8 Blogging Excuses to Obliterate Immediately

  January 25, 2022 blogging tips πŸ•‘ 7 minutes read
blogging excuses

Savusavu Bay, Fiji


Blogging excuses dance around in all blogger minds. You and I simply need to learn how to pinpoint, face and release these dastardly limiting beliefs.


As I sit down to update and republish this blog post I hear a little negative narrative in my mind concerning blog post word count.


I don’t need to reach 2500 words. 2000 is OK. Or even, 1000, for this post at least. Chopping words may create a streamlined blog post. So the excuse I was setting up for myself in mind as far as not being able to reach a certain count – which I didn’t honor – was a lie.


Imaginary word counts held in mind fuel a range of blogging excuses crippling even determined bloggers.


In the other direction, thinking that short word counts are the way to go, because β€œpeople are busy and don’t have the time to read long posts” (i.e., you may be lazy, or wrapped up in a cocoon of limiting beliefs, or afraid to set aside time to write something with some meat) is also another excuse that you need to release now.


People make time to read posts resonant with their needs.


Blogging Excuses


Every blogging excuse promotes:


  • struggle
  • failure
  • quitting


Bloggers who make excuses loan their power to excuses. Imagine giving the power of choice to your blogging excuses. Why would you forfeit your power because of a silly excuse made by your ego?


Read each excuse below. Observe yourself in the light of truth. Owning excuses is the way to release excuses. No blogger defeats an unknown enemy by remaining completely ignorant of the foe.


Owning excuses feels uncomfortable because any excuse mirrors:


  • fear
  • blame
  • powerlessness


back to you. Blaming something or someone outside of yourself feels good to the ego but leads to suffering, struggles and a general hopeless feeling over the long haul. Nobody enjoys feeling fear fueling excuses but taking this necessary step is the way to be rid of these mental handcuffs.


Sit with discomfort. Squirm through excuses mirroring fear back to you. Feeling the sweet freedom of leaving excuses in your rear view window is worth temporary discomfort.


On to the blogging excuses…


1: No Sense Selling Because Nobody’s Buying from Me


Most new bloggers make this excuse. Making this excuse motivates them to create poor quality content and to avoid engaging in blogger outreach in most cases. Muted blogging profits follow because you cannot profit by being stuck in the blogging past.


What happened in the past is in the past. Let go past poor sales. See new opportunities for sales now. Learn from your mistakes. Move in a prospering direction.


Get clear on why you’re blogging. Tie the reason to fun and freedom. Feel good about selling. Getting clear on selling allows money to flow to you through your blog. Readers buy from bloggers who get clear on selling. Blog mainly for fun and freedom to detach from money outcomes. Learn from past blogging errors. Position yourself to profit.


2: I Have No Time to Blog


You have 24 hours today. How you choose to use these 24 hours is up to you.


You make time for what you value.


Value freedom over comfort. Value fun over surviving. Make time to blog daily. Do not necessarily publish posts daily but engage in blogger outreach on a daily basis to expand your reach.


Every blogger has 24 hours a day to make choices for fun, freedom and blogging.


3: Nobody Will Read My Blog


People read blogs published by skilled, clear, generous bloggers who persistently deliver problem-solving content.


Nobody reads blogs run by bloggers who make excuses and rarely if ever publish helpful content.


Peters Lookout sign, South Island, New Zealand

Peters Lookout sign, South Island, New Zealand


Nobody read my blog 13 years ago. People read my blog now because I worked at blogging.Β  Using the excuse that nobody will read your blog defeats self before you even bother trying to blog.


Stop slapping invisible blogging handcuffs on yourself. Blog generously, patiently and persistently. Create and connect genuinely. People will read your blog.


4: My Design Stinks Because I Have Zero Design Creativity


Invest money in hiring a web developer who designs your blog for you. Hire professional help to emit a professional blog image.


Bloggers on a budget can make a minimal investment in a premium WordPress theme. Leverage the design skills of a developer while spending a few dollars.


The design excuse holds no weight because anyone can invest money in hiring a developer or buying a theme from a reputable source.


