Don’t Be Shy

  August 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
View from the bedroom in Nizwa, Oman. Kelli and I wake up to bright blue skies daily because....well....we are in the middle of the desert. Not much rain here. Even during rainy season. Which is not too rainy.

Nizwa, Oman


Don’t be shy, guys.


Being shy often precedes blogging failure. Imagine a meek little mouse waiting in the corner. Who sees the mouse? How does the mouse gain blogging exposure? What makes the mouse stand out?


Being shy works well for solo animals reliant on their own efforts for existence. Being shy does not work for bloggers because success flows through other human beings to bloggers, not to and from the blogger themselves.


Promote yourself freely. Cut through fears related to shy-ness by being a frequent self-promoter. Readers enjoy figuring out what you have to offer them. Be clear in sharing what you offer through:



because establishing clarity around your blogging business is the direct way to increase blogging profits.


Bloggers often fear promoting self for shyness or other general fears. But if you fear promoting self others cannot find you. Everything is a mirror. Everyone reflects your mindset back to you. Bloggers fearing the repercussions of promoting self emit a shy vibe to the world. The world reflects the shy vibe back to them.


Promoting your premium offerings 24-7, 365 is not necessary. Surrender to allow the process to net you profits, after a bit. But sharing your premium wares in clear fashion increases blogging business.


Buena Vista, Costa Rica


No one need be a social butterfly to become a professional blogger but shy types struggle to grow in a world of serving human beings. Success flows to generous servants. But what happens if you fear interacting with humans because of rank shyness? Avoiding people due to shyness starves you of the very humans required to succeed. Do you see the conflict of interest? Shy bloggers inaccurately believe blogging to be a study in publishing content and receiving paychecks sans human interaction. Alas; unless you intent to be a monk recluse subsisting deep in the forest, humans play a role in your blogging campaign.


People supply your blogging success by working with you. Being shy robs you of blogging success, save the most rare cases of shy humans who masterfully manipulate things to mine traffic and profits. Such rare blogging birds do not come around often. Even then, shy bloggers do not happily experience success because rejecting the world due to self-conscious fears creates a sense of emptiness about your blogging campaign.


Tips for Overcome Shyness


  • face fears in mind creating shyness
  • move away from identifying with the fear of interacting with people; unlimited beings in human bodies literally cannot be shy, or reclusive, as a sole identity
  • surround yourself with social blogging butterflies
  • patiently edge out of your shy comfort zone daily to meet and greet more human beings
  • conquer offline shyness by smiling at and chatting up people in these settings
  • observe how social bloggers prosper mightily while shy bloggers struggle; perceiving the difference goads you outside of your blogging comfort zone


I had to overcome shyness to be where I am today. You too can promote your premium offerings freely. Networking is not as hard as it seems. The online world makes chatting with people easy. No longer does being social only mean attending networking events and picking up a phone 1000 times daily. Now online meet ups, twitter chats and Messenger serve as mediums through which you can overcome blogging shyness by connecting with people.


Don’t be shy.


Promote your blogging success as you edge out of your shy comfort zone.


Picture yourself as a turtle gawking, slowly edging its neck outside of its shell.


Leave shyness in your rearview mirror to accelerate your blogging success.




I recorded a short video reminding you to let go shyness.


Check it out here:


Don’t Be Shy


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