m sure it’ll be a fun, cool, neat experience, versus doing the taxi bit.

Your blogging limiting beliefs will need to be dissected, ala Ry-Dawg dissecting his transport/motorbike limiting beliefs in Bali, for you to face, embrace, analyze those bad boys, and for you to release them.

Personal Development Is the Way


All limiting beliefs are leased; you can trade them in at any time.

As a little, cutesy baby, your mind was not clouded by fear, held captive by limiting beliefs, arrested by the negative ideas impressed on you by those folks around you.


Your limiting beliefs are actually other folk’s limiting beliefs. The secret to releasing these energies is to admit them, to face them, to embrace them and to release them, and all steps are achieved through devout, persistent, personal development.

Power Hour


You know my Power Hour by now. Or if you don’t, here’s the drill: I work on my mindset on waking, for the first hour, of every day. No excuses. No deviating. I know that doing mental homework inspires me to uncover my limiting beliefs so that I can free me and free you.

To be a bit on the conservative side, I had roughly 12,986,078 blogging limiting beliefs 7 years ago, the day I bought my domain and hosting. I recall the sheer panic of not knowing what in the hell I was going to do, to blog, and to succeed. The panic was consistent with me, walking into a 7-11 in Phuket, to find my beloved Pandan rolls sold out.

Yes, it was that bad!

I remember flipping out, telling Kelli I was ready to quit – I am not kidding, ONE day into my online career – because I felt each limiting belief running roughshod through my mind, catching me in their insidious, not too nice, overpowering torrent.

It was like, I took one step to be free and then, my ego wanted me to take 4,345 steps – or a few more – to be bound again. It was not pleasant, at times, this journey, but goodness knows that it’s all been freeing and beyond worth it.

My diligent personal development helped me uproot my blogging limiting beliefs, so I could dive into freeing but uncomfortable actions regularly, to expose these little annoying bitches.

This Stuff Is Freeing but Uncomfortable


Limiting beliefs may try to cling to you, like a little baby koala bear that won’t let go of its mama. This is where the uncomfortable stuff happens. The freeing stuff. You’ll be shedding limiting beliefs left and right after working on your mindset, like a snake that loses its skin. You’ll be required to do some scratching, some itching, some rubbing against rocks, and tough surfaces, to shed the skin, and you may even injure yourself a tiny bit if a soft, vulnerable area of your new skin comes into contact with rough surfaces.

This is OK.

This happens.

Growing, and freeing yourself, is not necessarily a comfy experience all the time. Many times it may just be agonizing. Roll with it. Living your dream is worth a few uncomfortable moments.

Here are a few limiting beliefs, and if you’re suffering through them, do yourself a favor: be honest about it, so you can free yourself, OK?

1 : Long Blog Posts Are Bad Blog Posts


I chuckled a bit after reading some comments. Turns out, long posts are bad blog posts, based on the length of the posts alone. I admit, I clung to this one for a minute. I recall the old, fearful me, wondering why people would take time out of their busy schedule to read more than a few hundred words of what I had to offer.

People are busy, you know!

Unfortunately, since folks respond to your vibe on a subconscious level, until you clear that limiting belief you’ll write shorter posts and more than that, you’ll never explore the grand, vast potential in you. Maybe you’re destined to write resources, like me? Maybe you’re destined to go in-depth, to wow the living stuffing out of your readers, to not BORE your readers, but to CAPTIVATE them with your helpful, inspired blog posts, all in-depth, all thorough, and all big time resources that people can’t just get enough of.

People’s Shit


OK, some people carry stuff. Hell we all do. But one block, or limiting belief, that most folks carry is a general lack of patience. Impatience destroys the most brilliant ventures before such ventures have a chance to get off of the ground. Impatient readers want the tips, the key, the one secret, to blogging success, as quickly as possible. Their *fear* dictates their impatience, and if I allowed that fear to seep into my mind I’d catch the fear virus. Not a good thing.

Instead of fearing the pinings of impatient folks I honor my intuitive nudges, knowing that the joy I experience by creating resources, not blog posts, on a weekly basis, inspires like-minded people who love my resources (masquerading as blog posts) to find me, to read the entire post, to love my work, and to:

  • promote my posts for their buddies; many of whom appreciate resources
  • comment on my posts
  • buy my eBooks
  • hire me

This is an inner conviction thingee, the stuff I’m always harping on.

As within, so without. Some wise guy said that. Anyway, if you want to be known as an authority, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t allow other people’s fears to dictate your blogging style.

As for post length, that’s your call. Long could mean 1,000 words, or 4,000 words, or 7,000 words. Test the limits. Get uncomfortable. That’s where all the fun blogging tips are. That’s where the success is.

Google seems to like long posts too; resources do not suck. They concur. Because Google knows value. I gotta agree with those guys. And my intuition. Of course.

The long blog post limiting belief is firmly rooted in some idea, that you choose to cling to, based on your:

  • impatience
  • poor self image
  • lack of belief in self
  • lack of clarity
  • resistance to my lifestyle

Trust me on this one; if you feel long blog posts carry little value, that feeling, that belief, comes from within, and it ain’t anchored in some positive, uplifting, prospering, high energy belief.

Gotta be honest with yourself folks. Dig deeper, and you’ll see the value in well-written, longer posts, and you may even start to publish them yourself, to reap the rewards of creating a resource instead of….just a blog post.

