How Being a Doing Monster Hurt My Blogging Career

  November 25, 2015 blogging tips πŸ•‘ 13 minutes read
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Granada, Nicaragua


My name is Ryan Biddulph.


I am a recovering Doing Monster.


I am embarrassed to say this.


After years of spiritual training (yeah right). After years of mental training. After my online experiences. After my offline experiences. After I manifested a freaking amazing life in the tropics….I was still a Doing Monster.


A small part of me still is a Doing Monster. OK maybe it’s a little bigger than a small part. But damn is this monster dying a quick death.


If this sounds like the rantings of a wild man, in delirium due to the insanely high heat indexes here in Granada, Nicaragua, you better be careful……You may just be hurting your blogging career by being a Doing Monster too and you may not even know it. Publish products. Release courses. Write blog posts. Automon City. Whatever in the hell a Doing Monster is. Which means I better explain it to ya.


D Is for Doing


Remember the Cookie Monster?


He sang β€œC is for cookies, and cookies are for me…..” then that animal would scarf down cookies quicker than I inhale Thai pandan rolls. Yeah that fast. I’m talking some serious greediness here. I mean me; not the Cookie Monster. OK, both of us were greedy, gluttonous SOBs at times. On the eating front.


So…..what is a Doing Monster?


Definition: A Doing Monster is an individual who bases their entire value on doing. Doing Monsters may strain and strive until they break down or Doing Monsters may act inspired a bunch and manifest neat stuff….until they finally break down….because all Doing Monsters operate from a space of strong resistance.

On the blogging side of things a Doing Monster defines their self worth based 100% on accomplishments.


Like, a Doing Monster may:


  • publish 141 books to Amazon
  • publish thousands of videos to Youtube over their career
  • publish thousands of posts to their blog over their career


…..and if each of those achievements went away OR if each achievement didn’t yield some specific outcome, the individual would feel worthless.


As you may or may not know, I achieved the above stuff. I am the guy holding the trigger behind that bullet point list. Because I was a Doing Monster. Sure I acted inspired some or even much of the time while I created those gaudy numbers and I even had fun for some of these runs but I carried a tension, a resistance, a somewhat forced energy that almost killed my blogging career.


Here’s why: force negates. I was obsessed with DOING, creating a Doing Monster, pushing and straining and striving and smiling and forcing and trying and acting inspired, then rushing and pushing and acting inspired and forcing and trying and sleeping but waking too early and staying up too late, then breaking down as frequently as 30 year old jalopy in Death Valley.


*I regularly had to be doing something or my blog and my status as a blogger wasn’t worth crap.*


I had to outwork everybody. I had to work harder. Then, when I felt inspired, I would only be worthy if I wrote and published 10 eBooks. Then 50. Then 100. Then 1,000.


Remember the Cookie Monster? Well….”D is for Doing, and Doing is for me!” was my old mantra. I worked 7 days a week. Because if I ceased working, a part of me, as a blogger and human, felt worthless. I had little trust in the Universe. I mean, on one level I trusted good old Uny but on the other hand I had to take the reins from Creation, Infinity, Perfection and β€œPower Beyond Thought”, way too frequently, because I knew better.


Yeah, a guy with a Monkey Mind as active as Tony Robbins on crack cocaine mixed with Red Bulls mixed with caffeine and topped off with a chaser of thyroid boosters, yeah, that addled bastard felt he could handle the blogging deal better than God. Or, the Universe.


Why This Post Is Not as Easy to Embrace as You Think


You may read this, nod your head, and express how one needs to take breaks. Or to take days off. Or to relax, and have fun. True enough. Yet virtually every one of you – like me, throughout much of my day – is writing and acting right now from the mind. You’re probably not in the moment. Which is OK. But it leads to tension and resistance. You’re thinking and conceptualizing and formulating arguments and the like…versus just BEING. You are DOING, and you will likely picture the next 15 things you have to do today, in order to create blogging success. It is hellishly difficult to slow down the mind, to just be, because….well….meditating and being present and breathing deeply and embracing what’s happening in the mind can feel maddening, overwhelming and terrifying, all rolled into one. So to really embrace what I’m saying, you’re likely gonna start meditating daily, and breathing deeply, and ceding much of your control, outsourcing much of your deal to a Higher Power, which will gladly supply you with everything, as you allow in the ideas, people and circumstances which will help you to help others.


