Review of Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

October 15, 2014
Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger eBook


Are you sick of blogging? Mired in failure?


Maybe you’ve made pennies on your blog….over the past 5 months. Hey, I’ve been there.


Maybe you’re seeing some success, or are even a full time blogger, yet are thinking…..


“Damn, it shouldn’t be THIS hard!”


Hey I’ve been there too.


If you’re ready to skyrocket your success, and if you’re hungry to make more money blogging, and if you want to engineer a freeing lifestyle through blogging, you’ll need to think like a successful blogger.


I created an eBook just for you, to answer your questions, and to help you make your blogging dreams come true.


Ok guys, Kelli planted this seed in my head a few weeks back and I ran with it.


I’m excited and honored to announce the release of my new eBook:


Blogging from Paradise: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger


Why Would You Find Value in this eBook?


You need to do this blogging thing inside out, as when you work on your inner world, and choose prospering thoughts and feelings, you’ll move into prospering actions, which promote your blogging success.


I had struggled like bloody hell for years to land a guest post, and now I’ve been featured on 45 blogs in less than 4 months. I’ve struggled to write 300 words a day many years ago, and today I wrote 5,000 words.I have been there in the blogging trenches, fighting like hell to reach the blogging promised land, and here I am today blogging from paradise. I know exactly what it takes to go from Point A to Point B in a straight line and through this eBook I’ll share the mental tips that I’ve used to help myself – and to help my blogging coaching clients – make our blogging dreams come true.


I want to take you with me. Blogging from Paradise has been such a blast, and since I’ve retired to a life of island hopping, I want to share my self help tips, the secrets of my success, so we can meet in Fiji. I want to chill with you in Bali. I want to meet up in Costa Rica, or in Malaysia. That’s one of my dreams. I also know that successful blogging is an inside-out thing, so if you want to live with me in paradise, as a fellow blogging dynamo, you’ll need to do the mental homework to make your blogging dreams come true.


As within, so without, is my blogging mantra.


Chris Brogan, Yaro Starak, and Matthew Capala, among other online and offline luminaries, have endorsed me. I’ll be speaking at NYU soon. My eBooks have been used as study materials for a marketing class at NYU. This ain’t happening unless I get my inner world clear.


Power players notice you and endorse you, and offer you speaking gigs at NYU, when they sense your sense of purpose and clarity. Developing a strong sense of purpose and sharp clarity around your blog and your brand takes plenty of mental homework, and I’ve published this eBook to provide you with the mental homework you need to engineer a freeing lifestyle through professional blogging.


I feel blessed.


I want to share the blessing with you.


Here’s the best way to do it; work on your inner world, to change your outer world.


My Story


As always, I’ll tell my story through this eBook. How the broke, miserable SOB who was just axed from his security officer job became an island hopping, pro blogging, full time digital nomad. I won’t focus just on the challenges though; nobody cares much for a loser. They want to know how winners, win. Bloggers want to pick the brain of a successful blogger, and want to step into their mind, because seeing how a successful blogger ticks gives you a glimpse into how you too can think and act like a successful blogger.


The change I experienced was due to an inner shift, a finding of clarity, and a changing of my predominant intent. I had to do the mental legwork to become successful, to gain world-renowned endorsements, and this eBook shares what you can specifically do to mimic my results, for all of you aspiring pro bloggers out there. If I can do this you can do it too. Paradise is yours. Inspiration is yours. You just need to learn how to tap into these powers by developing the mindset of a successful blogger.


Sample from the eBook…..


From Chapter 3…..


Learning how to say “no” to opportunities has been as important as learning to say “yes” to opportunities in my professional blogging career.


Re-read that line.


Mr. Blogging from Paradise, Mr. Seize Opportunities, Mr. Be All Over Interviews and Guest Post Opportunities, is telling you that learning to turn down opportunities, and also, to severe blogging ties, has been as important to his rapid online growth as saying “yes” to prospering opportunities.


Turning down bad matches has created a vacuum for good matches. Good matches accelerate your growth, if you seize these high energy opportunities.


Fear clouds most blogger’s minds but the successes don’t allow fear of loss to influence their decisions……..


That’s just a little tidbit from the eBook.


I ain’t gonna lie. Saying NO to opportunities was not easy or comfortable for me in the beginning but as I learned to be picky, good things happened: money, prospering people, prospering ideas, and perfect matches came a knocking on my door.


I’ll teach you how to have posture, and how to turn down bad matches, and how to respect your blogging time, so you can find the perfect blogging business partners, to make your blogging and life dreams come true.



