Electricity Considerations in Off the Beaten Path Thai Villages

Power lines in this quiet Thai village outside of Chiang Mai.


Thailand is a developed nation in many ways.


But getting off the grid just a wee bit means you are off the 24-7 power grid sometimes.


Yesterday we experienced a 3 hour power outage. Although Kelli does some time dependent stuff – aka coaching – I focus heavily on passive income streams through my blogging courses and eBooks. I also do much work by simply writing guest posts, blog posts, and reading and commenting on blogs. Not exactly time dependent activities so power outages affect me not.


Before you do spent an appreciable amount of time in a quiet Thai village understand that even though the bigger cities see less frequent power outages you may be subject to more outages – of greater length – when living in a more remote area.


Even if the village sits by a major city you may experience 3-4 hour power outages or longer from time to time. All depends on the grid and where rolling blackouts will pop up that day.




Not really.


Unless your business is of a time sensitive nature like coaching or consulting you’ll have few issues with power outages affecting your business. I’d enjoy time in a sleepy, tranquil area where outages are more common versus worrying about a few hours spent offline.


See the outage not as a disruption but break from being connected. We all need to be offline sometimes. Without any possibility of being online. Helps us detach some.


Potential Solutions


If you do need to be online at a certain time for a pressing reason, work with these solutions:


  • work off of a battery; the homeowners here do time sensitive work so they charge up a battery (which serves like a mini generator) to stay online when the power goes out
  • schlep to a coffee shop or restaurant with internet; if you are *really* off the grid this may not be possible but Thai love coffee shops and internet connections are available in some of these neat little spots….or in restaurants
  • co-working spaces are available only by major urban centers; this option works in places like Chiang Mai or Bangkok


As the ultimate solution, if you really want to do the digital nomad thing right, move away from a service-based model toward a passive income model. No way you can travel with peace of mind while circling the globe if you rely on a 5G connection everywhere. You’ll only find yourself working in urban centers and miss the rich experiences of living off of the grid.