5: My Market Is Stale/Stagnant/I Can’t Make Money with It


2 options exist for bloggers who blame their profits woes on a stagnant market:


  • stop blogging on a genuinely dead niche
  • develop a vision to see beyond a temporary niche dip in terms of popularity


Imagine being a black hat SEO blogger in 2014. After Google genuinely cracked down on guest posting for links the black hat SEO crowd became irrelevant. White hat results graced page 1 of Google almost exclusively from that point moving forward. Wise black hat bloggers saw the demand for black hat tactics and related profit potential die quickly. This crowd stopped blogging about black hat tactics because the demand for such strategies disappeared.


But travel bloggers recently made the odd mistake of ceasing to blog during the virus. Some believed the niche became stale just because people stopped traveling for a bit. However, travelers have begun to circle the globe recently in far greater numbers. Any travel blogger with a vision clearly saw a temporary suspension of global travel did not mean a permanent ban on travel and subsequent complete evaporation of profits.


See beyond temporary dips in niche demand by creating a vision. Learn how to spot the difference between a niche about to become extinct versus a fluctuation in niche demand.


6: You Cannot Sell Anything Because You Are Not a Well-Known Blogger


Bloggers sometimes make the excuse that famous bloggers sell easily but they cannot sell anything since they are not famous.


The excuse: “Well of course Mrs. Famous Blogger profits and I don’t; they are famous and I will never profit because I am not famous.”


Blame gets bandied about in generous fashion. Observe the list of established pros who succeed based on their fame because bloggers struggle due to lack of fame.


Every well-known blogger worked generously for years to blog professionally. Reverse your excuse. Accept how fame comes with a full-time commitment to blogging for years. Sales grow as you grow. Bloggers grow by generously creating problem-solving content and building meaningful connections with niche pros.


Put in the same generous effort for years as pros did to gain fame and blogging profits.


7: Nobody Will Interview Me or Ask Me to Guest Post


Get clear on your blog’s direction. Point your blog in one direction. Write about one specific topic. Develop your expertise in one niche. Become a specialist. Give bloggers a reason to interview you. Allow guest post invites to flow your way. Be a specialist to gain credibility. Specialists land interview requests and guest post invites freely.


Being interviewed or invited to guest post are both privileges earned after working generously for years. Professional bloggers invite guest bloggers who commit fully to the blogging process. Any blogger who lands interviewed worked long and diligently to be seen as a niche specialist.


pelican pedasi panama

Pedasi, Panama


Interviews and guest post invites find generous, patient bloggers who specialize in a single niche.


Think of guest posting as a reward to display the:


  • credibility you gain
  • hard work you put in
  • blogger outreach campaign you worked
  • valuable, in-depth, helpful content you published


No blogger hands out guest post rewards until you put in real work.


8: I Can’t Write an eBook


I clung to a powerful mental block for years. I simply convinced myself I could not write an eBook.


After coaxing from a blogging buddy I wrote and self-published my first eBook only because I realized that eBooks are blog content formatted for eBooks.


Every eBook you read is just content. Bloggers create content regularly. Writing and self-publishing eBooks is similar to blogging but for formatting and word count differences. Dwelling on this ideas nudges you through self-publishing mental blocks.


Any blogger who writes a 2000 word blog post can write, format and self-publish a 5000 word eBook. Simply add more details. Set up an eBook outline. Drill down with details. Create content with greater depth to seamlessly fill an eBook.


For whatever reason, this excuse feels crippling. I resisted writing an eBook for years because I feared engaging in the process. But clearly seeing how eBook content is similar to an in-depth, pillar-style post (formatted differently) quells your anxieties enough to write eBooks.




I covered most damaging blogging excuses here. But the list can go on forever.


Identify these limiting beliefs. Face and release these fears. Free yourself through blogging.

  1. Brittany Bullen says:
    at 3:12 pm

    Holy crap, Ryan, thank you so much for the shoutout! You made me feel so famous just now! Yippee! Blogging is the coolest.

    Case in point– Yesterday I was offered the most legit career opportunity I’ve ever received. I can trace that offer directly to my efforts as a blogger. We’ll see what comes of it, it’s a pretty new nonprofit company, but if it goes big it could be really big… cool stuff!