If you want to read a KICK Ass long post about starting a travel blog read this one by Aileen, it’s brilliant:

How to Start a Travel Blog from Scratch: Your Ultimate Guide

2: Nobody Is Reading My Posts Anyway


Nobody” I kinda absolute, no? I guarantee that a few folks are reading your posts. Even if nobody is visiting your blog, nobody will become somebody the day you begin to network persistently through:

  • blog commenting
  • social media marketing; this means, sharing other people’s posts, most of the time
  • posting regularly

In the beginning I remember checking my metrics. First time I checked ’em. I heard tumbleweeds, and saw 1 or 2 gunslingers in the distance, so I immediately knew that at least a few cowpokes were on the prowl.

Turns out my metrics verified my suspicion! I received 3 visitors a day.

3 visitors. Imagine that? I was honored, actually, because on a deeper level I believed nobody was reading – or a few folks – so the 3 visitors were seen as a gift, much more than say, 1 blog visitor a day or no blog visitors each day.

A whole slew of bloggers cling to this limiting belief as an excuse to:

  • not publish posts regularly
  • not comment on authority blogs
  • not monetize their blogs

It’s the all too familiar, “why the hell bother because I’m a failure anyway” idea that plagues way too many bloggers, or heck, anybody for that matter.

The Solution


Here’s my super secret, or painfully obvious solution: feel the fear and do it anyway. Feel the disgust, the pain, the suffering, and the hopelessness, and keep writing.

Even if you pick the most freeing of drivers, you’re human, and you’re subject to believing that you’re wasting your time. Feel the anger, that nobody is reading, and move on to the next moment.

I don’t want you to self flagellate for days or months or years on end. No need to be a blogging masochist. Just feel the misery out, and get over it.

Turbulence on a Flight


As I write these words I’m flying 35,000 feet over the Indian Ocean, from Bali to Singapore. Even though I’ve flown some 70 plus times I am no fan of turbulence. Bouncing around a little bit now; it’s part of the game. I embrace it, and move on to the next moment.

Do the same. Take that limiting belief and hug it. Make peace with it. Publish your next post. Create a detailed, in depth comment on the next authority blog. All things pass, and your readers are finding you. Just pay your tuition, be patient and you’ll be amazed at how your persistence pays off. I’ve seen some amazing spots, some absolute tropical paradises, like Bali and Fiji and Costa Rica and Malaysia, all because I hugged some moments of turbulence.

Keep going!

People will show up, and people will begin reading your blog through consistent, persistent effort.

You’ll be building your business for success (read that excellent post by my friend Don Purdum) by persisting.

Whether you’re using blog commenting and/or social media marketing to be an all over the place blogger you better believe that blogging will be so much easier if you commit to promoting others – and yourself – diligently.

Guys, this one is an out, and a quick out, for quitting. It’s a hopeless limiting belief until you inject a little bit of hope into your being. Doing personal development clears out your demons. Going more in depth on this false idea also reveals that if you choose to commit, fully, to the blogging bit, you will see immense returns over the long haul.

I can’t stress enough how easy this Blogging from Paradise bit grew for me after I was all in.

As an aside, I am currently writing product #18 on Amazon, an eBook about being 1000% committed to your goals. Keep an eye out for it next week.

3: Blog Commenting Is a Waste of Time


I’ve been endorsed by famous people.

I’ve spoken at NYU.

More than that, I’ve lived a freeing, spectacular, inspired life.

The primary tool in my blog marketing arsenal is good old blog commenting.

If you think blog commenting is a waste of time…..how many bloggers do you know who lived in Fiji for 4 months? How many bloggers have traveled to Bali 5 times, or have lived in Costa Rica for 2 months? Not too many, especially when you’re talking full time income earning, permanent digital nomads.

Blog commenting was the marketing tool that made my blog go.

Blog commenting was the strategy that helped me get my foot in the door, with some real heavies.

I wrote the book on blog commenting. Buy it here:

Blogging from Paradise: How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

POOR Blog Commenting Is a Waste of Time


I agree with this limiting belief. Poor blog commenting is the biggest waste of time. Ya know what I mean; the comment drive by. The 1 shot deal, the selfish, value-less, brand-busting approach adopted by the blogger who only wants to dip their toes into the blog commenting pool.

Meanwhile, you have champions like Lewis LaLanne, who publishes some of the best comments I’ve ever seen.

Check him out:

My Note Taking Nerd Blog

The guy gets it. He’s obviously disproved that piddly limiting belief that many meek bloggers cling to.

The Solution


Speak up! Make an impact. Blog commenting works if you publish genuine, in-depth, valuable, helpful comments on authority blogs, regularly. Show up once weekly. Or a few times weekly. Be memorable.

Get your foot in the door, then kick that freaking door open like Chuck Norris, shattering the wood to splinters, by commenting regularly. Treat comments like content. Think about it; you have a free, easy to use tool to make friends with inspired bloggers, to spread the word about your blog, and to expand your brand awareness. I’d be all over that bad boy. You should be too.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this limiting belief is fueled by poor self worth. Work on your inner game. Spend time rooting up a poor self image. People want to know what you have to say, what you have to share, and if you’re willing to speak the word more frequently you’ll have few issues making a serious impact through blog commenting. Traffic and sales and friendships will be yours my blogging kiddies.