You’re *thinking* (in good old, Racing Monkey Mind)…..


A + B = C


Meaning, you’re being a bit of Doing Monster too, maybe. You may feel the need to do something to get something. You’re thinking conditionally. Do something. Then something happens.


Horse festival here in Granada, Nicaragua. Lots of beer. And horses.

Horse festival here in Granada, Nicaragua. Lots of beer. And horses.


But… are C. So am I. We all are. A + B, well, they are not really necessary. Which will set off a big old red flag in your mind. Ego will tell you that I am crazy, that you are crazy, and your thoughts will likely puke all sorts of pablum, as my silly, funny mind does throughout the day.


No worries!


Just take 3 deep breaths. Release. Come back to the moment. Allow peace in. Allow harmony in. Ok….are you relaxed? Good.


Now……you went from Doing, to Being. You’re in the moment. Being. Even if you appear to do stuff, you won’t attach to the doing or the stuff. Your internet connection could crash before you finish this post and publish your comment, and before you slit your wrists because you won’t get your Blogging from Paradise Fix for the day you’ll say….”oh well, no worries.”


Because you’re slowly starting to see that you are C. You are not A + B.


Whhhooaa…..Wait a Minute


Am I telling you that no work is necessary to manifest blogging success?


Since you and I are not enlightened beings, forever in the moment, Blogging Buddhas….yes, we will be having fun, playing and acting to create blogging success but the A + B stuff, like creating and connecting, will come from a detached, light, chill space, and you will do less, and be more, and you won’t need to get stuff done because you’ll feel whole and complete and grateful, and you’ll blog for the fun and joy of it, and when you blog for the fun and joy of blogging, you’ll detach more from Monkey Mind concepts like goals and stats and all that stuff, and as you detach more, you will tap into new vessels of creativity, more wisdom, and unknown sources of cleverness which you were unaware of…..all because you didn’t NEED to work, but you worked because it felt fun, playful and totally detached.


OH Yeah….Why I Hurt My Blogging Career


For the first 5 years I spent online, I worked like a freaking animal. I eventually earned a steady blogging income but I was a Doing Monster, meaning I based all my success on me doing stuff, meaning I carried with me resistance and tension 24-7, and that resistance and tension didn’t allow in the success I was destined for. It’s almost like I could have published a guest post on Pro Blogger daily, creating my best work, and I’d still have repelled success, because that Doing Monster tension, or resistance, literally sends out a force field that doesn’t allow in money, or some sort of fame, or readers, or a loyal community, or friends.


I hurt my blogging career because I tied my value to working. Point blank. If I was not doing, I was worthless. So I pushed myself and worked and strained and strived. That straining, striving energy drowned out my writing voice. When I did pull back I feared I’d lose everything. So I rushed right back into doing. I’d act from an inspired space but again, I’d shoot myself in the foot because I always carried with me an β€œEven though I am doing I am not doing enough!” type energy, which ensured that I never had enough. Even when I manifested some sweet dough and sweet success.


Nervous Energy Masquerading as Productiveness


I felt nervous. I feared lack. I feared losing it all. So I acted from this resistant space, becoming a Doing Monster to keep busy, just to avoid embracing the very feelings I needed to embrace, to grow, to detach a bit more, to be in the moment, and to be genuinely happy, doing stuff for the fun of it, and for the joy of it.


The Turning Point


Approximately 2 months ago I had a mental breakdown consistent with the eruption of Krakatoa. History buffs are shuddering in their shoes. The rest of you think I’m weird. But this explosion/break down clued me I: I was officially a Doing Monster, plagued with a terrible blogging disease which created tension, stress, worry and anxiety in my being, and I routinely moved into action – even inspired – to mask these undercurrents of tension, stress, worry and anxiety.


Even worse: I freaking TOTALLY identified myself with my doing. Meaning, unless I was doing blogging stuff I was pretty much a worthless space slug. A less attractive, but much more ripped, Jabba the Hut. If my results were shitty, fugghedaboutit, as they’d say in my native Northern New Jersey. If my traffic or sales or comments or any of that stuff wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I was floored, leveled, devastated.