    I’ll be sharing this one for sure (I’m egotistical that way) =) #sorrynotsorry


    • kelli says:
      at 3:25 pm

      Hey Brittany
      Congratulations on the opp….no matter what happens it is moving you towards awesomeness per the infallible LOA πŸ™‚ So just be a detached, cool cucumber…
      That last part made me laugh.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 3:30 pm

        I second that πŸ˜‰

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:34 pm

      BB please brag, and spread the word πŸ˜‰ And congrats on your writing offer! As KC said, I’m sure you’ll just rock it out, and be detached and enjoy the heck out of the experience..thanks so much for all of your support and hey, it’s my pleasure.

  2. kelli says:
    at 3:22 pm

    Hey Ryan
    I really loved this post, as I love all your posts. Every point it spot-on. The one about not having time is a major excuse lots of people use. But, for the most part, it is lame and totally untrue. When people want to do things, they make time for it. It is certainly not easy. The way I see it, when people claim to not have time to do things they purport to really want to do, they actually don’t want it that badly, or their desire for something else is stronger, even though that something is interfering with their pursuit of a better experience.

    And the part about nobody wanting to hear form you unless you are famous so you need posts laden with stats, studies and the like is not something I agree with. While a post like that could certainly be valuable, the best bloggers in their niche are providing invaluable advice based on experiences and insight. Depending on the niche, a post like that would not be considered as ‘desirable.’

    Great stuff!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:32 pm

      Hi Kelli/Miss Interviewer, Yep, you nailed it. We are all unknown, then through sharing our experiences, and learning skills, become known. Some data backed posts are OK but I feel it’s a subconscious reflection, that folks won’t trust someone unless they back all up with 3rd party data. Thanks so much.

  3. Jens-Petter Berget says:
    at 3:38 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    It’s hard to understand that you’re able to do all this yourself, even if you’d be in an office all day. And, it’s harder to understand that you’re doing it while traveling and living in paradise πŸ™‚ I’m so impressed.

    I have been making blogging excuses for many years. And, usually my excuses was about time. I just didn’t have the time to write a blog post, or I shouldn’t hit publish until my blog post was perfect or long enough (at least 1000 words). Now, things have changed, finally. I just continue to write, and I’m satisfied with whatever I have finished doing. Well, most of the time.

    The same goes for selling. I was going to create my own product, and write an ebook, but I told myself that nobody was going to buy it, so why use that much time and write it? It’s all about the mindset. And, once you turn and start thinking positive things, you’ll end up with a lot more success. That’s for sure.

    Great stuff as always Ryan.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:22 pm

      Hi Jens, boy have I been there on both fronts. I’m so happy you’re gaining clarity and moving forward. Thanks so much.

  4. frankaboutcroatia says:
    at 3:57 pm

    Thanks for inspiration, Ryan! I am finding blogging excuses all the time. Cannot believe that you can produce 8.000 words a day, and do all those other things as well. You are my new super hero. I struggle to produce a post every two days (English isn’t my first language, but that’s just another excuse, isn’t it?!). Thanks for sharing!

  5. Phillip Dews says:
    at 4:04 pm

    Wow dude cheer’s buddy! Thanks again for your endorsement they all make me feel humbled buddy. So glad you like the new cover! That image of that sunset is amazing, now that would be a great eBook cover in my opinion. hopefully you will decide to use that one next.

    I been quiet on the blogging and social media front this past week working on my new project an neglecting the blogging front. My problem is that I am disorganised when I come to setting out my days and although I can spend a lot of hours in the computer screen I do succumb to procrastinating unless I got a job for a client to do! This really is something I really do need to get over myself with.

    Really looking forward to our trip to NYC next year and it’s going to be one hell of a week for us all! especially Lou’s 40th I think a few NYC Bars are in order that day dude, what do you think?