4: Ryan Blogs from Paradise Because He’s Lucky


Did you feel I was lucky 7 years ago, when I was over $60,000 in debt? Or when I didn’t even know what a blog was? Probably not. I knew how to check my email. I knew how to check espn.com. My luck did not change. Nor did a little, pixyish, Blogging from Paradise Fairy choose me for this life, touching me with her magic wand, enchanting me with her spell, lifting me from the dingy, dark, shipping terminals of New Jersey and dropping me in stunningly pristine Savusavu, Fiji.

Life does not work that way.

I worked intelligently and persistently to create this life. No way around that one. I made mistakes. I mucked up. I fell depressed, I picked myself up, I struggled again, I succeeded, and I freed myself. I did so because I knew WHY I wanted to work online, and that was to free myself. A minute into my online career – aka, a HELLUVA long time into my online career – I figured out it may just be a freeing thing, to want to free other people too. So here we are.

I know you may look at my travel pictures with some jealousy; I get it. You may even want to cyber slap me as I cruise into Singapore. I understand that. But you must understand, that this blogging limiting belief will absolutely cripple you, for years, if you don’t let go the idea that some concept of luck played a part in me going from broke joke to globetrotting, full time income earning, professional blogger.

The Solution


I treat the word “Luck” as a 4 letter word. If I utter it, I see Sister Pasquale rapping me on the knuckles with a ruler, as she did 35 years ago in NJ, during my catholic school days. Treat the concept of “luck” similarly. More importantly, instantly catch yourself before you judge some successful blogger as lucky. Chances are, they went through much more heartache and struggle than you did to create the stunning success that they’re now reaping.

5: I Have No Time to Blog


I had no time to blog, either. Until I set aside time to blog. After I began blogging in earnest, I found something funny: all human beings have access to 24 hours each day, to use as they please. The smart ones use the 24 hours to free themselves. The not too swift ones use the 24 hours to bind themselves.

My Story


OK, you know the old me. I made excuses, left and right, explaining away why I could not blog. I actually blogged once every few weeks – if that – as a newbie blogger some 7 years ago. I didn’t have time for blogging. But I did have time to be dumb, sick and broke.

By the way, download Randy Gage’s book:

Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke

He’ll kick your ass. But in a nice way.

Fast forward to today: I already set up my blog post for the day, I’ve networked, meditated, did my subliminal hypnotherapy stuff, played with the dogs, am diving into my blog post post and you betcha I’ll have written 6,000 words by day’s end. Chapter of my next Amazon eBook up for writing, my 7,000 word blog post will be set, and we’ll be good to go.

I let go the limiting belief by making time to blog. Every day. I love being free more than I fear doing uncomfortable stuff. That neat little shift created a new life for me. Excuses dissolved. I blogged.

You may be not all in, yet. Like, I am all in. Have been for years. But you’re on the fence. So you make excuses. I’ve been there, and I am here, now, building my day around blogging, and I assure you, going with the latter move helped free me, and that life has been so much sweeter versus the days where I was bound, and full of blogging excuses.

You have 24 hours today. You spend them how you choose to spend them.

Like you may choose to:

  • work a job
  • buy a home
  • start a family
  • start your own online blogging business
  • become a digital nomad
  • travel the world
  • blog like a freaking bossy boss

All are choices. All are conscious decisions, made by you, using your will power.

Kelli once aptly said that successful people are viewed like a different species. We even spoke to someone recently who noted how it may have been tough to talk with us because we have so little in common – apparently – with people who live *normal* lives. Yes, and no. We do have so little in common with normal folks yet we tackle many of the same issues. The difference is this; we are not a different species, being blessed with unlimited talents that we were born with, BUT we made a series of freeing but highly uncomfortable decisions that enabled us to live this awesome life.


Pick up a Blogging from Paradise paperback on Amazon for a light, easy read.
Pick up a Blogging from Paradise paperback on Amazon for a light, easy read.

Like…..Kelli and I build our day around building our blogging businesses to become full time, digital nomads, who have circled the globe for 4 years in a row. We live a freeing life based on a series of freeing decisions we chose to make. Said decisions being highly uncomfortable at times.

Your task: if you cling to this blog strangling limiting belief you’ll never find the time to blog. Before you cling to this excuse make a blanket decision to make a freeing decision.

Here are a few practical tips to MAKE time for blogging:

  • write 500 to 1000 words daily, NO MATTER WHAT
  • write after waking, before you go to work or watch your kids or go to class…set a strong blogging habit
  • revisit the reason why you’re blogging; tie it to being free
  • choose a blogging niche you feel passionate about; you’ll make time for that
  • release low energy activities if you find yourself putting blogging on the backburner; this means TV and movies and the like has to be put on hold until you completed your blogging duties for the day

I call the shots in my life. I have petted 400 pound tigers in their cages, I have lived on perhaps the most pristine, beautiful island on earth for 4 months and I am living a dream few ever live. Thank GOODNESS I built my day around blogging and around freeing others. I had no time to be dumb, sick and broke, ha.

6: I Have No Money for Buying a Domain and Hosting


Is that true? If so, do you have 4 years to waste online? Do you have 4 years to spend without making 50 cents through your blog? Maybe you’ll do a bit better than the crowd; you’ll rake in enough to score a Happy Meal next month. But this ain’t likely happening.

