Buena Vista Costa Rica


Why Everybody Should Go Off the Grid at Least Once in Their Lives


Irony alert; I write these words while traveling to New York City.


I could not be more on the grid.


But 2 years ago on this very day I settled into a house sit in Costa Rica with my wife Kelli.


The location: Buena Vista. About a 3 hour hike from Bribri, on the Caribbean side of the country.


We spent 6 weeks in a remote jungle. The population in Buena Vista is about 12 people. But we only saw 1 neighbor within 3 miles.


More monkeys than people. More sloths than human souls.


No electricity. Outhouse. Water flowing 24-7 from a jungle stream through a hose to the hut.


Yes; a glorified hut masquerading as a house.


At 5:30 PM you needed to be inside. Because the jungle became pitch dark before 7 PM. Like, you cannot see your hand in front of your face type pitch dark.


We went into town once weekly to buy groceries and to get a teeny taste of civilization. Then back to the jungle.


The 6 weeks were challenging, enlightening, scary, brilliant, exciting, terrifying and about 45 other emotions mixed in.


I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.


Here’s why everybody should go off of the grid once in their lives.


Face Fears


Most human beings design their lives to avoid their fears.


People work jobs they dislike because they fear going broke, or losing benefits, or being criticized by other unhappy folks who would bust their balls for not getting a real job.


The select few who face their fears regularly are pretty dang free. This small percentage lives with love, follows their fun and loves the journey.


Being off of the grid introduces you to your fears in intimate fashion. You cannot escape your fears in a remote jungle. Which is a good thing. Once you face, feel and purge these fears, you become more fearless, do more things from an energy of love (versus from the predominant energy of fear) and become highly successful in your chosen endeavor, because the only thing standing between you and your dreams is fear.


7 bats lived in the house, flying around our heads like kamikazes as the sun set. I counted 8 scorpions in the house when thousands of army ants marched though. Yes; army ants.


I would flip out during the first few nights, slowly becoming familiar with the loud, strange noises of the jungle.


Facing these raw, primal fears made living a worldly life of convenience incredibly easier. All the day to day stuff people piddle in their pants about in the Western world doesn’t even register a blip on my fear radar.


I faced bullet ants, poison dart frogs and brutal hikes, carrying my groceries for the week, through waste deep, roaring rapids. Do you think I give a rat’s ass about the lame day to day fears that cripple most human beings?


Sprint out of Your Comfort Zone


Facing your deepest fears is one thing.


Being off the grid also forces you to sprint outside of your comfort zone.


I slept on a plastic bed filled with straw under a mosquito net riddled with holes. I usually slept for 4-5 hours nightly. If that.


I woke besieged by bug bites. Skeeters assaulted me as I did morning yoga and meditation.


The sweating never ended, the jungle humidity creating a steady stream from my brow.


Being off of the grid moves you from the frying pan into the fire. This is an incredibly important skill to develop to become happy, prospering and free.


If you regularly leave your comfort zone you will become highly successful in any venture, and you will enjoy the ride.


Be Creative


I became a creative person when I lived off of the grid in the jungle.


I also appreciated the incredible creativity of the homeowner.


He rigged the water hose (craftily fed to the house from a stream 50 meters above the dwelling) to serve as both the kitchen sink source and shower source, via a clever contraption made with hooks and ropes.


The man had to be creative to live long term in such a remote, raw place.


Get off the grid. Become more creative and imaginative. These are skills that will serve you well in any area of your life.


Your Turn


Have you ever been off of the grid?


Email me:  rbbidd@gmail.com