Are You Dumping on Your Blog?

February 11, 2018


Yoda offering his personal rinse and Lentil dropping beans in Thailand.


Lumpy dumps.


Texas Yule Logs.


Arkansas Steamers.


I saw Lentil dropping a deuce and Yoda watering the weeds yesterday.




I instantly thought of this blog post idea.


You may be pooping all over your blog.


Without even knowing it.


Before we dive into today’s post I want to share a fun course that can help you build a successful blog.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Crappy Comments and Poopy Posts


The crappy comments and poopy guest posts bloggers approve and publish boggle my limited mind. As if said bloggers wish to defecate all over their blogs, into oblivion.


Make no mistake about it; you pooped the blogging bed.


Spam commentors? Lost Souls praying you let one through.


Lame guest posting pitchers? Equally Lost Bloggers hoping you’re desperate enough to publish their post doo-doo.


Publishing crap comments and poopy guest posts:


  • damages your blogging reputation
  • attracts more low quality guest post pitches
  • draws in spam commentors, like vultures on the Serengeti swooping in by the hundreds to feast on rotting, stinking, festering carrion


But….I know why you approve such blogging drivel.


You’re just happy to get a comment or guest post!


Why Approve Low Quality Comments or Guest Posts?




A filthy 4 letter word.


You fear nobody ain’t gonna show up to comment. Or to pitch another guestie.


Belief in scarcity manifests as desperation. Desperate bloggers approve spammy, cruddy comments and place poor quality guest posts because who knows when the next comment or guestie will flow through?


It Don’t End There Though


Other examples of crapping on your blog:


  • embedding spammy, chintzy-looking, hyped up ads on your sidebar
  • dropping a deluge of non-aligned, off-topic, paid links (that pay peanuts, which works not unless you’re an elephant)
  • not proofreading (I used to do this when I was a donkey/stable boy hybrid some 10 years ago)


The list can go on forever.


Think of activities consistent with posting low quality content, links or ads on your blog. Or approving comments about as genuine as pitches from snake oil salesmen.


The Solution (and Why You Should Take this Approach to Blogging)


Observe Jon Morrow’s Smart Blogger.


Note how everything is first rate.


Blog posts.


Guest posts.




Sidebar elements.


Every single thing on the blog screams premium. Or smart branding. Or high end.


Jon turned Smart Blogger into a highly influential, respected, rocking piece of real estate. He’s becoming more and more successful because every single piece of his cyber real estate is high quality.


If you want to succeed with your blog you better take a similar approach.


High quality blogs attract high quality bloggers.


High quality blogs attract prospering, aligned readers.


Prospering, aligned readers:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • buy your stuff
  • hire you
  • follow you into the fiery chasm of Mount Doom (if need be, which would be strange, for a blogger)


Now….on to clarity.


Your Greatest Weapon: Clarity


Get fully clear on:


  • writing in your authentic voice
  • accepting only quality guest posts resonant with your writing voice
  • approving only authentic comments adding value to the conversation
  • every single freaking element appearing on your blog


Peep Blogging From Paradise.


From the domain name, to the header brand logo, to the tag line, to the top menu, to the sidebar, to the posts, to the pages, to the footer, and to every single element in between, I am clear on the fact that:


This blog is a high energy portal about how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


I spent a decade honing my genuine writing voice. All posts reflect that voice.


I even closed guest posting because nobody can write quite like me, with my quirkiness and silliness and humor and sometimes putrid but always prospering palaver.


Blogging From Paradise is not about approving any comment that flows into my backoffice. I fear not running out of comments. I approve authentic comments. Real comments. Quality means something to me. Clarity means everything to me.


Ditto for every single post, page, ad, image, or hell, everything on my blog.


I am clear on it; this is a rocking piece of real estate unlike any website on earth. Not because I am special. Nor is the website special. I am just clear on what I do.


Practical Tips


Take a deep breath.




Slowly, calmly and honestly (be truthful with yourself) address if you have been pooping on your blog.




  • blog comments you approved
  • guest posts you published
  • ads on your sidebar
  • ads within your posts


and slowly, patiently go over your entire blog with a fine toothed cyber comb.


What did you accept from fear and scarcity? Be honest.


Make a bold move; delete all blogging poop. Trash the poor quality guest post. Delete spammy, inauthentic, non genuine blog comments. Deep six the spammy sidebar ads. Delete the non-aligned, unclear, totally off topic widgets that distract your readers.


Flush the blogging toilet.


Have posture!


Most bloggers have as much posture as an earth worm ignorant of pilates.


You know better.


The End Result


Trimming the blogging fat by deleting all fear-based, poopy, low quality elements creates a light, calm, peaceful, airy feeling in your being.


Like clinging to crappy content or comments felt like running up a hill carrying a Sherman tank. But trashing low quality posts, pages, ads or anything feels like coasting downhill on a heavy bicycle, steadily gaining greater and greater momentum with little effort on your part.


Establishing this light, peaceful, airy feeling leads to all the fun, loving, inspired and playful actions that help create a hyper successful blog.


You will succeed wildly with your blog when you trash all unsuccessful elements from your blog.


First the purge. Then patience. Then prospering.


Your Turn


Have you pooped on your blog a bit in the past? Or present?


How are you cleaning things up?


Blogging From Paradise eBooks and Audio Books


I hand picked a few eBooks and audio books as suggested resources for this post.