This limiting belief is particularly insidious. I envision this particular crew of bloggers, the “can’t afford it crowd”, like a bunch of people heading for a swim in the rough waters off of Uluwatu, Bali, wearing handcuffs and a straight jacket. They will drown within seconds. No chance. Online, this blogging crowd will drown within seconds. At least until they decide to take off the handcuffs and straight jacket. Since most bloggers cling to the lame money excuse, you know what happens; they drown for 1, 2 or 5 years, never sniffing north of a few dollars online, destroying their credibility, being at the mercy of Google (Blogger Owner) and any other free platform owner who’s cracking the whip.

The Solution


Buy a domain. Buy hosting. Gain the trust of your target audience. Brand yourself by choosing your own domain name. Own your online real estate.

What If You’re Struggling Financially?


Well, do you want to struggle for a few more days, or a few more weeks? Or would you rather struggle financially for a few more years. Nut up. Buy a domain. Buy hosting.

Get a part time job. Or, dip into your savings. A domain costs $10 a year. Hosting runs about $10 to $15 monthly, which means you’re talking a little North of $100 to maybe $175 or so.

Cut out these bills:

  • cable
  • gym
  • weekly nights out to dinner
  • etc, etc, etc

You know what fat to trim.

I am spending 6 months in Bali. Don’t ya think it was worth missing Curb Your Enthusiasm weekly after I got rid of cable?

I did push ups and sit ups and neighborhood runs instead of going to the gym. I lived in Fiji for 4 months. Duh!

Cut the crap, trim the fat.

On a side note, if you’re struggling with the having no time issue you NEED TO use tools to make your life easier.

Read this absolutely fabulous, whale of a resource from my friend and superstar blogger Harsh Agrawal, listing 100 powerful blogging tools.

100 Plus Blogging Tools for 2015

7: I Have No Idea Where to Start?


I spoke to a newbie blogger recently. Said blogger had no idea where to start.

I suggested, here and now.

Lemme tell you about a pudgier, pasty-ass, white boy who spent his evenings in a dark, dank shipping terminal. It’s an enchanting tale. Come in closer.

Da Docks


I worked at the docks. I recall so much ball busting going on at the terminal that Don Rickels would have blushed and retreated from the nasty barbs being traded. These guys could bust cajones.

Anyway, I worked in the type of environment where truckers took baseball bats to one another, fighting over parking spaces. I once spoke to a guy who drove a truck for a few bucks an hour, yet had a degree from MIT. I am not kidding. I also recall a guy threatening to kill people if the traffic didn’t clear up so he could get home to watch his beloved Yankees in the World Series.

The guy blogging today, in paradise, living in Bali, chatting Indonesian with locals, this same chump worked in the wacky, zany environment of a shipping terminal, in the NYC/NJ area.

Do you think I knew where to start? I had no clue in hell. I was blind to blogging. I knew not what a blog was. I had not one entrepreneurial bone in my body. I thought they were all crooks, Bernie Madoff’s all of them, because I was programmed to believe growing up that business people were wheelers and dealers, out to part people from their money.

Do you think I had any idea what I should do first?


So, shut up. Start.

Here’s what you do: buy a domain, and buy hosting for that domain. Own your blog. Start there.

Then, subscribe to Blogging from Paradise. Find that hideous green bar at the top of this page. Type your email address into the form. Then, on the way out, do 2 things:

That’s where you start.

Your Turn


How are you working through your blogging limiting beliefs?

What limiting beliefs are you letting go?

What tips can you add for cutting through your limiting beliefs?

Call to Action


I am kinda good at uncovering your limiting beliefs. I had no choice; I needed to unearth most of my blogging limiting beliefs to become a proficient, prolific kinda guy. I noted this up top – or somewhere in my eBooks, or hell, I forget where, but I swear, I mentioned it – but if you really, really think about it, imagine how many limiting beliefs I needed to drown out, to uncover, to bitch slap into submission and to root from my subconscious mind, being a broke security guard with no experience online?

It’s one thing to go from being a broke security guard to some similar job. That’s a comfortable transition. However, if you’re jumping from being a broke ass, laid off security guard, to something like, say, a full time, professional, island hopping blogger, you are hella sure that you’ll need to uncover a whole War and Peace worth’s laundry list of limiting beliefs. That’s what I did, and that’s what I do, for you, through my eBooks.

Guys, I admit it; until I put my eBooks exclusively on Amazon I hid away a little bit. I had some limiters there, even while generating solid sales on different platforms.

Those days are OVVAAA! Which is why I’m dedicating a healthy chunk of this post to spread the Blogging from Paradise word on Amazon.

I have heard you, my faithful, loving readers, all of you:

  • full time moms
  • part time online entrepreneurs
  • aspiring travel bloggers
  • aspiring travelers
  • aspiring full time entrepreneurs
  • 9-5 workers
  • professional, full time bloggers who want to take their game to the next level

I have likely been just where you are at. I feel your growing pains BUT more importantly, I am excited to feel your dreams, too.

I can sense that you want to be free. I know some of you are jealous, others, damn excited for me, and that growing crew of visitors who are falling in love with my blog and my Amazon eBooks – perfect for Kindle by the way – heck, you can actually SEE yourself living your dreams.

Whether it’s living in Bali for months on end or retiring from the 9-5 job to become a full time, pro blogger, you’re ready for a change.

For you, to help free you, I am publishing 1 Amazon eBook weekly.

You read that right.

Kelli just released me from my straight jacket to make this announcement.

