4 Blogging Lessons I Learned From Experiencing Earthquake Tremors In Paradise

April 13, 2018
blogging lessons and earthquake
I waited 30 minutes for verification. And for the screen share. I’ve seen it listed as 5.8 and 5.0 but hey, talk to scientists. I’m a meteorologist. What do you want from me? Here’s the 411 on what I learned from earthquake tremors, here in Opotiki, New Zealand.


“What the f….”


2 hours ago I woke to mild shaking in da bed. 1:38 AM. New Zealand time.


First time I’d been woken by a quake. Even though the tremors felt wee in nature the rhythm and doggies immediately waking and jumping into the bed felt unsettling.


This marks 3 tremors in 3 weeks here in Opotiki New Zealand. Seismic zone. Big time. Old RB also experienced mild earthquake tremors in:


  • Costa Rica
  • Bali
  • Fiji


Looking for a blogging lesson in every breath, you knew I had to help ya’s with these slight shakes.


Peep these blogging lessons.


1: Soft Foundation = Tremors Felt


The house here sits on a hill. Fabulous soil for gardening. Not exactly an earthquake buffer though.


Even though all 3 quakes ranged from the 4.0 – 5.0 category, with all epicenters many miles away, I felt the mini shocks enough to know an earthquake wuz going down (and to use childish writing after each quake). Especially the quake 2 hours prior; no mistaking the tremors, waking me from a sound sleep.


Blogging Lesson


Try building your blog on a piss poor foundation of thin content and weak or non-existent friendships. See how quick ya get shaken out when Google issues a new update, or your traffic drops, or 3 folks UNSUB (caps for emphasis) from your list.


Skipping the blogging fundamentals  = struggles and failure with the slightest resistance.


2: Strong Foundation = Tremors Barely Detected


In Fiji and Costa Rica I barely felt the earthquake tremors. Even though neighbors some 1-2 blocks away felt some decent shakes.




Both homes in Savusavu, Fiji and Quepos, Costa Rica sat on slabs of granite. Rock solid foundation buffered Kelli and I from the tremors of each quake.


Blogging Lesson


Stick to the blogging fundamentals. Follow your passion. Practice writing. Create helpful content. Build strong friendships.


Build a rock solid blogging foundation that helps you avoid shake outs. When other bloggers panic or quit you will barely feel tremors during Facebook updates, Google changes or seasonable cycles in blogging income.


3: Not So Bad


Tonight is the first time I felt a little unsettled from quake tremors; only because being Quakey Wakeys threw me off as I found my bearings. After 2 seconds I realized twas a quake. No biggie.


All other mild tremors felt fascinating. Novel, even. Guys; I respect these tiny, seeming non-events but also know that most earthquakes around the world every day are blips on the seismic radar screen.


Blogging Lesson


All imagined blogger nightmares are never as bad as initially thought. The White Screen of Death? You get through it. How ’bout trashing your blog and brand? Been there, done that. Not so bad.


Suggested Reading: Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success



Getting terrible eBook or audio book reviews? Funny, after your first few reviews. Hurt people do amusing things. Even though I feel compassion for ’em.


Your blogging fears are bitchy traitors. None feel so bad when experienced.


4: See The Big Picture To Enjoy The Ride


3 weeks of bliss in New Zealand. I have enjoyed the immense beauty, stunning views, friendly Kiwis and pristine nature of the place.


2 seconds of disconcerting shaking on being woken by a quake.


I dig that trade off.


Utopia does not exist. But in the same regard, for a few moments of discomfort you enjoy months of paradise (in most cases) in a seismic zone like New Zealand.


See the Big Picture to enjoy the ride.


Blogging Lesson


I struggled blogging-wise on and off for years. But the immense fun, joy and peace I experience now with blogging and in my life have been worth the bumpy moments.


Blogging is like an earthquake as a newbie; undulations, bouncing, rocking and rolling. Building your blog on a solid foundation levels out your experience though, creating a more steady, prospering, pleasant journey, largely turbulence and tremor-free.


Facing a few seconds of light, mild or even intense fear here and there and diving into freeing, generous actions persistently can help you become a full time blogger who travels the world.


Sounds like a square deal to me, eh?


What blogging lessons did you learn from my Quakey Wakey?

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  1. No worries Drewry. After a quick tremor it was back to normal. I haven’t been that way in a minute but when I am visiting my sister again – she lives in South Jersey – I’d be happy to meet up my friend.

  2. DNN Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Sorry to hear that you experienced such adversity. I was on the highway in Philadelphia the other day when I connected with your blog. I’ve been doing so much lately that my SEO has taken a serious hit because I haven’t been able to write content and I’m also losing sleep by doing so much at once. Nevertheless, you and others continue to inspire me that anyone can prosper with this blogging stuff. Am I glad that I came across you and how you started your blog from humble beginnings because those who are most successful today like yourself with the side hustle blogging stuff experienced the most adversity. When are you coming to Philly by the way?

  3. I left a thought.