1 Easy Way to Handle Biting Blogging Criticism with a Graphic Example

June 5, 2018
Should we toss critics in the trash? Nope; use this approach instead. Sunset in Paekakariki, New Zealand.


I just published this post on the Warrior Forum:


Find Versus Earn Success


As of this post publish date, a few folks didn’t resonate with the idea. This is a natural thing; people vibe with your advice or they don’t.


I say “graphic” because it shows criticism in action. Sometimes we read this shit and nod, but when you see a palpable example of criticism, and feel it, some wicked energies may start a stirring in your being.


Something weird happens though when folks are unclear on their viewpoint, concerning the topic; the bizarre habit of criticizing what you love but feel unclear on, unfolds. Because if you genuinely did not care, you would never open your mouff.


Yes; I criticize sometimes too. Part and parcel of being human.


Anyway, I shared the above link to show how to handle criticism; be humorous. Laugh. Move on.


Criticism is a projection; if someone is unhappy with something it has 100% to do with them and how they see themselves and nothing to do with you. Each critical human being on the thread is:


  • having an unhappy moment
  • having an unhappy life (I hope to goodness not, but shit happens when you bury your stuff)
  • in complete agreement with what I say, but lacking clarity, hence the criticism
  • jealous that I am one of the sexiest male travelers of 2018 (thanks Meg)


How do I view these fellow Warrior Forum members? As awesome folks who are afraid. Yep; they are having a moment of fear. 2 emotions exist: love and fear. If you don’t support and love or ignore and move on (meaning you are clear on your viewpoint), you fear, projecting your view of self, and criticize.


But what they say has 100% to do with them, and 0% to do with me. Since we are all connected.


I am the mirror. Criticism is how they see self.


No worries.


Hence the humor; like a cosmic joke to me, because it is kinda funny, but I also have compassion for folks who are a bit unclear, afraid and see themselves in this light. In the same regard though, I laugh and move on. No sense giving your attention and energy to fear, and lack of clarity. Far better to give your love and fun to folks who vibe with it.


Why Write this Post?


Facing the fear of criticism – and criticism itself – terrified me. You may be struggling terribly with your blog because you are held captive by this same terror, this same fear, and play small.


I struggled horribly for many years online because I feared facing criticism, so I played small, stayed in my cyber cave, and failed. Then I ventured out and after a few critics skewered me I became angry, upset, embarrassed and ashamed. But those were feelings that had 100% to do with me and nothing to do with the critics. See how nicely that works?


So when I felt and cleared that stuff I began to succeed with greater speed, and I saw critics as being human beings having a moment, either filled with fear and a lack of clarity, or maybe simply having a bad day, or perhaps something really tough or rough happened in their lives recently, and their projection is kinda a call for help. Or maybe it is just letting off steam.


Goodness knows I have been there.


No sense kicking a dog when it’s down. I’ve been down too.


Laugh, relax, see an individual critiquing themselves, have a bit of compassion, and yep, maybe make a blog post out of it.


More than anything, if you feel the temptation to go the critical route, you have the same fear and pain to clear, my Young Blogging Padawans.


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