Erase this 4 Word Blogging Phrase from Your Mind Immediately

January 15, 2018
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Stop monkeying around and be all in with blogging. Me in Costa Rica when we visited Quepos with titi monkeys.


Most bloggers are about as aggressive as a glass of warm milk.


The majority of bloggers proceed with the boldness of a milquetoast.


A shocking number of bloggers are as committed as the average Hollywood marriage.


Scouring the “blogging” keyword on Twitter with my eagle eyes, pouring over the blogging scuttlebutt, I am floored by a 4 word phrase that seems to be all the rage these days. Especially as New Year’s Resolutions are pondered, followed for a minute, then broken the following minute, said bloggers possessing the attention span of a puppy following a butterfly.


Please remove this 4 word phrase from your blogging vocabulary immediately:


“I should start blogging.”


Should Goes to Shit


I have never met a successful person in any walk of life who “should-ed” their way to success.


But I have met many folks who failed to do anything of note, coasting to their crappy endings on a cloud of fluffy, hazy, totally unclear should’s.


Imagine if a prospective pro basketball player said when he was in high school, “Ya know, I should be a pro basketball player. Maybe I will get around to that.”


Seriously; think that one through. I have followed the high school, college and pro basketball games for the past 35 plus years of my life. The “should” crowd may have talent but fizzles out during high school, or college, because you cannot succeed with anything unless you have passion, heart, persistence, and a flat out love for your craft that inspires you to commit 100% to your craft.


Most Skilled Player on Earth Because He Practiced Honing His Skills Like a Machine


Most basketball players who delude themselves into thinking they can make the NBA as high school players soon learn that being not too committed results in a mediocre amateur career. Meanwhile, guys like Kyrie Irving practiced 10,000 hours before they were 18 years old, living, breathing and sleeping the game, and guys like Kyrie and Kevin Durant and Lebron James become the best players on earth because they commit 100% to being the best basketball players on earth.


Kyrie’s work ethic is legendary, even among pro player circles. This is why he is likely the most skilled player on earth, able to do stuff with the basketball that nobody else does.


He did not “should” his way there.


I did not “should” my way to becoming an Amazon best selling, pro blogging, island hopping dynamo.


I have given years of my life to blogging. I have written millions and millions of words. The end result: look at my blog. Look at my sidebar. This is the commitment it takes to be a known commodity in your niche.


Blogging Cannot Be an Afterthought


Seeing these Twitter bloggers – or alleged bloggers – makes me chuckle. These cats honestly believe that their “Yeah, I should give blogging a shot,” type attitude will potentially lead to a successful blogging career. If said blogger gets lucky. As if success in blogging is a game of chance.


Blogging cannot be an afterthought. This gig cannot be a “should”, virtually zero commitment, casual, chill, totally lazy, horse shit activity that you will maybe get to, this week or next week.


Suggested Reading: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger eBook



Why can’t you take this casual, passive attitude to blogging?


Bloggers like me will eat you alive.


Not Literally Because I Fast Intermittently


Or because I do not operate competitively, but creatively, when a prospective blogger wants to learn about blogging and sees the name Ryan Biddulph pop up on 460 guest posts on Blogging Tips, and 500 blog posts on the Huffington Post, and on hundreds of guest posts on a wide range of authority blogging tips blogs, and when the folks see me blogging alongside billionaire celebrities on Positively Positive, and when they see me writing 126 eBooks and commenting thoroughly on top blogs in the blogging tips and travel blogging niche, and when they see me featured on:


  • Virgin
  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fox News
  • NYU
  • Jeff Bullas Dot Com
  • John Chow Dot Com
  • Matthew Woodward Dot Com
  • Neil Patel Dot Com
  • Smart Blogger Dot Com
  • Pro Blogger


among hundreds of lesser known but rocking sites, and when they see me and my friend Alonzo Pichardo release 6 YouTube chats that are nearing 250,000 views collectively, and when we release a test podcast and it registers 41,000 plays on Sound Cloud in 3 weeks….when a person interested in blogging sees me being as omnipresent as a demi-god in the blogging tips niche and you being non-existent, being a “Yeah, maybe I should do blogging” kinda person, and me being a “I will passionately devote 6-12 hours a day for years, every day, giving my freaking life to blogging, living, breathing, eating, sleeping and pooping blogging, because I am 10,000% all in committed” kinda person……who’s going to garner the lion’s share of attention in the blogging tips niche?