Now, to give you a 411 on my eBooks, they are:

  • the price of a cup of coffee (or the price of a nutritious meal in Bali….told you, you should live here!)
  • fun, easy reads (ironically, an Amazon employee who read 3 of my hardcover books – during my wedding party – noted this, so I wanted to share it with ya)
  • chock full of practical tips that I have used to create a freeing, dream-type, inspired lifestyle
  • are applicable for beginner to expert level bloggers
  • may make ya cry out loud laughing if you love a good travel story
  • are best bought in 2’s or 3’s, because once you gobble one up, you’ll want a quick fix for the next one

Those are a few reasons.

Guys, I want to wean you off of my blog posts a little teeny weeny bit slowly but surely. Not because I am closing up this blog anytime soon; you’ll get your resource-sized post weekly, for free. But because I am accessing a monstrously large search engine where a gazillion folks can find me, each time I upload a book to Amazon.

I want you to have convenient, easy to download resources for your mobile devices.

Or for your Kindle.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can download my eBooks quickly and easily on Amazon with the Kindle Cloud Reader, a free download through Amazon.

By follow my author page on Amazon you’ll be able to publish customer reviews which will help my eBooks and books – I have those too – rank a whole bunch higher, which also helps more folks find my books, which helps me free more folks. It’s win-win, for all of us.

Remember dudes and dudettes; I want to take you with me.

Follow me on Amazon.

I can best help you face, embrace and release your limiting beliefs to free ya through these easy to download, easier to read, handy Kindle books. That’s why I’d love for ya to spend a bunch more time on Amazon, and that’s why I am writing an 800 word call to action devoted to getting your fanny over there on that network, the network that that Jeff guy thought of a while back, that’s become pretty dang successful.

Get alerts whenever I release a new eBook so you can gobble it up pronto.

As I noted, keep subscribed here for your new blog posts but spend more time reading through and reviewing my eBooks on Amazon. The Blogging from Paradise library is growing weekly. Receive notification whenever I publish a new eBook and spread the word for me so we can help a whole new group of bloggers blog from paradise.

Follow the Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon


Click it. Click it
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Until next time….enjoy paradise.

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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. I meant Swapnil that if you write really long posts that are stuffed with filler – aka, unnecessary words, etc, – how long posts can be poor quality post. Or, make an impact, let the words flow, and whether 800 or 4000 words, publish that sucker 🙂

  2. Hello sir,
    Thanks for sharing this meaningful and very helpful article.
    I read the article not till the end but when I was start reading this post I found this line “Long Blog Posts Are Bad Blog Posts”. Sir, can you please tell me why?
    Because everywhere where I read, I found that write big article that is more than 300 words otherwise your article is thin.
    Reply me sir. I am very new in this field.

  3. Good for you Christine!


  4. I was just struggling student with a 3rd world passport. But despite everything, I managed to get a good life for myself and travelled to over 30 countries. Whenever I have to do something, I just jump with nothing but a faith in my heart that things will work out fine. And besides what do you have to lose?

    Using this come-what-may attitude, I just launched my website last April 22nd knowing that mine might just be another travel blog out there. About 45 days later, my website hits it’s first 100k page views and my DA jumped to 12 straight away in less than a month. So when you think it’s not possible, it becomes possible.

    And thanks for sharing this great article! My next challenge is to write one e-book per week lol.

  5. Hi Robert,

    Hey that’s awesome; happy to see your comment 🙂

    I love digging into the inner world of blogging and toss in practical tips too. Goodness knows I made these 7 excuses at one time over the past 8 or 9 years of blogging….I lost track LOL.

    Thanks for commenting and for checking out my blog 🙂


  6. Hi Ryan thanks for sharing I been reading your blog posts the past couple of days. This post is like a whole website, very helpful and ticks a lot of boxes. Also I enjoy the idea of travelling one day prepared for all the ups and downs of blogging around the world in remote areas. Just wanted to day thanks, I have not commented on any websites for over a year so well done buddy.

  7. Hi Ryan, recently I had a course about neurocognitivism (don’t even know if it’s the proper English word), but it was about how the mind works. And mostly how to turn limiting beliefs into benefits and see the positive side of them. How a simple change of mind can open the world to you and endless opportunities. At first I was always skeptic about these kinds of courses. But heck I was disappointed that today was the last session… It gives such a boost to your brain and the way we think.

    Combine the things I learned in that course, your tips on blogging and I see myself go a long way!

    Btw about the curlers in your hair… Haha I see a dare for the new year (2017), a picture of you with curlers in your hair somewhere in paradise! 🙂

  8. Thanks Adam! Definitely knowing how to move an audience with your writing. All the best!

  9. Adam Morgan Says:

    Great article Ryan! I agree that many bloggers aren’t successful because of the excuses they make. What do you think is the most important skill a blogger must have? I’m planning to get a partner to help me with the blogging.

  10. Umair, thanks much!

  11. umair Says:

    Hello Ryan, thanks for your complete guide. I love you so much and the last two times a day and that is why even see your blog

  12. Time is a biggie Jens! I like your approach. Appreciate it 😉

  13. To me, deciding when to blog and how much time I’ll use, is the most important part. If I don’t set the time in my calendar (tell my family about it) and know exactly how much time I have, I’ll never be able to write and publish my blog posts. There are a lot of other things as well, but time (and dedication) is the most important part for me.

    Great tips as usual, Ryan.

