Why Does Every Person Teach You a Blogging Lesson?

  September 5, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Timaru, New Zealand


Blogging lessons arrive in all shapes and sizes.


Lessons always show up through all personal interactions both related to blogging and unrelated to blogging.


I enjoyed breakfast in a hotel lobby a few moments ago. Intuition told me to speak to the dude filling his coffee cup to the brim. He complained about the scant breakfast. I asked him if he traveled through the area or if he was local. He noted having a tournament in the Plainfield area. I lit up; Plainfield is my home town, roughly 45 minutes north of here. Naturally, I told him so. After a farewell wish I scurried back to the hotel room grasping coffee and breakfast stuffs.


He taught me a blogging lesson; talk to people. Talking to people fosters connections. Connections form bonds. Bonds promote your blogging success. Even though the individual encounter in a hotel lobby does not necessarily lead to blog traffic I learned how talking to him and asking a simple question led to some connection. He mentioned traveling to Plainfield. I told him that I grew up in Plainfield. Note the commonality. Note connection. From there, commonalities and connections set the table for blogging business. But never rush the meal. Allow all 8 courses to flow organically. Let business grow organically.


Every human being you encounter teaches you a blogging lesson. Some lessons seem easy to discern. Griping commentors airing grievances teach you compassion, empathy and general mindfulness. Happy clients teach you gratitude. Loyal fans goad you to keep doing what works. Blase readers nudge you to stop doing what does not seem to work.


Tune deeply into lessons accrued through each interaction. Intuition egged me on to email my list frequently, beginning a few days prior. Janice Wald published a comment expressing how she looked forward to my frequent emails. Cool. I learned a lesson from Janice; a highly successful blogger appreciating my ramped up emailing schedule shows me that I am on the right track. David Boozer increases his social shares of Blogging From Paradise blog posts the moment I email my list more frequently. If this successful blogger offers his social media stamp of approval, I am on the right path.


Janice and David taught me blogging lessons solely because I scoured my mind upon each encounter. I actively search for lessons from most personal interactions daily. Sometimes I learn blogging lessons. Other times I learn life lessons. But lessons flow to you with conveyor belt consistency if you:


  • engage human beings frequently
  • practice mindfulness to locate, identify and seize lessons learned from personal interactions


Do not write off any human encounter because ego expresses a genuine distaste for some interpersonal interaction. The kumquat who published a 1 star review in response to an eBook teaches you:


  • how to face, feel and release fears in your mind
  • how to become a confident writer
  • tips for allowing criticism to slide off of your mind like water off of a duck’s butt if the individual offers hateful projections
  • how to be open to useful, honest feedback if the individual offers valuable opinions


Doesn’t this sound wiser than writing off the fool as a jerk trying to kill your eBook sales?


Every human being teaches you some lesson. All human encounters related to blogging teach you valuable lessons. Learn how to quiet your mind. Be still. Observe human interactions. Assess your emotions triggered during each encounter. Practice. Develop the skill of observing how humans mirror your mind back to you.  Profit from each interaction. See how learning from people benefits both parties. Lessons learned help you and other human beings because each lesson seized serves as vehicles for our advancement.


The trick is in being mindful during and after encounters. My gut hunch told me bumping up email frequency needed to happen. Being mindful of Janice’s comment and David’s shares verified my intuitive nudge to publish increased emails. I felt the inner pining, only to be reflected back to me through personal interactions.




I recorded a video diving into this concept.


Check it out here:


Every Person Teaches You a Blogging Lesson



  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 12:58 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    How exciting to find myself here! Thank you for including me.
    I agree with what you wrote about connections. Have you heard of the Six Degrees of Separation? People say all people are connected through six others.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful mention!

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