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September 2, 2016


how to pick the right blogging niche



Are you agonizing over picking the right blogging niche?


Terrified that you’re making the wrong choice?


Worried that you may be wasting your time working your current blogging niche?


I wrote a eBook for you to ease your anxieties so you can make a bold, prospering, clear, decision to pick the right blogging niche for you.


Download How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche 


Get practical, proven tips to cut through the confusion you may be feeling about picking the right blogging niche.


Let go the mental panic associated with suffering through analysis paralysis.


How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche


How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche (I snapped the cover image for you in Jimbaran, Bali) lays out easy, simple to understand practical tips for laser focusing on a clear, well-defined niche.


Once you pick the right niche you can expect to succeed wildly through your blog because so few bloggers ever pick 1 niche and stick to it for any appreciable amount of time.


You’ll look like a shining beacon among the masses of confused, stymied, struggling bloggers who never get clear on their niche.


Pain Points to Ease by Downloading the eBook


  • Cut through the confusion of having a billion niche choices dance through your mind
  • Put any profitability anxieties to rest; choosing based on a certain type of feeling lays those worries to rest
  • Dissolve worry about what you should do to raise your vibe, to get clear on the best blogging niche
  • Avoid wasting your time by speaking to the 1 ideal reader who wants what you have to offer
  • Ease the stress associated with working yourself to the bone trying to reach as many readers as possible


Guys, I know your pain.


I have trashed 3400 blog posts and my entire online career to make room for Blogging From Paradise.


I understand how getting 500 different viewpoints from 500 different folks, from chasing profitable niches, to following certain trends, to tossing salt over your shoulder and consulting a ouija board (doesn’t work I tried it) can cause a debilitating state of analysis paralysis.


That’s why I wrote this eBook.


I am giving you a clear, concise, powerful manual for picking the right blogging niche for you, so a calm, peaceful sense of relief can wash over your being after you read the eBook.


No sense wasting your time here.


Download the eBook


Download the eBook. Or buy it for a super low cost $1.99 (like all my eBooks) when it’s premium again.


Download How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche 


how to pick the right blogging niche


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  1. Hi Joyce,

    Awesome 🙂

    Thanks so much for downloading my eBook and for the comment too.


  2. Ryan, just came across your website and e-book — I just recently started blogging and can’t wait to read your e-book….while I am pretty clear on my niche….it never hurts to have confirmation from an ”expert”

    Looking forward to staying in touch…

    Wishing you much success and again….Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  3. Hi Shakir,

    Thanks for picking it up brother.

    This is a painful decision to make no doubts. Hopefully my eBook gives you greater clarity in your decision, as I think you have the right niche already 😉


  4. Hi Ryan,
    First of all, I’d like to say a ton of thanks to you for providing your amazing book to your subscribers for free. I’ll shoot my review on Amazon too.
    No Doubt, it’s a very worst thing to decide a niche. I’d like to read your book thoroughly and understand what it teaches.