Finding Clarity


I started Blogging from Paradise in a clear space. I knew releasing my old blog was a cathartic release, a surrendering, and a letting go of an energy anchor. Imagine running around with a 50 pound weighted vest. Then imagine running around with no weighted vest. Can you feel the difference?


I was wearing the 50 pound vest and suddenly, I was wearing no vest when I started Blogging from Paradise, creating the blog and the brand.


I made a decision to let go and grow. Making that decision took an inner shift, a move toward being clear, and a surrendering of all the terrors, anxieties, frustrations and negative energies I clung too, with my old blog. That inner shift happened when I created a successful mindset.


I remember being secretly angry over much of the first half of this year. Overall, I was successful, and I was largely happy, but an angry, unhappy part of me, clung to my old blog. I had to decide to let the oldie go, to make room for BFP, but devout, diligent meditation, and personal development, and diving into uncomfortable situations, preceded that change.


After finding clarity this blogging bit became so much easier. I will share – in this eBook – how I did it. I’ll share how you can think, act and receive the results of a successful blogger.


The Missing Link


There is no missing link between you and astounding blogging success. The link is in your mind, and it’s not missing.


You are whole and complete right now. You’re perfectly equipped to be a wildly successful blogger now but you have to release limiting beliefs to move into the actions that’ll make you a wildly successful blogger.


You’ll need to release limiting beliefs like:


  • I’m a terrible writer
  • I have no time to write long, in-depth posts
  • I can’t write a successful eBook because nobody’s interested in my niche
  • I’m not creative
  • It should take me 5 hours to write a post because I’m not a talented blogger
  • I can’t network effectively because I’m shy
  • I have no results to brag about since I’m a failure
  • I can’t make money blogging because I haven’t made money blogging in the past


If you’ve made any of these excuses – and I know you have, because I’ve plucked every one of them from my comments field – take a deep breath, laugh and relax. I’m here to support you. I may get in your face a bit but I do it with love, happiness, and a generous intent to help you reach your dreams.


I Get It


You’re after a dream. You want to retire to your tropical island of choice, or you want to generate a steady income blogging while you’re working your 9-5, or you want to retire from your 9-5 to work from home, to be with your family.


Creating the mindset of a successful blogger is the first step you need to take, to make this dream a reality.


Hey, you’re talking to the guy who went from struggling to publish a 600 word post to the guy who’s published over 3400 posts on a blog, which he trashed, and who’s published 5 eBooks in under 4 months, and who’s published 10 more eBook’s worth of free content on this blog.


One Example of Thinking Like a Successful Blogger


I created this blog with the intent to tailor content for bloggers who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. After spending much time crafting targeted posts I lost my way a little bit, and I stopped including “blogging tips” themed keywords in my posts. This was a mistake. I ceases to think like a successful blogger who targets their audience. The thing is, I caught myself before I went too far.


I think abundantly these days, and in terms of my clarity, the moment – or at least a few days or weeks, since I’m human – after I begin to move away from successful toward unsuccessful blogging practices I instantly get back on the straight and narrow. I catch myself.


I had to let go my flawed approach of a few weeks and thank goodness I did so quickly. I’m back on the straight and narrow again, thinking and acting like a successful blogger. I’m also beefing up posts at a breakneck pace to better appeal to Google, because I know Google likes depth when you’re talking content.


The trick is to spot when you’re thinking like a scattered, unsuccessful blogger, so you can start thinking, feeling and acting like a successful blogger. This failure to success shift can be subtle, or not so so subtle, but either way, I’ll share tips to address this shift so you can find it, and make necessary adjustments to align yourself with your blogging goals.


Successful bloggers feel and act like successes and the rest fail, because they feel and act like failing bloggers. I’ll explain how you can think, feel and act like a successful blogger so you can begin to create success from the inside out.


Develop the mindset of a successful blogger.


Buy Blogging from Paradise: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Loved Pondicherry Mohd, it was a blast!

  2. Mohd Arif Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Very inspiring post, I love Pondicherry is a nice place in India. Hope you enjoying lot’s of fun into Pondicherry..

    Great effort.. nice work..

    Mohd Arif

  3. Nancy thanks so much! I enjoyed writing it and find that balance thing to be a major challenge for us bloggers. Keep up the great work Nancy, and we’ll chat soon!

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Fantastic Book! I love the book and look forward in sharing it with my audience. The book is what we all need to do which is to live a balance life with out over working or been over whelm. Such an inspirational book! You have out done yourself with the book!


