How Does a Sense of Entitlement Hold Back Your Blogging Campaign?

  April 24, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Ryan Biddulph, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey


The ego is:


  • arrogant
  • deluded
  • expectant
  • haughty
  • the root of every blogging problem, struggle and failure


The ego sometimes feels a sense of entitlement.  This means that the ego believes it is owed more than the generous help, assistance, care and love already doled out by other bloggers.


I love reading every one of your:


  • blog comments
  • social media chats


UNTIL I physically have no more time and energy to read and reply to your comments and chats.


However, the ego clings to an arrogant sense of entitlement that angers, judges and flat out deludes itself into believing that every blogger owes them something.


Bloggers owe you nothing.


No blogger owes you a darn thing.


Believing in a sense of entitlement not only alienates you from other bloggers but makes it more difficult to succeed. Instead of meeting and befriending more generous, helpful, kind bloggers who amplify your success, you distrust generous, helpful, kind bloggers, reject these people and their help because you believe they owe you more and as you reject more help you accelerate your failure.


Being an entitled blogger makes you:


  • arrogant
  • ungrateful
  • distrustful
  • an outsider
  • drop precipitously in blogging circles versus rising in blogging circles


Being arrogant, ungrateful, distrustful, an outsider and residing lower in blogging circles makes scaling and succeeding on a significant level impossible. However, a far worse side effect is simply feeling bad as you struggle blogging-wise.


Practical Example


As a real world example, I have observed bloggers here, on various blogs and on social media complain about:


  • bloggers who do not reply to them on social media
  • bloggers who do not reply to blog comments


Do you genuinely realize how incredibly arrogant it sounds to honestly believe that a blogger owes you a reply?


No blogger owes you anything.


Making matters worse, the ego is so arrogant, deluded and childish that it completely dismisses bloggers who generously:


  • publish helpful blog posts
  • publish helpful comments


to complain about these bloggers not replying to comments, emails or messages.


Do you understand why behaving in this fashion makes you a blogging ingrate? Blogging ingrates do not go very far; who wants to hang around bloggers who do not appreciate them?


Instead of appreciating that a blogger gave 5 minutes of their valuable time to generously publish a detailed comment, the arrogant ego complains about the blogger not replying to their comment published in response to the initial, detailed comment.


Good luck with succeeding if you complain about and reject the very folks who are trying to help you succeed.


Trade your expectation for appreciation.


Stop complaining about the blogger who just added 300 word’s worth of detailed, valuable content to your blog via a comment because the individual did not reply to your response to their comment. Comments are content. Consider yourself blessed that someone added content to your blog. These bloggers owe you nothing!


Do NOT be a blogging ingrate.


Guilty As Charged


I went through an arrogant blogging phase early during my career online.


My mentor replied to my emails with 1-3 word responses. He was a busy many who dealt with 100’s of people daily. Busy people reply in a few words if they even have time to reply in the first place.


However, because of:


  • my ego
  • my low self-worth
  • my arrogance
  • my delusion


I ignored his accurate answers, his training links, his resources links and his help and bitched, moaned and whined about his rude, curt replies. This made perfect sense; I was a scared, poverty conscious human being who did not appreciate my mentor, his help and his immense clarity. Naturally, I rejected:


  • his help
  • blogging success


because I was a blogging ingrate who believed that he owed me more than all of the helpful guides he created for me to succeed.


Do not be a blogging ingrate. Never allow your ego to call the shots. Do not make the error I made. Do not follow my blogging path during my dark, early, deluded blogging days. I literally rejected success because I was busy complaining about the people who tried to help me succeed versus being grateful for their resources, clarity and brevity.




I held on to a poisonous sense of entitlement. I lacked gratitude for the people who attempted to help me succeed and turned around to complain about these generous, kind individuals.


I freely admit now: I was an utter blogging asshole back then.


I certainly do not judge any of my fellow bloggers as harshly as myself but arrogant, rude and ungrateful bloggers out there need to either put their ego and sense of entitlement to the side or…….fail.


Pay close attention to the high level bloggers who literally bring you to the next blogging level of your online career. Do you appreciate every word of wisdom that they publish? If so, you are well on the way to succeeding. But if you arrogantly believe that these high level pros owe you anything (blog comments, blog comment replies, social media replies, free resources, etc) you will either fail miserably or experience a mediocre blogging career at best.


Appreciate the fact that people are here to help you.


Follow that up by appreciating the very help they already offered you through their:


  • blog posts
  • blog comments
  • courses
  • manuals
  • videos


The help they have packaged is already out there.


They owe you nothing more!

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