4 Tips to Hit Blogger Dream Dials

  January 31, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

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(Post updated 1/31/2022)


Inspiring readers to live their dreams raises your blog higher and higher into lofty blogging circles.


Influencing readers to follow their dreams:



Forget hitting blogger pain points today.


I do stress touching on reader pain points sometimes because you want a solution to pain and suffering sometimes, just as I crave a solution. But inspiring readers to live their dreams by exciting them with high energy, loving, inspired, fun, playful goading feels great, provides a much needed change up to pain point strategy, and also perceives readers in a powerful, loving, successful light.


Point blank; I am basically a horrible wretch if all I do is tell you how miserable your life is and how you need my solution. Some bloggers use this manipulation-masturbation approach day after day and make loads of money through it; more power to them, if they feel clear on it. I personally feel like excrement laced with arsenic using said technique day after day.


Hit some pain points. Then inspire readers to access their dream dial, to empower them, to inspire them to have fun and to help them live their dreams. You will feel much better and your returns will rock over the long haul you. Plus your readers will reflect the love back to you.


Let’s dive in.


1: Be Incredibly Practical


I received this message from someone who bought my eBook:



This rocking reader got super excited about my eBook because I laid out simple, practical tips to help him live his dreams. He saw the way because I helped show him the way in clear, cogent, simple fashion.


Sometimes practical tips get the shaft when folks blog about selling a big old, hairy dream. I say, touche pussycat, touche. Being practical gives readers a How To Blueprint illuminating a path they maybe had not seen.  Or that they needed to see 1 or 2 more times before taking the path.


Be practical. Give folks steps to live their dreams, and so they shall.


Add as many details to posts as possible. Leave nothing out. Imagine yourself giving readers the ultimate blueprint for solving any blogging problem. One of the best ways to inspire readers to live their dreams is to explicitly show readers how to do it in practical, step by step fashion. Lay out the dream steps to give readers a clear idea of how to live their dreams.


2: Sell Your Real Dream


I am as unabashed as a nudist playing Twister when sharing my dream life with you.


Selfies. Travel tale shares. I bring you into my world of travel and tropical paradises because I intend to empower you to do the same.


Sell your dream if you have lived the dream. Be explicit. Stop being shy, guy. Cease being coy, gal. Readers dream easily when you offer them graphic, vivid evidence of your dream….so….share it!


Being open inspires readers to share and live their dreams. The world needs more bloggers to share their dreams to empower fellow bloggers and readers to inspire more folks with their dreams. Do not frame this as bragging or boasting. You and I live in abundance. We all have access to everything in consciousness. Share your dreams. Goad readers to trend toward their dreams by sharing your shining example.


3: Share Your Imagined Dream


If you have not lived your dream life yet just share your imagined dream with readers.


I did this before I started circling the globe because it felt authentic. I told the truth. I was being genuine. I excited other folks to dream big, plus I popped up on the radar screen of pro bloggers who appreciated my boldness and clarity and vision.


Share how you intend to live your dream. Inspire a new generation of dreamers who follow your blog.


New bloggers may appear to be quite a distance from living the dream. But selling the imagined dream both empowers beginner bloggers to proceed and gives readers a glimpse into their process.


Preview your life. Imagine your dreams. Visualize the most fun version of life for you. Share this vision with readers. Give readers an idea of where you intend to travel in the future. Influence your readership by sharing what you intend to do. Show your community that you are heading places in clear fashion.


4: Study Heart Centered Entrepreneurs


Check out Alonzo Pichardo’s blog:


Alonzo Pichardo Blog


Read his sidebar: he helps people build something special and has been doing so for a decade. How’s that for inspiring you to live your dream? He also mentions how it’s the reader’s turn to succeed online from the comfort of their own home.


After I read his introduction I feel:


  • special
  • inspired
  • empowered
  • loved
  • like I’m ready to get down to work and have fun


Doesn’t that sound fun? Don’t you feel like Alonzo helped you tune into your dream dial after reading his introduction?


Study highly successful, heart-centered entrepreneurs. These icons teach you how to succeed online the empowering, loving, fun, freeing way, by inspiring your readers to live their dreams.


Observe pros closely. Note how pro bloggers inspire you to be more, do more and have more from posturing energies. Most pros goad you along to live your dreams because these top bloggers blogged from love, not fear. Instead of trying to drill your blogging problems into your mind, pros preferred to allow you to see above your blogging issues, toward your dreams.


Pay close attention to blogging icons.


Study pros. Be as pros be. Influence your readers to live their blogging dreams.




Sell the dream.


Feel free to hit on reader pain points.


But understand that selling a freeing dream raises you into elevated blogging circles while accelerating your success.

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