Is Blogging an Escape or Gateway?

  November 22, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Pandawa Beach, Bali.

Pandawa Beach, Bali.


Do you see blogging as a way to escape your 9-5 job?


Or do you see blogging as a fun gateway to a life of expanded freedom?


How you frame blogging determines how you feel about blogging. How you feel about blogging determines if you succeed or fail as a blogger. Successes see blogging as a fun, freeing way to help people in order to create freedom for self. Seeing blogging as a gateway to freedom makes blogging:


  • fun
  • enjoyable
  • fulfilling


However, seeing blogging as an escape hatch from a job you hate frames blogging through the filter of:


  • fear
  • disgust
  • panic
  • desperation
  • greed


Fear-filled, disgusted, panicked, desperate, greedy bloggers fail and quit 100% of the time because fear-drivers create struggle, failure and quitting.


For example, I observed many bloggers completely disgusted with their blogs frame blogging as a quick escape from a life of fear, unhappiness and disgust. Life seems to be difficult for these folks because their jobs feel life-less, hopeless and of the soul-sucking variety. Blogging seems to be a quick way to escape this life of unhappiness because these folks NEED to quit their jobs YESTERDAY since they hate their jobs. This crowd impatiently, greedily and desperately tries to force blogging to be an instant escape hatch. Struggle, failure and quitting follows because blogging is a slow, steady, patient walk towards freedom. But if you fear working a job and apply that fear to blogging you try to make blogging a quick, dramatic escape from a depressing job to blessed freedom.


I have seen this scenario play out many times during my 14 year blogging career. I even embodied this experience a few times during my early blogging days. Eventually, framing blogging as a slow, steady gateway toward freedom by having fun helping people and trusting in the process gave me the proper blogging perspective.


Blogging is starting a serious business requiring:


  • learning
  • study
  • practice
  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence


spanning 1000’s of blogging hours lasting years of your life. Does that sound like a quick escape? Or does it sound like a gateway toward a freeing way of life that involves:


  • a slow process?
  • a fun experience?
  • a challenging feat, from time to time?


Never try to make blogging pay your bills fast in order to leave your 9-5 job quickly. Blogging money arrives slowly and steadily if you put in 1000’s of blogging hours. Never try to force blogging to free you from a job quickly; blogging success takes it sweet time flowing to you.


Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme nor does going pro involve experiencing overnight success. But if you see this business as a legitimate gateway toward a life of freedom, fun and fulfillment you erase delusion from mind and replace with the truth of a long, freeing but sometimes uncomfortable blogging journey necessary to become a professional blogger.


Becoming a highly skilled blogger requires you to blog for 1000’s of hours. No one who blogs for 1000’s of hours leaves their 9-5 job fast because you and I only have 24 hours to work with daily. You and I tend to sleep 8 of those hours. Humans often spend at least 3-4 hours in leisure time. If you work 8 hours at your 9-5 job this means blogging 4 hours daily, the right way. 2000 blogging work hours divided by 4 blogging work hours daily means blogging for 4 hours daily for at least 500 days until you become highly:


  • skilled
  • credible
  • trustworthy
  • connected
  • prolific
  • creative


Does that sound like a speedy and easy escape plan to you?




I recorded a video to remind you of this blogging truth:


Is Blogging an Escape or Gateway?

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