Shop from these selections for recommended reading:


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  1. That question is powerful Salifu. So happy you ask it. Thanks for the rocking comment.

  2. You’re improving by leaps and bounds my friend. Keep getting clearer, keep building your confidence and you will accept the best guest posts. Thanks much Adeel.

  3. Adeel Sami Says:

    Hello, Ryan!

    I have to do better at this avenue… for sure!

    And got to do that too along with other items that I want to get better at.

    One and the foremost item is the guest post.

    Will concentrate on it a lot before saying “yay” to the pitchers.

    And indeed Jon has worked really smart to make his blog the real blogging real estate like yours! 🙂

    Keep up with the best, buddy!

    ~ Adeel

  4. salifu Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    your article did justice to the issue of creating premium blogs that solve real problems. What most people fail to realize is that there is a huge difference between quantity and quality. Quality cannot be replaced by quantity even though a combination of both can yield an excellent result for your blog both short and long term.

    There a thousand and one blogs about each topic that one writes about, so if i want to be seen and if i want to be trusted, why should i not take the time to produce some that makes me stand out from the group? this is a question some people don’t answer.

  5. It gets easier when you have posture, right Vish? By getting picky and choosy I get more clear which helps me release poor comments and sponsored post requests quickly. Respect your blog and your readers respect it even more. Thanks brother 🙂

  6. You can approve short, personalized comments Ashutosh if said folks are genuine. But if you publish genuine, comments like yours on top blogs, you will attract genuine, thorough comments. Even as a newbie blogger. Thanks bro 🙂

  7. I’d not publish low quality sponsored posts Janice. Only because if you have greater posture, clarity and confidence, money will flow to you through higher quality sponsored post opportunities. Trust in the process and bigger money will find you through all types of channels. Thanks much for reading 🙂

  8. Janice Wald Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I completely agree.
    I used to accept anything just to have a guest post. It saved me writing time after all. Now, I’m far more selective.
    However, this is where I have a quandry. If someone wants to pay me to sponsor the post, and it’s garbage, do I take the money and post it? I need to pay my blogging bills after all.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    I also feel the fear of to approve short comments because I think if these comments are not available to readers then all articles will be without any comments.

    What we can do about comments, I think all bloggers at starting got these short comments until they got some good relationship with few other bloggers.

    And yes clarity is the most part of the blog which I want to make clear as much as possible.
    Thank you for sharing great content
    Ashutosh Singh

  10. Hey Ryan,

    You really nailed it. I have already come out with that fear. I now become very choosy about accepting guest posts and comments. I usually approve those posts and comments which resonates with my Blog and my readers. I am receiving hundreds of comments that are made for the sake of creating backlinks and all of them are going to trash. There is no plus point behind accepting low quality guest posts. Thanks for sharing these great tips here.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  11. Exactly Susheel. Adding low value comments ain’t worth it in the long run. Better to approve only quality comments and guest posts. Thanks bro!

  12. Thanks for the rocking comment Denise! So nice to meet you. Affiliate marketing is A-OK in my eBook. The only negative is posting spammy or scammy looking affiliate ads which litter your blog. I know you aren’t in that boat 😉

  13. Hahaha Dung Hill! You have a way with words Israel. You write like me! And that is a good thing. Thanks brother 🙂

  14. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for visiting! I value you so much for your genuine care and honesty in the course of blogging and for invariably creating helpful and informative posts! I could flash back to some sites whereby I saw examples of crappy blog comments and poops in guest posts approved and published.

    I could imagine how approving such crappy comments and poopy guest posts can seriously cause so much damage and drive in lots of spam comments to a site. Eventually, this would amount to storing loads of invaluable blog comments and low quality guest post pitches which turns the site a dung-hill.

    Thanks for talking about the greatest weapon of a blogger which is getting clear on: Writing in an authentic voice; Accepting only high quality guest posts; approving only genuine and authentic comments and lots more.


    Israel Olatunji

  15. I believe that this is my first comment on your illuminating and entertaining blog. (I’m a big fan of Kelli — read every. single. post. that she has ever written. Listened to every. single. podcast that she has recorded. That’ where I “met’ you. Hello!).

    I started a blog quite recently. Initially, the intentions were solid — to share insight and help illuminate the science of health and behavior, in bite-sized, clear content. Then guides to landing pages, lead funnels, and SEO optimization took over, and quickly robbed the fun from this new venture.

    So I stopped, stepped back, re-assessed, and re-grouped.

    And signed up for your email list.

    I re-aligned to a place of love, light and FUN.

    Traffic, email subscriptions, money — none of those parameters matter. (It helps that I happen to love my full-time job, which pays me quite well).

    I agree with everything that you wrote today…. except… I do include affiliate ad’s to products and services that: are directly related to the content; (2) add value to said content; (3) have been very carefully vetted by me; and (4) integrate beautifully into my very carefully written & designed post(s).

    I love your high-energy, uplifting; freeing spirit! Thank you!



  16. Hey Ryan,

    Yes, I’ve had faced that FEAR.
    I used to keep all the comments, even the spammy ones without deleting

    But, as you said it isn’t worth to allow valueless comments.
    Though the ‘number’ might make you happy temporarily, you won’t feel satisfied in long term.

    What you have said is quite relatable for most of the newbie bloggers.
    Thanks for the great post.


  17. I left a thought.