  5. Raul, thanks so much! Really appreciate your reading it and sharing your thoughts, and here’s to BFP going viral!

  6. Raul Escobedo Says:

    Hello Ryan ! Congratulations for your book! I’ve read it and found it quite interesting. Love the way you explain about the failures we see while blogging and greately appreciate your honesty. That thing about emptying your thoughts and feelings from the inside out in order to accomplish success while blogging resonated so deep with me.I encourage everybody to read your book and delight themselves the way you explain every step you found along the way to become a succesful blogger. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for sharing it with the world. Blessings. And love your lifestyle, living in paradise in touch with nature all the time. Your book deserves be read worldwide!

  7. Hi Brian and Felicia, I am humbled by your words! I intend to do my best each time out, and Kelli, and a few other folks, kept pointing me in this direction. It was an endless nudge really as people kept saying I should publish a book on mindset, since I’m the blogging clarity guy – or so they say? 😉 – so, here we are. The daily, practical tips are where it’s at guys. I just meditated, and did some early morning exercise here in NYC to get the creative juices flowing. Felt good! Knowing that my inner world was a bit more clear I’m free to blog from a purer space. Guys, I appreciate your unending support!!

  8. Can’t say enough good things about this ebook Ryan! You shared so much value that it’s worth way more than the cost. It’s fun, enlightening, informative, and just plain pure gold. We will definitely be coming back to it often and implementing the daily practices asap. Mindset and clarity on what you’re passionate about are definitely key. We have followed you for years and have nothing but the utmost respect and love for you and Kelli! Thanks for sharing your story and useful tips to help us as well as others. You’re awesome and deserve every bit of success!

  9. They are long as hell, right Bishnu?! LOL….when do I find time to do anything else? Got me. And now I’m doing 6K words…..has Ryan lost his mind in paradise???? I am making this sound like a teaser I know 🙂 I appreciate your comment and hope that you found value from this eBook. Once we get the inner clarity, all else falls into place. Thanks BD, you da man!

  10. Bishnu Dev Says:

    Dude! your posts are rally lengthy and are really effective. Your explanation is really great. I live this ebook. Thanks!

  11. Amy wow!!! Really appreciate that! I Think the posture thing and meditating things were 2 ideas which accelerated my success. Some really smart bloggers drilled the ideas into my mind; I finally gave up, and listened. After getting clear on my direction, and knowing why I was blogging, I did what I needed to do from the inside out to craft a freeing lifestyle through blogging. Really appreciate the top blogging eBook line too 🙂 Specifically because some feel that this eBook was a bit of a drag, and that the quality of my work was lowering. Hey I kind of agree with both of you! LOL….and I think, as my mindset improves, that I can take all reviews more in stride, and simply learn from some really wise folks like yourself. Thanks Amy!

  12. Anne, thanks so much for your feedback! The passion thing and the clarity chapter are my 2 faves. Getting clear, knowing why you are blogging and also, following what you love doing helps all other blogging mental tips fall into place. The goal should be, do the inner work to allow the outer work to fall into place. Like, once you get clear on the outside, you’ll go from wearing dark-tinted glasses, to taking them off in a polluted area, to taking them off in somewhere like Fiji. Yep, things get that clear! Thanks Anne, and have a fun day 🙂

  13. This book was really motivating. Not only did Ryan point out why some people don’t succeed in blogging but he gave practical advice on what is necessary to achieve success. Some of my favorite parts were when he spoke about how important it was to say “no,” to some things in order to concentrate on your particular area. I also appreciated that he told us to follow your passion. Because if we follow our passion we are not going to run out of things to say. Also being a fan of changing our incorrect thinking, this book was full of great advice on what we should do to attain our goals. Great job!

  14. Amy Hagerup Says:

    Ryan, Wow! What a great book. I read it right through once I started (with a few stops for different tasks I needed to do). I had no idea it would be so captivating. It was really, really helpful.

    This book takes the top award for all the blogging books and posts I’ve read so far. I thought it would be more of the same of what I already know, so was just looking for more inspiration. I found out though that this book was different. I learned a lot of specific tools to help me be a better blogger of which I am already implementing.

    Some of my favorite “take-aways” were to develop my posture, spend time meditating, and take regular time away from the computer. Your book is a breath of fresh air from, well, . . . paradise! LOL! It’s a game-changer.

    I would like to go reread it right now but I need to get to my writing!

  15. Jon, no worries. The more I write, the better I get 🙂 Thanks for your review and yep, I set that intent to put something memorable out, and the Universe guides me on a direct path to reach the point of manifesting the intent. Appreciate it so much, and have a great week.

  16. Jon Says:

    I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much from this book. I mean publishing 5 books in less than 4 months normally means that the books are less than quality. I hate reading a book and thinking “I’ve read that before… that’s old… wow that’s lame… that’s unclear” and I’ve had too much experience with that.