The full on committed person who builds his life around blogging and appears in 10,000 places at once?


Or the “Yeah, come to think of it, I should blog,” person who bought a domain and hosting, but is not even a passing semblance of a blogger?


Of course, me.


I outshine most folks not through luck, or even hard work, but because I give much of my life to the passion of blogging, hone my writing skills, build my networking skills and allow my fun to pull me directly into and through my fears.


Where Your Attention and Energy Goes, Grows


If you should blog, you devote about 2% of your attention and energy to blogging. Wishy-washy, pussyfooting, and of course, you see no blogging growth, because when your attention and energy goes, grows.


Suggested Reading: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger Paperback



But if you choose a blogging niche you feel passionate about, making the blogging work, your reward, you will be all in, fully committed and you betcha you will devote 80% of your 90% of your attention and energy to blogging, and that 80-90 number will grow your blog like a stinking weed over the long haul.


The Solution


As my man Big Daddy Kane said, “Ain’t no half stepping.”


Either you are all in with blogging, committing to learning, practicing and mastering this skill called blogging, virtually every day, for years or you are not all in, and say things like “I should start blogging.”


Be all in by picking a blogging niche you feel passionate about.


Be all in by falling in deeper love with blogging every day.


Either piss or leave the public mobile urination room in Yangon, Myanmar.


Yep, be all in by surrounding yourself with kick ass, inspired bloggers.


If you are all in you will live your wildest dreams through blogging.


It has to happen.


Maybe not next year, or maybe not 3 years from now, but you will eventually live your most spectacular dreams through blogging, if you are all in, fully committed and completely willing to give much of your life to blogging.


Trust me folks.


The fun and freedom you experience as a full time, established pro blogger is worth the commitment.


Your Turn


Are you all in?


Or are you still afraid to commit to blogging?


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  1. Strange tendency, right Ron? Seems silly how folks who seem to really want something just “give it a chance”. Amazingly fear-based, defeatist attitude. We gotta go for it guys! Thanks so much my friend.

  2. Ron Tuch Says:

    Hey Ryan! Another great post man! I find it funny that people in life generally have this nonchalant attitude about the things they are gunning for the most. Your lack of commitment or downright indifference is what’s killing you! And these are the same folks who can’t figure out why they aren’t making any real money! I’m with you all the way, find something you’re deeply passionate about, commit and watch it grow along with your happiness! Keep being an inspiration my friend!


  3. Israel that’s great! Keep following your fun and your fun will expand. Awesome how it works.

  4. On each passing day, blogging is becoming more and more of a fun than work for me and inspirations keep flowing from great mentors like you which motivate and make me feel like a professional blogger to be.

    Giving time and commitment is really worth it when it comes to real blogging and no time invested into it can ever be a waste. Thanks, Ryan, for your words of courage for new bloggers like me! You are really raising the giant in me day by day and I am hoping to become who I should be soonest.

  5. Asna Ahmed Says:

    Hey Ryan!Really like the blog post!I believe that this post is going to be a good help for the many bloggers and for me as well.As I read the sample of your over the top accomplishments
    thus far, itโ€™s almost as if, itโ€™s several people,
    not just one. I have learned so much from you, your blog posts. Thank you so much for always sharing such VALUABLE content! I look forward to your next post!Reading your blogs also help me in writing for my own blog.

  6. Mark Newsome Says:

    Totally awesome advice Ryan!

    And each time I read your awe inspiring
    blogging resume, I’m more blown away!

    You definitely are living proof, and then some,
    of all the positive affects, of practicing what you preach.

    And being and staying true to your stated goals.

    As I read the sample of your over the top accomplishments
    thus far, it’s almost as if, it’s several people,
    not just one!LOL!