It was like, unless I was doing something related to blogging or unless I had tangible, blogging-related results/outcomes right where I wanted them, I was super unhappy, stressed, and resistant to what was, and all of this came to a head a few months back.


I may divulge my epic meltdown, but perhaps in Blogging from Paradise; the Made for TV Movie. It has Lifetime written all over it. Except that I am a dude.


That monstrous, Vesuvius-like explosion and breakdown was the Turning Point in my Blogging Career. OK, even though creating Blogging from Paradise was the pivotal turning point this moment rivals the BFP founding because I finally realized 2 months ago that:


  • I was a Doing Monster
  • I based most of my self worth on blogging achievements
  • I identified almost fully with my results, and my actions, so if I wasn’t working or succeeding, I lacked an identity, and was a pathetic loser
  • even though I acted inspired a fair deal of the time over the past year or so I often carried tension or resistance with these actions, meaning, I was still largely acting from a place of NOT having or of FEARING versus acting from a fun-loving, relaxed, chill, detached, trusting, loving, β€œI don’t give a rat’s ass if I complete my blogging tasks” type space


During my monumental meltdown I felt the pain, anger, anguish, frustration, terror, shame, embarrassment and rage, which I had buried for years, by simply doing stuff. I saw how most of my actions were not for the sheer joy of creating, but were conditional, tied to some outcome, and I observed how these conditional acts led to my prolonged suffering, my Doing Monster status and a general sense that I would never be enough, that I’d be far from whole and complete, and a certain Ingrate Energy resided around my being and an overall terrible energy coursed through my veins.


After I felt these emotions for a few painful, uncomfortable hours, I felt a growing sense of peace from within my being.


Here’s My General Feeling Now


After slaying the Doing Monster I feel – generally – like I never need to or have to do anything again.


I am whole and complete, if I never blogged again.


I don’t hear my Monkey Mind barking orders at me to do certain things. Usually, at least. I just chill. Feel grateful. Breathe deeply. And relax.


The Chief Benefit of Feeling this Way


Now it’s time to shift from burying your emotions in a wave of doing to acting from a fun, detached, non-conditional space. OK…joking….because nobody I know acts from a non-conditional space. But if you detach more from outcomes you won’t NEED TO or HAVE TO do blogging-related stuff, then the blogging-related stuff becomes really fun to do. And the act of blogging or creating or connecting is the reward in itself. Everything else is extra. An added bonus. Icing on the cake. Cherry on top. Salsa on your tostados, as they would say here in Nicaragua.


Freaky whirling dummy at horse festival.

Freaky whirling dummy at horse festival.


Now we know that turning yourself into a Being Monster puts you into a fun-loving, all powerful, creative flow, instantly. Which does not suck. Let’s dive into a few other delicious benefits….


Other Benefits of Being a *Being Monster*


  • have fun
  • work whenever you feel like it and take a break when you aren’t having fun blogging
  • leverage your presence like wildfire with 1/20th of the work (or dare I say….1/50th?)
  • make friends easily
  • attract readers easily
  • generate sales easily
  • grow your businesses easily
  • skyrocket your creativity
  • improve your ad copy
  • stay healthy
  • blog stress-free (really!)
  • build a thriving blog while cutting your learning curve by years
  • get really tight abs
  • develop shredded shoulders
  • become the opposite of a blogging demi-god
  • leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • be more like Ryan (joking….be more like you)
  • destroy the idea of deadlines
  • permanently suspend the silly practice of putting yourself under pressure to create (do trees or animals worry themselves into growth? Then why do you, silly Monkey Mind?)
  • form strong bonds with influential bloggers without even trying that hard

What’s the Catch?


You may be ready to reach through cyber space to smack me. I get it. I read posts like these in the past. I felt these bloggers were full of shit. Really. But of course I thought it…..and felt it….because I resisted the truth: we are all mini-gods which reside in a Universe of abundance so once you face, embrace and release that resistance, you become more god-like and everything happens really easily for you. Because you begin to outsource stuff to Something Really Powerful, and just chill, and follow intuitive nudges, without worrying about doing anything.