    I opened it up around 10 PM last night, and finished reading it in one night. It was AWESOME! Really, quality stuff.

    Ryan’s mindset is really powerful, inspiring and infectious. I really appreciated every section of this book.

    He expressed so many things that I already believed, or knew, but phrased better than I had thought of phrasing it. THEN he took those ideas, concepts and techniques and applied them to blogging.

    This book will change your blog and your life.

    I highly recommend it.

  17. Rudiano appreciate that. Blogging tips do one no good unless your mind is prepared to receive them. Enter the mindset thingee. I intend to help bloggers from the inside-out. Getting clear helped me create a fun, enjoyable and prospering blog quickly. The step was simple, and to the point. I let go, to grow. Thanks so much and see you soon.

  18. Hemal, what a fun and interesting journey it’s been 😉 I felt similarly; Kelli mentioned I should publish this eBook and after looking around I noticed n absence of mindset books. I got to writing. Thanks so much for your unending support support, you have been there from *the online beginning* and have seen it all!

  19. Hemal Says:

    Great book, Ryan!

    There are many books out there that teach the technical aspects of having a blog but very few that work on your mindset in being successful in making your blog commercially viable. Your book does a great job on that! I shared my thoughts on Amazon too.

    It’s been great to see how things have developed over the years!

  20. Rudiano Says:

    Wow! What a page turner and eye opener! I knew the power of laser focused clarity. But this is a brilliant way to articulate this and put it into practice.

  21. Yep, EXactly! And funny, the first time I heard of The Life of Pi, I was watching a cable TC commercial….in….Pondicherry 😉 Thanks so much Sarah!

  22. Sarah Arrow Says:

    Way to go Ryan :).

    Pondicherry? As in The Life of Pi Pondicherry? Such a place exists! How fabulous that you’ve been there.

    Saying no gets easier over time. At first I said yes to everything as I wanted to build good relationships. However, sometimes the other person hasn’t. So now I’m more selective.

  23. Thanks so much! Tiffany that really is a biggie. Saying “no” to non matches has freed me and it’s also saved me so much time, that I could devote to writing eBooks 😉 Really? When were you last in Savusavu?

  24. Tiffany Says:

    Wow, Ryan, that is quite a motivating post! I like how you choose to share the snippet about saying no to create more opportunities for yourself. And I love the picture of the cat! I have spent time also in places you are at in Fiji and it is one of my favorite places to recharge. Thanks for the great post and congrats on another e-book!

  25. Thanks Brittany! Actually we’re just getting started 😉 I’ll keep on writing, and keeping on publishing, because I’m having so much fun doing it. We’re heading back in early December to see the fam for Christmas, and not too sure on island hopping. For now, we’ll travel for quite a bit because we’re enjoying it. We will see 😉 Thanks again and have a fun weekend 🙂

  26. Ryan,

    Way to go, energizer bunny! Is this the last book in the series? How’s the consulting going?

    I like how you’ve included the endorsements and bookshelf in your sidebar. As always, you’ve been busy!

    When are you coming back to the states, anyway? Will you be island hopping forever, do you think? I can imagine how you might get addicted to sunshine… certainly not a bad thing!


  27. I landed on your blog from your guest post on Matt Moodward’s blog. I solo-travelled around Europe last summer, and would like to help others to get started and do the same. It’s so empowering, and want to actively encourage other people the sky is the limit once you nurture that mindset. Reading this post has given me a kick to employ this mindset to my Plan Your Eurotrip blog (which as you might see, is a work in progress…) 😉

  28. Thanks George!

  29. PD, you’re doing great dude. Keep letting that abundance in, keep at it, and enjoy your ride. Letting go always precedes growing, so keep on releasing things in your life and you’ll accelerate your growth nicely. Thanks so much!

  30. Phillip Dews Says:

    Dude Awesome Release again. I cannot wait to get the 5 book combo as am missing a few pennies atm. Love seeing my design’s as well! that Coconut tree is cool hey! Took my sweet time on that bad boy dude!

    I have been there and as you know have been blogging for many years and trashing the old blogs has made me grow! You and Kelli are awesome and you have both helped me to prosper and become the blogger and web dev I am today!

    Here I am typing this while listening to Black Grape with a huge grin like a Chesire cat on my boat race. Thinking how happy I am to be involved in the success of blogging from paradise and your series of boos!

    This is going to sky rocket dude!
    Have a good one!
    – PD

  31. Congrats, Ryan. Can’t wait to read it.