    Hats off to you bro! Because you have definitely provided a
    proven road map to long term success.

    Provided we’re willing to put in the work necessary!

  7. Kate that is awesome! You are blogging for the right reasons so you will always be All In. Thanks much ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thanks Kevin ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Kate Says:

    Damn straight Ryan!
    Itโ€™s all about the passion, I blog because I love it,
    Writing fills a hole for me, I may only have a handful of followers but I get to share part of my soul with them so the rest of it doesnโ€™t even matter.
    Loved this post. xoxo Kate

  10. Kevin Says:

    Ryan’s passion for blogging never ends. He always share a great and valuable content to the reader. For a new bloggers like me its definitely a great place top learn new things.

  11. Awesome Jan. I love your persistence, knowing that you have blogged for 20 plus years. Amazing. The power of compounding returns is astounding. I see this daily, being at it for 10 years. If you just start now with the right intent, and don’t obsess over outcomes, just creating value and making friends, you will amaze yourself over the long haul.

  12. Jan Verhoeff Says:

    Ryan, I took the advice of a good friend from Capitol Hill about 20 years ago and started blogging. I thought at the time that it was probably a 2 or 3 year program, something that would pass in time, but… I’m still here, 20+ years later.

    And amazingly enough, the venture has been extremely profitable. And, I haven’t stopped learning.

    So, if by some chance someone tells you “You should start blogging.” Just start. Don’t wait. Do it!

    It’s one of the most exciting continuing projects I’ve ever undertaken.

    I love sharing valuable content with others.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Keep at it Praveen. I dig your blog and message. Keep persisting and your visibility will improve. As for the Huff Post, interesting how you note the site as contributor accounts are closed as of today. One door closes, another opens ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks bro.

  14. The passion really gives us the patience, detachment and persistence to do this blogging bit right Shadab. That energy, that mojo, it moves us from “should” to “all in.” Thanks bro ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Cool Salman thanks much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Salman Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    As always this blog post is good. I believe that this post is going to be a good help for the many bloggers.
    Thanks for the share.
    have a good week ahead.

  17. Shadab Alam Says:

    Hi Ryan

    A motivational as well as thinkable post.

    As you said you “passionately” devote time blogging and this is what new bloggers don’t see. They look for easy way and don’t see blogging as their business and it takes time to grow, for some a year and for some maybe a short duration.

    Thanks Ryan it will definitely motivate and teach new bloggers…

  18. Thanks Robin much appreciated my man.

  19. Hi Ryan,
    As always this blog post is good. I believe that this post is going to be a good help for the many bloggers.
    Thanks for the share.
    have a good week ahead.

  20. Hey Ryan,
    I like how you explained your take on “should”…yea I think you made a strong point there…no one has ever succeeded by thinking I should’ve done something. Blogging is not easy, so it is not for everyone, it takes a lot of effort and time to publish a single post. That “should” be the reason why most of the bloggers give up so easily.

    I have kept on going for a while now even when I do not get much visibility and I dont stand out as a blogger. Let us see where it leads.

    p.s. hey you forgot ‘huffingtonpost’ in your list above.

  21. Much appreciated Amy! I can feel your passion for blogging. This is the energy that helps fuel your journey so you enjoy the blogging ride, learn, study, practice, create and connect over the long haul. Being all in actually makes this blogging ride easier and easier.

  22. Amy Morton Says:

    Hey Ryan! Great blog post! You def have to BE ALL IN if you want to grow your blog. I love blogging!! I think about blogging all day, every day.. But it’s also fun for me!! I love the feeling of publishing a blog post! It’s like a rush. It makes me happy and fills me up like nothing else can!

    Yes,it is work. But when you’re having fun doing it, it really makes a difference. And learning so many different things. But it’s so worth it in the long run. I have learned (and continue to learn) so much from YOU thru your blog posts, e-books, videos, and emails. Thank you so much for always sharing such VALUABLE content! I so look forward to your next post! Read them every time I get that email in my inbox..

    Thanks for always inspiring & motivating me!

  23. I left a thought.