The Catch: Facing, embracing and releasing your resistance to who you really are is a sometimes slow process, which feels like hell at times. You may challenge most of the fundamental beliefs which you built your life on, and you’ll feel like a hypocrite – join the club, we all are – and you’ll seem to go mad at times. Few people I speak to wish to feel mad. Most enjoy their safe, tiny, ego-based, comfort zones. Hey I do too some of the time but… in your comfort zone makes you a doing monster and even worse than that, sprinting outside of your comfort zone can make you a doing monster too because as long as you ARE NOT in the moment you will fully believe that you and you alone are 100% responsible for your lot in life. Which is just not true.


Truth: you are whole and complete, as is. You simply allow in everything for your joy, for fun, and for shits and giggles.

What you allow in, or let in, when you’re a Being Monster:


  • incredibly clever blog post ideas, including snazzy titles and colorful, crisp writing
  • money, readers, fans, raving minions, communities, clients, customers
  • fun
  • increased blogging income streams
  • profitable blogging ideas
  • a heavy detachment from outcomes like number of list subscribers, social shares, blogging profits, fame, approval, number comments, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G Plus and……everything! Well maybe not everything and everyone, but you will feel progressively more detached from everything in your life because you are infinitely more than your Monkey Mind and its detachments


Guys, I am a swaddling babe, a nubile neophyte, a Young Turk with this Being Monster bit. I flip out. I get way too excited. I attach to actions here and there…..BUT…..I see the immense benefits of being and allowing brilliance in, on loan from the Universe, versus doing, trying, owning everything, taking credit for everything, and creating resistanceΒ which has postponed my happiness, which has dulled my creativity and which has delayed my blogging success by eons…or, by years.


So today, I’m spreading the word. I will help you become a super creative Being Monster. I’ll help you make more money online, easily. I’ll help you live your dreams quickly. But you’ll need to pay for these benefits by sitting and being with your limiting beliefs and worries and terrors and anguish and grief, and with your worst fears coming true. If you decide to sit with these energies, feeling them, instead of fighting them or running away from them (i.e. being a Doing Monster) you’ll have uncovered the secret of my:


  • insanely envied lifestyle
  • colorful creativity
  • fun-loving, kinda detached attitude
  • authenticity
  • genuine style
  • humor
  • self-deprecation (I.e….NOT taking myself too seriously)




Jungle kitchen. In Granada. And obvious branding.


I am no Rhodes Scholar. My IQ score recently poked out of the single digits. But I’d rather be a Being Monster.


EVERYTHING and FUN beats…….well, it IS everything so that right there shows you whether you want to be a Doing Monster or Being Monster.



Kelli and I Are Going to the Mattresses


Kelli and I are heading off to a 2 month house sit in the jungles of Costa Rica.


No electricity. No internet. Which is why we chose to do the sit.


See, I’m putting my Being Monster money where my mouth is!


We will check the internet 1-2 times weekly from nearby Puerto Viejo but blog commenting and social media will go largely on hold.


If you really need to get in touch with me and it doesn’t involve me dying then……I’ll likely chat with ya in February!


  1. Brent Jones says:
    at 12:11 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    What an interesting post you’ve put together here. And I wish you nothing but fulfillment and joy in the next chapter of your travels.

    Yes, I am a Doing Monster… I always have been. I’m always focused on the next thing. And sometimes I catch myself just doing things to inflate my own self-worth, even if those things are pointless.

    This was a realization I made on the road trip I just took with my wife… we were gone nearly four weeks. We spent 126 hours in our car with our dogs traveling 11,000 km / 7,000 mi.

    Of course, work couldn’t be paused… so we had many working stops on our travels. We’d spend 3-4 hours in our hotel room getting work done for clients, then we’d head out to explore our new location for the rest of the day.

    But that got me thinking…

    Why the heck am I working 12-15 hour days back at home?

    How is it that I can get all my work done in less than 4 hours away from home, but at home, it’s an all-day marathon?


    I’m a Doing Monster.

    I find excuses to do things so that I don’t feel lazy or unaccomplished.

