Do You Embrace or Resist this Basic Blogging Truth?

  March 20, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina, USA


Every blogger has a different job during their online career.


Every blogger may cling to various aspirations. The ego harbors specific ambitions. But everyone walks a far different journey. Even if the ego desires specific professional blogging ambitions either you surrender to your intuition to complete your job or you resist your intuition, fight via the ego and suffer horribly until either quitting or struggling for the remainder of your blogging career.


Some bloggers make tens of millions of dollars. Other bloggers make zero dollars. Some bloggers circle the globe. Other bloggers blog part time from home. Some bloggers attract 3 visitors daily. Other bloggers drive 30,000 visitors daily.


Every blogger has a different experience.


Every blogger has a different job.


Being Real


Today will be a very real post for me. I intend to be transparent. Any blog follower of mine from 2008 until now knows this. But I intend to dig a bit deeper with today’s post to help you find, do and complete your blogging job, whatever your intuition tells you the job may be.




As a new blogger I harbored wild ambitions. I desired immense riches. I wanted to buy a big house, nice car and fine clothes, too.


But my blogging job entailed none of that.


It was never meant to be because my ego desires did not match up with God’s plan for me to best serve humanity.


Not experiencing stunning financial success frustrated me for years. But slamming into financial difficulties years into my blogging career deflated me. I felt horribly depressed. I even wanted to kill myself out of shame, embarrassment and utter disappointment that my ambitious dreams turned into abject nightmares.


Gradually, I understood that the human experience unfolds according to two plans:


  • the ego plan
  • God’s Divine plan (aka, your real job)


My real blogging job involved:


  • retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging tips
  • circling the globe to bring people together
  • inspiring people to exit their comfort zone
  • house sitting to alert people to this fun way to experience the world, rent-free


For now, these tasks are my blogging job. My blogging job is not to acquire numbers on a screen, to purchase structured timber, to invest in metal that transports me to and fro, and to exchange numbers on a screen for cloth to place on the body. The ego craved each of these goals. The ego wished to make each, my job. Alas, my intuition alerted me to different jobs.


Some of my struggles seemed to be me making common blogging errors. Most of these struggles involved me not doing my real blogging job for a long time, which would have made success-outcomes much easier to manifest. I own that.


What About Ambition?


I made some scratch over the years. I purchased some stuff. But elevating my income never made me happy. Nor did buying stuff make me happy.


Neither ambition seemed included in my blogging job.


Bloggers; feel free to develop your ambition. But know that being ambitious is never part of your blogging job because your real duty never involves:


  • things
  • stuff
  • numbers
  • status
  • anything of the world


Each prior bullet point item is an illusion. None of these things are real. Devoting any aspect of your life to an unreality depresses you. Gaining stuff feels deflating. Reaching thing-based goals feels unfulfilling. Each illusion pulls you away from your real blogging job.


Completing a fake job feels bad. Working on a real job feels good.


Real Jobs Feel Fulfilling


Trusting your intuition to guide you toward your real blogging job feels fulfilling. Trusting your blogging gut feels freeing.


For example, writing and publishing this blog post felt great because my intuition told me: this is your blogging job.


I was never meant to be rich, powerful or to reach any dazzling worldly goals. None feel like part of my job. My job is to circle the globe, to bring people together, to show how we are One and to accept God’s support during my journey.


I feel more and more at peace with working my real blogging job.


Eat Humble Pie


I have been humbled to the point of largely eradicating the ego during my blogging journey as I found my blogging job.


I went broke multiple times. I lived in my mother-in-law’s home. I went bankrupt.


Each experience revealed to me; the problem was not the event but how the fear in my mind interpreted the event. Facing, feeling and releasing deep fears manifest as shame, guilt, embarrassment and rage revealed to me that dazzling worldly success was never supposed to be part of my blogging job.


Spirit told me: the money will be there. Support will be there. Rentals will be there. House sits will be there. Blogging friends will be there. Sales will be there. Clients will be there. 


Spirit was right. My job involved receiving generous support through various channels but never primarily through one or two channels. Being humbled opened my eyes to this truth. The support was always there. The support never had to do with a means of exchange. It is always…..there.


Sneaking Suspicion


I have a sneaking suspicion that worldly success flowed to me easily during prior lives. I had a different job to do during those lives. My current human experience entails completing a different blogging job.


But the past matters not.


Doing my blogging job now is all that matters.


How About You?


Are you doing your blogging job based on intuitive nudges?


Or are you resisting doing your blogging job because the ego wants something else?


I cannot be in your mind, but every time you crave money, you inaccurately believe money will bring you something you have not.


But since you are cared for by default through Spirit you do not need money, things or anything of the world. All you need to do is to work the job you are meant to work for the betterment of all. From there, any money, or worldly things that are required to work your job simply flow to you seamlessly.


The worldly stuff is forthcoming when you get your mind right. The worldly stuff arrives at the right time when you do your real blogging job.


Please Take this Post the Right Way


I have experienced worldly blogging success.


I have made some money. I have also been featured on some of the most famous sites on earth.


Being a professional blogger has helped me be able to afford circling the globe.


I feel grateful for these worldly gifts.


But I also realized how horribly I screwed up for so many years by chasing goals, resisting my real blogging job and ignoring my intuition.


Serious struggles followed on and off for chunks of my blogging career because I resisted this blogging truth.


I finally feel like I am beginning to embrace my real blogging job at this point in my blogging career.


How about yourself?

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