  14. Pritam, wow have I ever been in the same boat. This post took me WAY back. Thanks for reading!

  15. Twice TP? Wow…thanks so much 🙂

  16. Go for it Lux!

  17. Lux Ganzon Says:

    I’m so guilty with most of these but I decided to change that this year. Thanks Ryan for always setting a good example.

    I will not stop trying to be like you, living the dream life, blogging from paradise. 🙂

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  18. TonmoyParves Says:

    Hello Ryan, Thanks for your Complete guideline Man. And that’s why i like you most and visit your blog twice a day at last 😀 AS well you only share your own experience and valuable information for newbie .


  19. This is first time I am visiting your blog and i would like to visit everyday to get some more wonderful post like this.
    I must say you are brilliantly using Images in your post. I really liked it.

    Its been more than 7 years I am in this field and I have experienced all mentioned points . In initial stages I used to get disappointed, I used to think no one reads this post then why am I writing it , posting it on my blog but as time passes and my constant work, my Passion towards blogging gave me incredible response.

    This post made me remember all the previous years of struggles and success.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. Tor, thanks for the ROCKING comment!

  21. Edi that’s awesome! So happy you’re seeing the benefits of blog commenting. Thanks for commenting 😉

  22. PD, loved your post dude!

  23. Phillip Dews Says:

    What an awesome post dude. You are so right about those long posts we all have a lot to say so why not write those long posts, we don’t have to rush at all. We can all take our time and write a 1000 words a day. That’s my intention now.
    Just like developing a blog or website I take my time and get the job done over a week or two. It’s a marathon and not a sprint in our trades hey RB.
    I just finished a post today that’s over 2000 words and feel very proud I have published today. I am still writing my book on WordPress for non-geeks and debating if I should charge for it.
    Anyway I loved it dude. Tweeting shortly.
    – PD

  24. Woah! This was a pretty good Long post, glad I made it to the final full Stop LOL 🙂
    I am surprised to find out one of your biggest blogging success came from Blogging Commenting.
    Your points in (3.) Blog Commenting Is a Waste of Time really moved me.
    I find Commenting on blogs a very important Activity even before I created my own Blog, (including Posting New Threads and replying threads in forums).
    Commenting is something that had not only helped me Network but had also taught me how every other Great Bloggers like you are creating wonderful content, and with your Points in Number 3 of this Article, I am really Happy to Find Out that I am not Alone, and I am actually moving towards the right Direction.

  25. Tor Refsland Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    thanks for writing about a subject that most people are struggling with – limiting beliefs.

    The only reason why you haven`t achieved the success you want in your life or business, is because of your limiting beliefs and lack of actions.

    Every person`s potential is unlimited.

    The only thing that is limiting your growth and what you THINK you can accomplish, is your own mind.

    When you were a kid, before you became to damaged by the “you can`t do it” from the people around you, you had no limits.

    You thought you could become the world best athlete, the president of your country, the owner of 10 unicorns.

    All of the above is possible.

    Well, strike that. Perhaps not the unicorn part.

    However, you could at least own 10 horses and glued fake horns at their forehead – tricking the postman and even your mama to believe they are unicorns.

    Anyway, why do some people become presidents of their country?

    Because at one stage in their life – they BELIEVED they could.

    They were breaking free from their limiting beliefs and just saying “screw you” to all the people that doubted them, and said that they couldn`t do it.

    If you want to achieve the life you want, you have to start working with the most powerful tool you have…

    …your mind.

    If you believe that you can, and are willing to find out what you have to do in order to achieve your goal, and actually perform the necessary tasks, whether you feel like it or not…

    that will make you UNSTOPPABLE.

    For a long time, my limiting belief was that:

    What if people didn`t like the content I created?

    Then after a while I realized that this is REALLY not about ME.

    It`s about me creating content that will HELP OTHER PEOPLE.

    Once understood that it`s all about going out of your comfort zone in order to give people the best content possible.

    I would rather want people to dislike me for who I am, than to like me for someone I am not.

    True passion and a genuine desire to help other people will shine through… as long as you are willing to go out of your comfort zone.

    Check out my latest article on how ignore limiting beliefs and attract the right clients by…

    …doing business nude ;)

    Thanks for a great post.

    Have an awesome day!


  26. Yep, gotta use those 24 hours Anna 😉 Thanks much!

  27. It really is worth it Megan!

  28. Have I ever been there Daniel 😉 So happy to help, and keep on Tribing it up!

  29. Daniel Says:

    hey Ryan, I can really relate to this post. I was waving in and out for months before I decided to take the plunge and start my blog. The number about nobody is reading it anyways was my biggest worry but since I joined the amazing community at triberr I feel so much more hopeful

  30. Megan Cooper Says:

    “feel the fear and do it anyway” YES! Because in the end, it all becomes worth it. Great motivation to continue on even if you only have 3 people reading your blog. Great share!

  31. Yep Naomi, you are doing great! Googled and found I see, and I believe I am due for one….they have ’em in Bali too 😉 A few types exist; some are like sandwich rolls with Pandan inside, others are like Swiss Cake Rolls, one of my Little Debbie favorites. Thanks so much for commenting!

  32. Anna Says:

    This has been one of my favorite posts from you, Ryan! I’ve thought a few of these things when I started, though I have never thought that you got lucky. I really admire how you got to where you are through hard work. Anyone can see how hard you work! On the other hand, I do think *I* got lucky to have stumbled into this traveling lifestyle. But I would like to keep on traveling, so I need to figure out a way to make this blogging thing work. 🙂 One point you made that I love is that everyone has 24 hours in a day. Procrastinating and time wasting is one of my biggest faults, this I know! This post definitely makes me more motivated to stay focused. Thanks for another great post!