    It’s something I’m aware of, and I think awareness is a good first step.

    I’m starting to ask myself more and more if I am WINning… as in, “What’s Important Now?”

    And it’s helping me to re-prioritize what actually matters.

    I’m looking ahead at my calendar for the next months and planning out time at the gym, with my friends, with my family, for travel, etc. before scheduling in anything else.

    Because, let’s face it — if I am going to keep doing things all the time, they might as well be fulfilling things and not just empty tasks.

    Chat soon,


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:28 pm

      It’s crazy, right Brent? How our minds work? You could get the work done in such little time when you had time scheduled away from the computer – vacay – then when you returned home, that dreaded void was created and it had to be filled. Setting up leisure time is a smart move. Hell, I schedule in 2-3 walks a day for most days to ensure I’m not doing anything but walking around, being mindful of the moment, being present, and enjoying wherever I am. At times these walks will lead to places where I can buy food πŸ˜‰

      The WIN analogy is super smart. Figure what matters most to you. Strip away all else. I do what’s fun now, and what helps me feel more peaceful and happy and relaxed and literally get rid of every activity that feels like a drag to me. Because dragging stuff is a signal of me being a Doing Monster again, just trying to fill the void, to make pain or suffering go away. That’s it; it’s an avoidance of what we should embrace to free ourselves, made in the name of being accomplished or driven or a workaholic or Type A personality or whatever. I swear, if I was a Doing Monster for another year or 2 I’d likely have had a heart attack in my early 40’s LOL! Now I’m a more chill, peaceful, Being Monster, and things seem easier than ever because I am doing more things unconditionally each day.

      Thanks for the heartfelt comment Brent!

  2. Jane M says:
    at 9:14 pm

    Oh man Ryan, this post is huge!! Especially since I recall not long ago that you were writing some crazy-ass 6,000 words per day or something, right?

    I was always a doing monster too until my two-year bike trip when doing turned into 5 hours a day of riding a bike. There’s a whole lot of time for THINKING and BEING when you’re just pedalling through the countryside for hours on end. I was especially fascinated by the culture in Cambodia and Vietnam, where people would just lie in their hammocks for hours, staring up at the sky, not doing anything.

    But, I still fell into the trap of doing doing doing after I got back. Tweaking my blog, writing posts, social media, blah blah blah. I was working 10 hours a day and not getting anywhere.

    In the last few weeks I’ve purposefully made more time for running, yoga, and yes, daily meditation. Now instead of facing each work day with a “I have to do this thing and that thing” outlook, I’m seeing it as “I get to do this thing and that thing”. Such a shift.

    For anyone just starting out with meditation, I think the Headspace app is a pretty great starting place.

    Congrats on becoming a recovering Doing Monster and good luck with Being. It’s not alway easy, but it’s always rewarding!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:28 pm

      Jane I imagine that prolonged cycling is all about the BEING. Kelli and I did some shorter rides – 1-2 hours, max – in the rice fields of Hoi An. You likly rode through the area since you did a Vietnam tour. So much beauty, and peace, and silence, ditto with rice fields in Cambodia of course. Staring into the sky, chilling in hammocks, this is why locals have a far more enlightened view of life than many Westerners. They are Being Monsters. Or, they accept stuff as it is much of the time, not resisting or needing or clinging, and they appreciate what they have. Chilling in a hammock is enough; no need for another $1000 this month or a blogging audio course (wink wink) or eBook or latest Facebook update. They feel whole and complete, because they are. Happy you’re creating space for those techniques, and brilliantly put: you get to do this and that, it’s such an appreciative way to live. Fab comment Jane, thanks!

  3. Chris Hufnagel says:
    at 10:48 pm

    Awesome, just awesome. And, at a perfect time. I recently just had a chat with my wife about a topic just like this. I feel like I am a “Doing Monster”. I do a lot, and it is great, but some of the enjoyment has disappeared.

    For the past 2 weeks I took a step back. I stopped blogging and started working on a project I wanted to work on.

    It worked. I am more relaxed going into the holidays and am actually looking forward to our family vacation. I am not stressed about missing work days. Instead I am excited about all the events we have coming up!