    Anyway thanks again for the support dude, I really do appreciate it! Have a great day buddy.
    – PD

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:20 pm

      Hi PD, My absolute pleasure and thank you! Well, I am a teetotaller, so not much of a drinker but we’ll definitely get together for something….they do serve soda in bars too lol….looking forward to it Phil πŸ™‚

      • Phillip Dews says:
        at 1:04 pm

        Me too buddy, me too!

  6. Bruno Buergi says:
    at 4:57 pm

    When I first started with blogging it was really difficult for me. But now with some experience it’s mostly easy to write a blog post. What makes the difference is the habit to write on a regular basis.

    And you are so right about the believe. When you don’t believe that you can make money, nothing happens. It’s definitely about mastering your thinking.


  7. Nathan Ambrose says:
    at 3:58 am

    Hi Ryan.

    You made some great points.

    People get to associate us with what they perceive us always doing. So as you said, being consistent is the key – whether it be commenting or blogging etc.

    It’s not easy, so I’m working on small steps. Firstly by commenting more, then starting to blog more at the same time.

    As you said: “If you believe nobody will buy from you, then it is so. If you believe people will buy from you, then they will. It’s simple.” I believe people WILL buy from me, and that’s what I’m working towards. Having got this far, there is no room for excuses.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:10 am

      Nathan, I love that your belief system on the buying front is clear. That’s awesome man. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. YourFriend says:
    at 5:49 am

    Those were really some common excuses. You eliminated them quite successfully. My favourite is ” I have no time to Blog”.

    Thanks for writing this post πŸ™‚
    Very helpful

  9. Kerry Russell says:
    at 5:59 am

    Hey Ryan.

    Congrats on the eBook endorsement – you deserve it!

    Mindset, that’s what this post is really about when you pull back the curtains, and a healthy mindset is SO important for success!

    I can definitely related to some of the excuses in this post Ryan…

    When I first started blogging at The Strategic Blogger my mentor suggested we write every day. Now, I really struggle with my writing. Yeah, I can create quality content, but it takes so damn long.

    The advice I was given is “you don’t have to create long posts, shorter is better because people are too busy anyway. The important thing is that you blog daily, or at least 5 times a week”.

    This month I’ll be celebrating my first full year as a blogger, and now I know that the advice above is a load of crock!!! πŸ™‚ but I believed it at first.

    I still struggle to write in a reasonable timeframe, even 500 words a day. So I may chop that in half and start at 250. Thanks for the tip!

    My next stop is Don’s blog, so I’m looking forward to reading your guest post – and taking a look at Kelli’s blog a little later today. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and congrats on your blog coaching service too. I’m sure you’ll see success with that.

    Have a wicked weekend!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:09 am

      Hi Kerry, 250 words a day sounds great. Keep up with it daily and you’ll be golden. Thanks so much for your always awesome comments Kerry, and you too πŸ™‚

  10. Olayinka says:
    at 7:14 am

    Some months back, when i started blogging i hate to write because i feel like am not good in writing for others to read but later i see myself passionate about writing for more these days.

    Thanks Ryan for this great wake up call for every blogger to know about.

  11. Reginald says:
    at 12:58 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Everytime I see you, you are just growing. And you are growing so rapidly!

    Man, I am really happy for you and I think you are rocking it! Keep it up as I think that’s great for you.

    Keep on sharing the good stuffs and have a great weekend dear friend!

  12. Elsie Gabriel says:
    at 3:09 pm

    Fantastic tips on blogging,easy and motivational. I am truly going to try write more often.Have a good trip in Fiji!

  13. Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot says:
    at 6:32 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    You’re a phenomenon! Blogging from Paradise sounds brilliant as does hacking your breakkie off the trees with a machete – although I’m famously uncoordinated so that’s not something I should be trying πŸ™‚

    Thank you for linking to my blog too – I’m honored and it’s so true that everyone needs help and input with their blog no matter what stage they’re at πŸ™‚

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:45 pm

      Annabel thanks so much πŸ™‚ Your blog and brand rocks, and I am OH SO careful with the machete πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend.