  33. Don, awesome job summing up those limiting beliefs! Honestly, we have all we could ever need within. Our job is to dig deep, to uncover those limiters, so we stop using these excuses. Thanks Don, you too!

  34. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I hope have loads of fun and see some interesting things. I would ask you to take some pics, but I know you’re already ahead of me, lol…

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard a business say #5 – I don’t have time to blog; I would be filthy rich.

    I remember one time I walked into a business for a marketing strategy meeting around a website. I proposed blogging and they immediately through that flag up. My initial response was to throw this guy upside a wall. But, I’m not an angry person and I laughed it off.

    I just said; “What were you doing when I walked in?” He was playing a game on his computer. How much time do people waste doing nothing in the course of a day that will have any impact on their business. At least a blog has the “potential” to work for him all day; every day.

    It’s the limiting belief that results in laziness. It’s not they don’t have the time. It’s that they:

    * Don’t want to learn
    * Are afraid to learn
    * Don’t want to lose their “game time”
    * Don’t value what they don’t understand
    * Are procrastinators
    * Don’t value what they don’t know

    I could do this all day long…

    Ryan, it’s good to see someone on the front lines confronting his own issues and ours at the same time!

    Keep up the great work my friend and thank you once again for mentioning me. What a blessing!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    ~ Don Purdum

  35. Hi Ryan,

    Great post as always. You covered everything. Right now, I really can relate to #5 I Have No Time to Blog. Of course I have time because I do blog.

    But because I always want to push my post quality and for my blog to stand out this extra commitment requires extra time. Time I’m seeking to find!

    Wish me luck

    By the way…”Pandan Rolls?” Is this what I think it is? Wait one second…

    My curiosity just got the better… I Googled it… Coconut Roll Cake? (Like swiss roll?)


  36. Angelo, happy to hear you’re breaking your records! Love it…and thanks for the awesome comment AND for picking up and reading my eBook 😉

  37. Dale, what an inspiring story! Love it! That Player quote is dead on; I have seen the same thing here 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  38. Promoting is HUGE Andrew! Learning this more daily. Hey, sending you sunlight and warmth over from here my friend 😉 Thanks!

  39. That opening is SO freeing Lorraine, really cathartic. Yes you are! Keep on inspiring 🙂

  40. Lewis, that persistent, consistent effort is what made this whole noting thing happen 😉 Once again, an epic comment, and you covered it all. Side note; I dug JCVD in Blood Spot 😉 Thanks dude!

  41. Haha, will do Lewis 😉

  42. Aileen, you said it, and your blog is fabulous through hard, smart, persistent work. Thanks!

  43. Katie, you’re doing great! Yep we all feel a wee bit tired when growing. Thanks 🙂

  44. Commenting rocks, right Renard! Ditto on that; ANYBODY can do this. Thanks!

  45. [ Smiles ] For starters, I never believed that long posts were bad; once they are well-written, that would be okay with me.

    Also, I always believed that commenting on the blogs of others is a great way to acquire some self-exposure.

    And, if you can acquire a level of success, anyone can!

  46. Check your spam, or your folder for comments to moderate, stud.

    I put a YouTube link in my “real” comment and the comment thread police seem to have detained me temporarily. 🙂

  47. Love me some Chuck Norris.

    Although, I have to admit in the 80’s and 90’s I was more of Jean Claude Van Damme kind of guy. Now that I think about it, your traits of being a talented white boy strolling around an exotic Asian country, tanned, with rippling muscles bulging out of his tank top reminds me of his character in the 6.3 (IMDB rating lol) blockbuster hit “Kickboxer”.

    The only question that remains is to whether or not you can dance as smooth as his character does hahaha . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE8XKeN0zk4

    Upon reading the part about luck here, it made me think of something I learned awhile ago.

    Eben Pagan, one of my treasured mentors from afar, has made it a MASSIVELY significant part of his life to figure out the non-traditional, highly effective, and fastest ways little old you and I can have more of what most people would refer to as “Good Luck” and he spent days talking about this at his Mind Control seminar.

    I love feeling lucky but I don’t like the premise of luck being some mystical thing only some people get to have, or that you get every once in a while.

    I believe in the idea that we make our own luck because all success is a function of alignment and interactions between us and others and our environment.

    All success whether internal or external is always a result of the interaction between the individual, the group, and the external environment.

    Each of these play a role that can’t be removed from the equation.

    And the better we understand each other, ourselves, and the environment, the better we can do at orchestrating these combinations in a way that serves us and others.

    The more confused or blind to this we are, the more “accidental” and “random” our experiences of success will be.

    So You can impact and influence the Group.

    The Group can impact and influence You.

    The Environment can impact and influence the Group.

    The Environment can impact and influence You.

    You can impact and influence the Environment.

    The Group can impact and influence the Environment.

    There are six different ways these three factors and intermingle with each other. So if you want to affect the group, you do something to yourself or you could see if there was something you could do to the environment that impacts you that in turn makes an impact on the group.

    Or, you could see if there was something the group could do to affect the environment and impact you and everyone else on an individual level.

    Or you could see if there’s something you could do to impact the environment that will impact the group that will impact you that will impact the group.