    All of your tips are spot on! I do take more breaks now. I like your idea of relaxing every muscle a couple times each hour. I find myself sometimes so tense at the end of the day I am walking around like a hunchback.

    Good luck on your next adventure. I hope someday (soon) I have the courage to go no internet for a small time, maybe just a week or something. I think it would do me some good!

    Great read, sharing and using these tips!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:24 pm

      I like that idea Chris; shifting your energy to another project can reveal a Doing Monster mentality in another area. You dive into that project with joy and get back into the creative, detached flow we all enjoy being in more than anything else. Doing the break bit each hour or 2 helps, with extended breaks being really sweet too.As for the tension, ditto! LOL…..for me, I’m like an old man, with the stiffest neck on earth, unable to turn to look unless I shift my entire body. I look like C3PO. Seriously. Or, funnily πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much Chris for the comment and yep, go for it. Detaching contains many wonderful benefits which may just make us crazy as we wait for them to flow in….

  4. Peter Beckenham says:
    at 7:20 am

    Hey Ryan,

    For a while in this post I was not on your wave length and was finding it difficult to see what you were really driving at…and the reason for that is I suddenly realized that I am one of those “doing monsters.”

    Wow…what a shock to the system mate but very timely and extremely valuable.

    The key to my real understanding of your message can be wrapped up in a few words – these words by the way that blew me away as it was this that really rammed home for me the true meaning of your post.

    The words were all about being able to take action based on the “sheer joy of creating” rather than being conditional and always being tied to some sought after outcome.

    That was my real take from this extremely valuable post and it will change the way I look at blogging from now on.

    Many thanks Ryan and best wishes from a very hot Thai village


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:17 pm

      Peter I reckon it’s REALLY hot right now over there. Yep, I took a nasty shot to the gut when I saw that I was a Doing Monster. I read no post like this. Yet I was woken up, big-time, when I saw my reaction to set outcomes not aligning my way. After reviewing a few clear mental breakdowns over the years I knew the truth; I kept busy to avoid facing my problems. And that busy ness blocked creative ideas, cash, people and circumstances from flowing to me….easily. I had DONE ok but I was not BEING ok. Different energies. Different realities. Your takeaway works for me my friend; once you create for the joy of creating, and let conditional energies dissolve, you open up to much more and feel much better and of course, even though success will find you with ease you will not be so caught up with finding it. Miraculous shift indeed. Thanks for the comment and please, keep cool my friend!

  5. Kim Willis says:
    at 9:47 pm

    Hi Ryan

    Another highly interesting and entertaining post from the Being Monster! I love your stream of consciousness style.

    I don’t think I’ve ever quite reached your level as a doing monster. I like to chill many times a week – helps to keep me (almost) sane! But sure, I love to work in bursts, and then I’ll go out for an hour or three. Good for the soul.

    I think it’s good to have trust in ourselves (or the universe, whatever). When I first started this online/make money from home gig in 2006 I totally had my back to the wall financially. But I didn’t let my desperation for dollars affect the way I conducted myself, especially when talking to leads. I just had trust and faith that sooner or later I would experience a breakthrough, and four weeks later I did!

    To this day, I reckon that if I had allowed my lack situation infuse my thinking (and hence my messaging) – I would have been toast. People have a sixth sense; they can sense anxiety just as a dog can smell fear on a human.

    Finally, this post confirms my view that sometimes less is more. I read a post earlier this week from a blogger/writer, Henneke. She practises the concept with her writing. It’s minimalist; it’s sparse. It’s a bit like the difference between a beautiful (but small) meal in a Michelin starred French resto and a monster feast at a Texan rib joint. There’s room for both in the culinary firmament, but the former is the one that people will never forget.

    So, in our business life we should always be simplifying. Then, more energy can be directed to what matters.

    Thanks for your amazing post, Ryan!