  14. Jeremy says:
    at 11:29 pm

    I love people that smack down excuses … 98% of the time, there is something you can do about a situation … if you want it bad enough! Awesome kick in the @$$ man, love it! πŸ™‚

  15. Nanda Rahmanius says:
    at 1:35 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I think, this is my first time visit here. Nice to meet you πŸ™‚

    The first thing I see from this blog is that you look very happy in every photos seen here. And it was great! πŸ˜€

    Your article is very motivating Ryan, especially for the newbie blogger like me. I enjoyed reading your article, although it’s a long article but it’s worth reading.

    I remember the words of wisdom which says that “everyone feels lack with themselves and see the superiority of others, that’s why we should not feel inferior to others”

    Honestly, I also felt the excuses that you mentioned in this article. But I keep trying to be better at blogging, always learn to write better. Well, I guess I am still struggling πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing, Ryan.
    I’ll share this on my social media.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:42 am

      Nanda, thanks so much for stopping by. This journey will rock for you, so happy you’re on the road to starting and succeeding. Appreciate it.

  16. Nisha Pandey says:
    at 4:05 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    When I started reading this article. I thought, this will be going to small. But, finally you made it bigger. Anyways, Wonderful and big post as all time.

    As a mom blogger, I hardly get time to read such a long post and comment on it. Thats why I rarely comment on your post. This is my biggest excuse but, fact too.

    I am struggling myself to become a pro blogger like you. My 2nd excuse is “my language”. Sometimes, I used to do grammar mistakes while writing as English is my 2nd language. But, still I am writing and improving myself in a better way.

    I read some of your interviews and guest posts. They are awesome.

    Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

    Have a lovely week ahead!

    Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:03 pm

      Nisha you’re doing a fine job. From what I’ve experienced if we keep challenging our limiting beliefs we can release these ideas. Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  17. Patricia says:
    at 6:48 am

    Hello Ryan! first of all, I love your blog and the way you write, it’s very inspiring and every word you type is full of power, you really must like what you do.
    I always wonder thou, that you insist a lot in focus in one specific topic, but I know lots of successful blogs that write about lots of different stuff. And maybe its more about how they write their posts, than about what they are talking about.

    Example “traveling”, many successful blogs about travel and visiting places. And that’s it, all there is in that topic, meeting people, visiting a city , visiting a town, so do you think is that especific enough? or you will prefer something more specific?

    thanks for everything Ryan keep up with the good work you are doing and for the inspiration every day. Sorry if there is some mistakes in the writing as I’m from Spain and this is my second language.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:59 pm

      Hi Patricia, I’d say that travel blogs lend themselves to some branching out, as long as you blog about traveling. Jumping from internet marketing, to blogging, to social media, may be a problem. Thanks so much.

  18. Catherine Holt says:
    at 10:33 am

    Yep Ryan, this is a complete list of blogging excuses and I have to say I have probably said them all….and still do sometimes.

    You really have to put it all out your mind, but it can be hard at times to keep the positive and keep those excuses at bay. Today was one of those days for me.

    My 9-5 job is in turmoil, the hospital is having ward closures (mine included) and none of us know where will be working in a few weeks time. I am stressing out about having the job sorted of a job I don’t even enjoy anymore. It’s way past midnight and I have to be at work tomorrow….not great!

    In the midst of that my soon to be 3 year old has given me a day of all days…totally exhausted me, so by the time she got to bed, and I cleaned up the mess of a house, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and blog. Yes, I did it, but those thoughts of “I can’t do this anymore” have been ever present in my mind today. I have been thinking “I can’t hold down two blogs, work PT, care for an ever increasing demanding 3 year old, and be crazy enough to have a second child”…oh did I mention we are going to start major renovations to our home too, so we will be living on a building site??? Lol.

    If I could come close to throwing in the towel it would be now, as all those excuses of “i dont have time” etc just come rolling in. But….in the end…I am too damn stubborn to quit…lol.

    So another blogging evening has occurred but as I have to be up in 5 hours for work, I really should go to bed….after sharing on Triberr of course πŸ™‚

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:46 pm

      Hi Catherine, Change is fun, right? πŸ˜‰ I kid a bit but I know how you feel. I have been there. In these moments, craving that freedom more than anything else inspires you to keep blogging, to keep creating and to keep connecting. Meditating works wonders too, for keeping your mind clear during crazy times. Keep on going my friend, you’re doing great!

