Look at that chap. That’s me. On the cover. RB.

Kelli took this snapshot as the sun rose above Koh Lanta, Thailand. Sunrise was one of our fave times of the day. Really, why wouldn’t it be?

We lived on the bay. Our back deck was a dock. Literally. Boats could anchor up and stay for a while.

Koh Lanta was a gorgeous spot and frankly, one of the more serene spots of our trip around the world.

Things got a bit dicey in other areas though.

A Wildman bit me in Nepal. I was kinda coked out in Peru. My mind was blown by little critters in Costa Rica who went all biblical on me.

I had to tell my stories. eBook style. So I’m excited to announcement the release of:


Blogging from Paradise: How My Wildest Travel Experiences Help You Become a Successful Blogger


You learn through stories. Practical tips rock but stories are the vehicles through which you pick up knowledge to use for your betterment.

My blog is my life, and my eBooks are my life, meaning that my Blogging from Paradise brand is geared towards bloggers who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I tell my story and I explain how you too can become a pro blogging, full-time island hopping entrepreneur.


Who’d Dig this eBook?


Quite a few folks including:

  • Travel bloggers who are ready to become full time, professional bloggers (so they don’t need to cut their trip short, to go home for making money)
  • Part time bloggers who are struggling to generate any income online
  • People who just love a good travel story
  • Bloggers who want to understand and benefit from the concept of story telling
  • Full time workers who would like to leave their jobs to engineer a more freeing lifestyle

I admit it; this eBook ain’t for the faint of heart. This is my international horror story, at times, because I delve into how I:

  • Lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks while suffering from a stomach parasite
  • Suffered through a brutal motorbike accident
  • Dealt with a nutty who used my arm as a snack instead of the roll that he craved

The stories are all well and good, and entertaining, but the blogging lessons are what you’re after.


The home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.
The home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.


Why do you fork over money to buy an eBook? You want to be entertained and informed. My stories are kinda entertaining – if you ask me – and the information part is all about my simple, clear and concise practical tips..


The Mind Game


Blogging is a mental game first, and a physical game second. Clarity makes the blogging engine go. Establishing clarity is a freeing but uncomfortable process.

Right now I’m watching a ferry cruise by in Savusavu, Fiji. Early evening time which means it’s already pitch black outside. They don’t do street lights in this part of town, in the jungle.

Ryan from Desk to Dirtbag

“I just finished reading through Ryan’s Wildest Travel Experiences ebook, and I gotta say it was an extremely entertaining as well as informative read. Ryan takes a handful of his oddest, craziest, and most memorable experiences from his time spent globe-trotting and extracts the larger lessons that one can apply toward building a successful blogging empire.

I’ve been at the blogging thing for more than two years now, and I definitely picked up some awesome insights and ideas from this book that I’m looking forward to applying in the future.RyanDesktoDirtbag

The last lesson in the book is one of the most important out there which deals with your mindset and the perception of reality and what is possible–framed through witnessing a lizard that can walk on water. That is to say, if you don’t believe you can find success as a blogger or that it is possible–well, then it won’t happen for you.”

~ Ryan S., Inspiring Digital Nomad, Owner of Desk to Dirtbag


Anyway, the ferry driver can see where to steer the boat in typically pitch dark conditions because of some serious ferry lighting. We’re talking high wattage, spotlight type deals.

Without the lights he’s lost and he probably slams into the volcanic rocks sitting some 50 meters below the crib here, and all of the passengers would be toast.

Establishing clarity as a blogger is similar to illuminating your path with headlights. Some SUPER powerful headlights. While most other bloggers stumble about in the darkness you move forward boldly, smoothly and easily, all because your path is lit up with your clarity.

This eBook provides you with a framework for finding clarity, blogging-wise, so you can accelerate your blogging success.


“I really enjoyed Ryan’s recent Blogging from Paradise eBook. With over three years of traveling and blogging professionally myself, I tend to be a bit hesitant about new books like this out on the market. However, Ryan definitely offers a fresh perspective on the travel blogging scene.

Blogging From Paradise is filled with engaging stories from around the world that not only inspire the reader to get out and see the world, but also directly relate to the world of blogging. I think this book is especially great for anyone who has started blogging but finds themselves in a rut and isn’t really sure what to do next. If you want to get inspired to live your dreams and take your blogging to the next level, then this book is definitely for you!”

~ Casey, Globe Trotter


Being clear about why you want to blog forms the foundation for a successful blog. It’s that simple.

How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger simply recounts my blogging successes, my blogging failures, and everything in between, as I correlate a few of my insane travel experiences with my blogging experiences.

Reading this eBook will help you:

  • Figure out why you want to blog
  • Figure out when it’s time to ditch a failing blog
  • Open you up to giving blogging feedback so you can generate good blogging karma
  • Identify and avoid the dreaded mistake of trying to make your blog pay your bills (a killer for many struggling bloggers)
  • Purify your blogging intent to avoid prolonged blogging failure

By the way, please remember to spread the word. Let your friends know about my latest eBook – and heck, ALL of my eBooks – so we can create a whole new generation of island hopping pro bloggers.


Kelli and I in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.
Kelli and I in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.



Stories Rock


Why do:

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Novels

…rock? Because good stories are popular, have been popular and will always be popular.  People love stories. People love to sit around a campfire to listen to a good story, or they enjoy going to the movies each weekend to became wrapped up in a good story.

Some prefer to soak up their favorite TV shows online while other folks like watching the boob tube.

Stories are fun to follow. We get caught up in the drama, enthralled by the plot and totally drawn into a compelling story.

Kelli and I are huge fans of the TV series Sons of Anarchy. We watch it via Amazon Prime while doing the globetrotting bit. We look forward to every Thursday afternoon here in Fiji; the show goes live, and we pick it up.

Natasha Amar of the Boho Chica


“Ryan, you’re a captivating story teller who imparts important blogging lessons through stories of your most challenging travel moments. This book is a great resource for any blogger who is trying to learn the ropes of the business. I enjoyed reading this book because I never felt like I was reading one of the countless ‘blogging advice’ e-books that can sound preachy and boring.Natasha

This book is specially great for travel bloggers because we can relate to finding something positive out of difficult situations that are often common when we travel. You beautifully drive home the point that to be successful as a blogger, you must be patient, selfless, focussed and willing to work tirelessly. Some hard hitting lessons here about building a strong foundation as a blogger!”

~ Natasha Amar, Successful Travel Blogger, Creator and Owner of The Boho Chica


We are addicted to the story. From all of the changing gang alliances to the family drama to the unfolding of karma, we’re in love with Sons.

Stories are magnetic, especially if you weave entertaining, intriguing tales.

If you’re a blogger, and tell stories from your life, and tie them in to your niche, all the better.


Pick It Up


This page isn’t as long and in-depth as my soon to be published blog post will be.

I get it.

You’re here to figure out what my eBook’s about or you’re here to pick it up.

Check out the chapters.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Beat Up in Bali

Chapter 3: Freaked Out in Fiji

Chapter 4: Incapacitated in India

Chapter 5: Listless in Laos

Chapter 6: Crippled in Costa Rica

Chapter 7: Coked Out in Peru

Click to buy it.

Chapter 8: Nibbled on in Nepal

Chapter 9: Irate in Hanoi

Chapter 10: Coup de Tat’ed in Phuket

Chapter 11: Mind Blown in Manuel Antonio

Feel free to leave me a comment below with your feedback.

Until next time…..enjoy paradise!

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