    Can you see how when you think at this level, you’re opening up the possibility for a much greater outcome than you would by begrudging the people you believe to be lucky and conversely buying into Rabbits feet, and whatever other ploys people sell to people who want to feel like they’re lucky.

    I feel lucky to be honored by you in this post with such kind words.

    But that honor wasn’t just magically bestowed upon me because I went to a spiritual being and asked them to bless my keyboard for luck.

    It happened by me getting off my ass and doing something – making the effort to “Communicate with impact or don’t communicate at all”.

    And the thing is, what you point out about limiting beliefs is so important. Why? Well, because of all the reasons you pointed out and we communicate to ourselves more than anyone else communicates with us. The conversation we have with ourselves is never ending and the saying of “Communicate with impact or don’t communicate at all” goes double for what we’re saying to ourselves on a second-by-second basis.

    We’re lucky to have a guy like you to point this out to us and get us questioning our current mode of being.

    Thank you Ryan so very much for the mention here and for being a force for good who helps us kick our bad habits and beliefs to the curb with the power of a Jean Claude Van Damme roundhouse. 🙂

  48. Ryan, I admire your spirit and your outlook on life!

    It’s so true that you have to just feel the uncomfortableness of a situation, take a deep breath, and do what you set out to do anyway, regardless of the haters.

    When I opened up about my past, I finally felt free.

    I didn’t care that I’d be judged.

    I didn’t care who knew that “bad” stuff about me.

    I didn’t let my initial fears stop me.

    Instead, I bared my soul for the world to see.

    And I even ended up selling more copies of Risky Issues (my book of short stories)!

    What’s even funnier is that more work started coming my way, too. Imagine that. I got two writing gigs, and two new editing gigs.

    I might even have a ghostwriting deal — my biggest project ever — although it is currently pending due to the amount and status of the people involved.

    So, it’s really true that when you open yourself up, you become free.

    I can attest to that. I’m living proof… as are you! 🙂

  49. Hey Ryan,

    Great post and list of excuses.

    I chuckle also at people that say that long posts don’t work. I mean, look at the stats. They work.

    Not only do they provide a tutorial style post, and look good in the search ranks, but they keep people on your blog — which increases your average on site time.

    Also, the excuse that “Nobody is reading my post anyway” has to go as well. Maybe people would read the post if you spent some time promoting it, and getting it out there.

    Publishing the post is only 5% of the work … the other 95% of it requires heavy promotion. Great post here and list.

    Commenting from cold Canada wishing I was somewhere warmer right now lol. Have a great rest of the week.

    – Andrew

  50. Wow, great advice. I feel pretty exhausted from trying to take it all in to be honest, but it all needs to happen! I like your power hour- you’ve made me feel very lazy in comparison! 🙂

  51. Aileen Says:

    Really helpful tips, Ryan! Amazing. You’ve said it all! It really takes a certain degree of dedication to keep running a blog. And I totally agree with you on the ‘lucky’ part. We all make our own reality, I don’t like to put it into some unknown force out there.

    By the way, thank you so much for mentioning my article. I really appreciate that.

  52. Ryan,

    Lucky. That word definitely gets me a little heated. Did I feel lucky when I was sweeping floors in a machine shop or spending my weekends studying after a 60 plus hour workweek while my friends were at the bar? I’m sure someone who worked security at the docks knows the answer to that question!

    Yet, now that I have a great job in Brazil, spend my spare time at the beach or other wonderful sites people like to tell me how lucky I am. These are the same people who are limited by their self-beliefs and inactions. They refuse to see that if you put the work in you will be rewarded. This doesn’t mean that you just show up and clock your 8 hours in. This means putting in the extra hours going to night school, researching, writing your blog posts, commenting, etc etc.

    Like the golfing great Gary Player said, “The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”

  53. Angelo Limon Says:

    Hello Ryan,

    Interesting blog post. You really chose points that a lot of people struggle with.

    I relate to number two “Nobody Is Reading My Posts Anyway”

    When I first started my blog, I struggled with it a lot, but just like you said to do, I worked through the pain, struggle and doubts. Now I am getting traffic each day and gaining subscribers even when I think no one was reading.

    I always break my own records for subscribers and site visitors, but still working on it, not where I want to be, but grateful for my progress and knowing I can do more. I am still working toward my blogging goals even though I can’t see the results yet – delayed gratification of some sort 🙂

    I read your book, to become a influential blogger and you have lit the fire of my desire to keep going. (building relationships with other bloggers)

    I think about what you said, having the intention to free myself and my readers and it shows in my recent blog post and pages.

    Self limiting beliefs are really funny and scary at the same time, I remember seeing no subscribers for days, now I believe I can get a dozen in a day.

    I can’t wait to breakthrough my other barriers.

    Great one buddy.


  54. KC, pure gold on the comment too. Luck does not exist. It’s just a bad limiting belief that we needed to release, to live this really cool life. Thanks!

  55. kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    Blogging gold from you as usual. I loved all these tips but the one about other people being ‘lucky’ really resonated because I have been by your side many a time when people uttered those words.

    I don’t think people think much about uttering that phrase, but the belief behind it is really insidious. I think we have an underlying belief that some force beyond out is doling out our experience, and some people get dealt a better hand. But, we can create whatever reality we want for ourselves, and I always implore people who are starting a bit higher on the ladder with the advantages of a first world existence to take full advantage of the resources available.

  56. How did you release these excuses?

    What tips can you add?