How to Find the Travel Blogger Balance Between Sharing Positive and Negative Experiences

  January 25, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. This is the most gorgeous place I have seen in person and one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Some Instagram chick travel bloggers flash more cleavage than Dolly Parton, chill-axing in more exotic locations than 007 himself.


The James Bond Booby Broads.


Other travel bloggers freely share the wild, wacky, death-defying experiences they embrace on the road.


Some travel bloggers hide their journey, shying away from the spotlight.


Too many travel bloggers never reveal how much they worked to live their dreams. Some share their workload freely.


I want to help you find the critical balance that successful travel bloggers share beautifully; that mix of selling a dream, sharing travel drawbacks and yes, being so genuine in explaining that it takes amazing work to live this dream that readers can peep your blog and say, “Hey! That gal/guy is human, honest and yep, I can do that too!”


The Issue


Some travel bloggers give 100% of their attention and energy to the sweetest aspects of travel blogging. Showing off their home office from the 65 million Infinity pools Michael Phelps could not swim through in this lifetime. Impossibly blue waters that Poseidon couldn’t have pissed, with his most glorious streams.


This crowd never speaks of the 10,000 plus hours of intelligent, focused work they engaged in for many years of their life to enjoy the sweet successes of their labor.


We all do this sometimes, in various areas of our lives. We stress sweet; we ignore sour. When I am in Northern Thailand, and I am enjoying my beloved sweet-tart mangoes, the most brilliant fruit on earth grown in the most charming region inhabited by Thai Gods Zeus would look upon with envy…..oh sorry, got carried away there….(note 2 mythology references already)….anyway, when I taste the sweet fruit I never think about:


  • the years it takes for the mango tree to grow
  • the hard work mango pickers put in, plucking the fruit
  • the work/transport/logistics of getting mangoes to market


The point is: when you only share the sweetness of being a travel blogger, without sharing the work entailed to travel blog full time AND without sharing the downsides of being a travel blogger, many people falsely believe:


  • being a full time travel blogger is easy
  • you can live in the tropics full time with little or no effort
  • no skills are required to become a full time travel blogger


This creates a new generation of ignorant travel bloggers who quit in a week or curse the non-genuine travel bloggers who sold a big dream and nothing else.


But when you strike that balance between sweet, sour and work – like me – you can empower people to succeed from an authentic energy which feels so good. And which helps you sleep soundly at night. No conscience gnawing at you.


Here’s how to find the mix.


1: Drudge through the Diarrhea


I guarantee you every hot IG chick has had explosive diarrhea on the road which rivals that of a hippo (I have seen it; don’t ask….the hippo, not the IG chick).


I get brand images/messages. You need to stay on brand. Understood. But if you can just share about being sick on the road or having stomach issues you instantly paint a different picture of travel; it involves beautiful white sand beaches and some time on the throne too as your body acclimates itself to 3rd world parasites in your food and water.


All it takes is a delicately-worded mention.


Last year I shit my pants during a bus ride in Myanmar. I lost all rectal integrity. Burma is a beautiful country. But folks there have some hygiene and food prep issues which often lead to stomach issues for travelers. I liquid-diarreah’ed beside a cow in a field at 1 AM in a remote area, gagged violent-style on a bus filled with folks, and hugged the toilet and bathroom door for 11 hours as we rode from Bagan to Inle Lake.


This is me after I lost 20 pounds in 10 days in India. After I gained 5 pounds. Traveling is sour sometimes, my friends.


Nightmare scenario. But sharing it makes me more human and also helps you see the REST of the story; traveling rocks and is so much fun 95% of the time, and 5% of the time, liquid shit happens.


Be honest guys. Share ups, downs, ins and outs. As a rule, if it’s intense and happens during your world travels, share it. No need to be graphic. Just be honest. Folks will love you for sharing the REST of the story.


People trust genuine travel bloggers. Honest travel bloggers share the upsides and downsides of circling the globe. Be honest about the rough aspects of traveling to be a credible travel blogger.


2: Share Your Work



Sell a dream. Then here and there, share your work.


Explain the amount of:


  • time
  • energy
  • work


required to become a professional blogger. Reminding readers and aspiring travel bloggers of your workload grounds these individuals in reality. Before bloggers become influencers who get comped these people toiled tirelessly for a long time. Stress how much you work in order to taste the sweet fruit of being a blogger who circles the globe.


I tell folks that those eye-popping New Zealand pictures happened after many blogging work hours. If you want to become a travel blogger you must work to build your business into a full time venture.  Writing these words from a farm in remote South Carolina at 12:05 AM before publishing this post gives you a glimpse into what it takes to go pro as a travel blogger.


3: Sell the Dream too


Do not be embarrassed, ashamed or worried trolls will bitch you out for selling the travel blogging dream too. If you share the white sand beaches and Infinity pools sometimes, from a clear, fun-loving space, any troll who flames you from an angry, resentful energy is the douche bag, not you.


As an aside, thanks for being good sports, guys. I kid because I care. I live and write from a genuine, fun-loving energy. I bust balls because I see how brilliant we all are, and need to hide from fear, so we can all be as authentic and happy and successful as we want to be.


People do love a healthy mix of inspired selfies. I know of few folks who dream of having projectile diarrhea on a Burmese bus for 11 hours. So….share the Fiji pics! Go wild on the Bora Bora shots. Bali? Yes please.


I fear not sharing dream-inducing pictures because I am clear on inspiring and empowering you.


Readers follow travel bloggers primarily for living the dream either vicariously through these blogs or to get information on how to live their dreams of traveling. Sell the dream. Appeal to readers.


4: Check Your Energy


Some travel bloggers share the dream almost 100% of the time yet find that critical balance. How? Minus the odd travel nightmare-work your ass off mention, this crowd is fully clear on their core message, sharing their dream life in an understated, subtle but enticing way.


These travel bloggers post mainly from an energy of love-fun-inspiration, versus many travel bloggers who post from fear-tension-manipulation, predominantly.


I do 1 hour of deep yin yoga daily. I also exercise for 1 hour daily. Why? I do each to blog mainly from a high energy, love-fun driver, so I remain authentic, so I serve you and so I keep having fun as I spread the love.


The Wrap Up


Be honest. Be genuine. Be a bright light in the travel blogger niche.


Find the balance between selling the dream and sharing the downsides of traveling to be a credible travel blogger.