    P.S. When I said that less is more, some posts need to be lengthy. Your post told a great story, so it was entirely appropriate.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:27 am

      I’m glad you had that energy early on in your career Kim. Trusting when things are tight cuts your learning curve by years. Honest. Also, trusting cuts your struggles down so much too. People sensed my doggy desperation from 10 Universes away LOL. I had a tough time with trust. Rooted in self esteem issues methinks and many other mental problems. The minimalist idea is the way to go because when you draw down, and cut things out, I feel you add more power to your posts. Unless your style is different. Like mine πŸ˜‰ Even then though, I feel each word has a purpose here as my meandering is fun-loving, colorful, and paints quite a different image from the usual blogging tips type post. But really, it is whatever we’re clear on. Henneke is a fabulous author and writer for her audience and I seem to be a fabulous writer for my audience too. Variety is the spice of life, for sure. Thanks for the comment Kim and hey, your blog post looks intriguing! Heading over now to check it out πŸ˜‰

  6. Jasper Oldersom says:
    at 8:14 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Another honest post πŸ™‚ I love it. It’s good to recognize that we are living a human experience, and humans need rest. I recognize a lot of what you said. For a period I felt like if I wasn’t doing anything, I wasn’t getting anywhere. It ended up biting me, and almost got burned out…lost all my inspiration and positivity.

    Meditating frequently and being more conscious while working helps a lot. Instead of worrying about everything I still had to do, I calmed down and just looked as far as I could handle: 1 task at a time. This put my focus and enjoyment back into my work.

    A constant state of tension can literally kill your enjoyment for life, and that is a dangerous place to be. Great accomplishments have been made by people who overworked, but these people we’re also not superhuman and often had nervous breakdowns.

    Especially for those of us who are working full-time jobs and are trying to build a business on the side, it is something to keep paying attention to. I believe the inner resistance is a way for the body/mind to communicate the need for slowing down or radically changing the way you work.

    We are incredibly intelligent beings, but we have to worry because anything can keep us hostage mentally. The mind is both a blessing and a curse, an illusion machine. We can make it work for us, or it will work against us.

    Some people will hold on to the believe that doing is the ever most important thing to do. They will find the evidence to verify it. But that’s okay. Sometimes a human needs to experience it first. I did.

    During my period of not working, I felt awful. I was the one who wanted this to become true, and now I was just giving up? And how about the people that supported you, you’re just letting them hang? You should be reading and commenting on their posts! These type of thoughts can weigh you down like a brick, and create even more inner guilt.

    Only when letting go of the guilt I could find my enjoyment again. It was always there. There we’re just a couple of layers of false beliefs, stress and guilt I had to break down to get it back.

    Adrienne Smith is excellent with her blog comments and she is also an overall amazing person. I have nothing but good words for her.

    Have a good time in Costa Rica Ryan and Kelly πŸ™‚ Sounds like an amazing time. Looking forward to catch you back on in February, though πŸ˜‰

    – Jasper

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:11 pm

      Jasper, I can’t tell you how PERFECTLY you summed up what goes on in my mind. You read my mind dude! Perfectly encapsulates what I go through from time to time. That resistance is a teacher, leading us toward who we really are if we listen, feel it, and let it go, or it will hurt us only because we choose to be punished by the resistance, again and again. Perfect example; we are leaving for Bribri (aka No Man’s Land LOL) tomorrow. Sitting in a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica tonight. The internet is lighting quick. I see Monkey Mind wanting to capitalize on this, and it tries to send me on 45 different tasks in the next 10 seconds. I breathe deeply, and release the resistance. Tame the tension. All I’m doing is responding to your lovely comment now, and if that’s all I did, I’m still whole, complete and relaxed. Dude, fabulous insights here. You’re wise beyond your years. Keep it up, Blogging Buddha! πŸ™‚

  7. Adrienne says:
    at 2:38 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    I think most people are able to relate to this subject. As we all are eager to claim out place online we work out butts off to get to that place. How can you not be a doing monster to get you to the place where you can finally take a step back and take more time to yourself.

    I think the good part of this is that we do get to a place where we can step back and think about what’s really important and what will get us to our goals. I think we all do a lot of “other things” in between that ends up just being busy work. When push comes to shove, what’s the most important tasks should we be doing.

    I can relate to an extent about how you wanted to be perceived or perhaps the results you may not have felt you were getting. As for me all of this really just happened with me even trying and it was SO flattering. But I’m not obsessed with my results because I know they’ll fluctuate and I know people come and go. When you’re trying to accomplish something in particular though that can be a little scary.