      • Catherine Holt says:
        at 12:22 am

        Thanks Ryan….I think my comment last night was a late night crazed and tired rant…lol

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 5:52 am

        Haha no worries Catherine πŸ™‚

  19. Andrew says:
    at 3:47 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Another great post.

    The ONLY time I can understand when someone says they just don’t have time to write, is when they’re going through personal things in their life that’s seriously effecting them. Dealing with those things are honestly more important than blogging.

    But other than that, like you said, there’s 24 hours in a day and there’s always a way to find time to blog. With blogging comes sacrifices so there’s times you have to sacrifice watching TV or hanging out with friends all the time.

    Great list of excuses here.

    – Andrew

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:14 pm

      Andrew, that’s a great point…and in truth, when your WHY in blogging, goes beyond blogging, and really, saving lives, inspiring people to succeed, to move from war zones, etc….then you’ll even do a bit of writing. During my darkest days, I took a few days off but I always knew that some of my readers were living in really dicey situations, and I wanted to be there for them…but point well taken….take care of your mind during these times. Thanks so much.

  20. Sanjay Sajeev says:
    at 12:21 am

    Hi, Ryan. I’m totally agreeing to these excuses. People make these excuses because they are not confident. I think, such people have to read some personality development books before enter into blogging field.

  21. Kate says:
    at 6:49 am

    Thanks, Ryan!
    That’s one of the most inspiring posts on your blog. So many good pieces of advice I’ve got from your mouths. Time is the root of any issues. We should value anything we are doing and we can do whatever we want like you are doing. I am really surprised with all your activies you are doing. I guess the more you are doing and interested with your stuff the more you can reach in your blogging career and anywhere else. Nice!

  22. Sandra (@SandalsDownUnda) says:
    at 8:04 am

    Hi Ryan (my hubby is also Ryan!). I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve come across your blog!! Which rock have I been hiding under!! Then again, my blogging days only begun 4 months ago, so I’m still beginning to sit up and pay attention to who’s who in the zoo. Thank you for this post…I am incredibly guilty of using the excuse that working full time and having autoimmune diseases means I’m too tired to write anything during the week, and only have time on the weekends….and then I wonder why I’m not “famous” as a blogger or have a huge following yet…and I make the excuse that I got into the game late and don’t travel enough and and and…poor excuses!!! Time for me to catch a wake up, work more on my goal of getting out of the rat race, seeing the world and writing kickass blog posts about it!! Oh,and great site…I’m off to read some more of your stuff. You will be the reason I’m tired tomorrow and don’t have energy to write!! Haha.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:16 pm

      Haha Sandra, thanks so much for stopping by and reading. Great to meet you! Well done! I give you so much credit for working full time, and soldiering on through your autoimmune disease. I have used each excuse on this list many times in the past, so no worries….keep your WHY in mind to knife through them. Thanks again.

  23. Ravi Chahar says:
    at 8:56 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Most of beginners give excuses for not to blog for long time.
    When they start their blog and don’t get traffic then they start thinking that no one is going to read their blog posts. I mean it’s not a stuff to think about. The only thing is to work hard and patience.

    Design of a blog matters a lot but it doesn’t mean it’s everything. Bloggers get afraid of not having great design. I think time is the key followed by learning which can solve every problem.

    Not having time is the main and quantity filled excuse. Bloggers give this excuse because they think that spending 2 hours from 24 hours for their blog is not a solution for them. They should have their schedule to spend their day including work.

    It’s such an amazing article.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hope you are having a successful week ahead.:)


  24. Adrienne says:
    at 3:41 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Okay, so I’m not full of excuses because I conquered but I will say that we all aren’t natural born writers. Granted, when I sit down to write a blog post for the most part if I have a topic in mind then the words just flow.

    I don’t care how many words it has either but for the most part mine seem to run somewhat long too. I’m just long winded and try to fit my personality into them as well so it’s not just all education. I don’t want my posts to be boring. But it does take me literally hours to write one so I’m not the speediest person. I think for people who are write for a living, which you do and many others as well, perhaps your words just flow much better than ours. Not making excuses of course I’m just talking about the time frame it takes us verses you.