    I always thought you had your stuff together. You’ve always shared with us your routine so here I thought you always stuck with that. You meditated, had your quiet time, enjoyed the places you were living, etc. We all have to support ourselves though and do what’s necessary to make that happen.

    I know it’s going to be strange not having internet access everyday but I hope you and Kelly really enjoy your time in Costa Rica. Oh and thanks for the mention too, I so appreciate that.

    Have a wonderful week Ryan.


  8. Clement Lim says:
    at 6:54 am

    Hey Ryan

    Maybe there’s a middle way between being a doing monster and a being monster. At the beginning of any tough endeavour I expect a certain amount of hardship, stress and anxiety. I think this is a part of personal growth.

    At the same time as I acclimatise myself to new challenges, these is less struggle and I can shift from doing into being.

    When I can attain a state of more being than doing, I know I will have reached my goal.


  9. Gail Gardner says:
    at 6:50 pm

    Welcome to the first stage of Being instead of Doing. Others WILL push back against us because they love the Doing Monster – especially when they are making money from what we are doing.

    The easy way to stay in Being is to surrender completely to only doing what you are guided to do no matter what everyone around you thinks you should be doing instead.

    Some schedule work for every waking minute, missing out on opportunities to do what will create residual income or grow into collaborations that generate an income for many. Only when you are still and listening do the best ideas come.

  10. Duke Stewart says:
    at 10:07 am

    Ryan, you’re so right that we’ve gotta slow down. And just to answer your call-out, I’m not just nodding my head and saying that. Right now my own head is bulging from all the crap going through it and it’s getting hard to process all the 1000000 things to do in a day to become successful.

    I’m trying to create a nice life here in the U.S. and keep staring at the rent and whatnot. That’s what makes it hard. The way that I fight my own Doing Monster is by going for nice walks when the weather is nice or reading a book and just having “Me Time.” It’s been a struggle since moving back to the U.S. but I think a routine is on its way!

    Anyway, thanks for the wonderfully-thorough and awesome read as always. You’re a rockstar and an inspiration, Ryan. Thanks for continuing to pump out greatness. No pressure or anything:)

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:32 am

      I know you’re making that smooth transition back to the States Duke. It can be tough. All parts of your being want to rush and hurry and DO your way thru the anxiety but those exact energies create the same stressed reality again and again. Being with the feelings and letting them go is the path to freedom and peace, because you’ll only do what feels fun and light, save a few scared, uncomfortable moments, and those doings will lead to some awesome manifestations, greater peace of mind and calm. Walking and reading are fab energy levelers. I do the same myself. We have a nice jungle walk in the rain in a few hours πŸ˜‰ Much appreciated Duke!

  11. Sherman Smith says:
    at 5:11 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Interesting post and I kept on going back and forth with whether I’m a doing or being monster.

    I concluded that I go back and forth with them. There are days where I’m right on schedule and there are days where I have the ‘fuq it’ attitude.

    But I do see where you’re going with this. With ‘Being’ everything just is. The there’s no right or wrong. No beginning and no end. Once we start to consistently think in these terms that’s when the resisted start.

    We all want to be in that ‘Feel Good’ place. When I think of these I think of whenever I get a massage it puts me in that state.

    I could tell from a couple of months ago you change. You had more of a ‘it’s going to happen anyways by choice and intention’ way of thinking. Almost a nonchalant but yet more of a magnetic approach. It’s hard to explain but hopefully you get my point.

    Anyways, Great post Ryan and I hope you and Kelli have a great time house keeping! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:39 pm

      That is fascinating to hear Sherman, that I seem to have a more magnetic approach. I get your point loud and clear buddy πŸ˜‰ Really, I’m doing inner work, clearing, slowing down and kinda looking at everything as extra. Like I need not do anything. Fun process because it erases stress from the life. Most of the time πŸ˜‰ You’re getting there too. I see it from the energy behind your work and networking. I just FEEL it. From you. Through your blog. So neat to watch our growth together. To think of how we started out years ago, and how we progressed. Awesome man. Will do, and thanks for sharing!

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