    All of the other things you mentioned, you’re right. I figured all of this out on my own mainly because I wanted to know how it’s done. I also was very low on funds at that time so that was a big part of it too but I learned, I didn’t give up and I sure as heck didn’t use any excuses. So what I love to tell my readers is that if this 50 some odd gal who had no experience in any of this either can do this then so can you. There ya go!

    Thanks for this kick in the pants Ryan and by the way, I love bananas. I’m jealous that you have them so readily available for you. Yummy!

    Have a great week my friend and sorry for my lateness.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:03 pm

      Hi Adrienne, From what I see you’re kicking all excuses in the butt πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for the awesome comments, and I’ll keep on chopping down those bananas for sure πŸ™‚

  25. donna merrill says:
    at 11:47 am

    Hi Ryan,

    More sage advice and I love this post! When I catch myself thinking or speaking an “excuse” a red flag pops up in my head. I have learned that when this happens I have to stop whatever I’m doing and delve into myself and ask why?
    Sometimes the answer comes quick, other times it is neuro-linked into that subconscious of mine. I have to face it, fix it, and move on.
    To me, there is nothing worse than stagnation.
    When I first started blogging, I was so afraid of videos. I knew I needed to put them in my blog, so I joined a 30 day video challenge. Now, I can be confident to get out in front of the screen and yack yack yack!
    Thanks again for another great inspirational blog.

    And most of all…your second ebook…woo hooo!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:15 pm

      Hi Donna, That is an awesome way to kill your excuses, love it. As for video challenges they really push you to be your best self, and to grow out of your comfort zone. Thanks so much.

  26. Akash says:
    at 6:21 am

    The start from the end, the writing method/skill is just hold me to be read more. Very nicely written. Now i never tell anyone that “I have no time to Blog” for sure!! Thanks for the post.

  27. Natasha Amar says:
    at 12:20 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I came across this post just when I needed it, so thank you for that. I just transitioned some months ago to a career as a full time blogger and I’m definitely seeing progress. But there’s a long way to go and very often I find myself making excuses.

    Sometimes I tell myself that I don’t have enough time and that’s simply not true. At other times, I feel a lack of motivation because my blog isn’t growing as quickly as I’d like to see it grow. In the end, I know it’s about putting in the hours and the hardwork to build something that I chose over my corporate career.

    Your blog is a great source of inspiration, one that I find myself coming back to over and over when I need to be reminded that sulking and pondering isn’t going to get me the results.

    Thank you!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:14 pm

      Hi Natasha, Kudos to you for making the jump from employee to entrepreneur! I’d say, opposed to hard work, think about the idea of knowing exactly why you’re blogging for starters. Tie the idea to being free and to freeing your audience. Then, get clear on your ideal reader and build your domain name, tagline and every blog element around that person. Following these tips lessens your workload and maximizes your returns. All the best Natasha πŸ™‚

  28. Marie says:
    at 10:31 pm

    Great post! I love how you call us all out. Until you can be accountable for you actions (or inactions) you can’t move forward and succeed. I admit, I’ve been guilty of a few of the excuses on your list but quickly realised that I learn more from my mistakes then from my successes so I had to stop being afraid of missteps and embrace them, learn from them and be better!

    Thanks for always inspiring us!!

  29. Jo (The Blonde) says:
    at 8:35 am

    You made some good points here. I often think ‘I’m never going to achieve this’, or ‘I never going to be like her/him’. I think it’s just a matter of being confindent in who you are. Reading posts like yours always gives me a little bit of a kick. Thanks for that!

  30. Amit Kumar says:
    at 11:11 am

    Fantastic tips on blogging,easy and motivational. I am truly going to try write more often.
    Thanks for the sharing with us.

  31. Shea Cummings says:
    at 12:44 am

    No time and No One’s Reading My Blog really resonate with me. These are the two biggest excuses I was making that I had to get past! And now the journey has begun.

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