Dogs Rough Housing New Zealand

April 17, 2018


Apparently, if you want to nab 212 views in 6 minutes do a few things:


  • house sit for Wiley pooches in New Zealand
  • make sure they are in one of their mad moods – swings by twice daily – and then get your phone ready
  • record for Periscope
  • let the views rise


Definitely noted; I promise to film more travel scope views of various stuff other than me. Talking about blogging. I promise. I may still talk blogging of course. Yes; I will.


But these doggies rough housing, and views of the South Pacific, and all these other cool things will find their way onto Periscope and other live videos methinks.


Click the play button. Enjoy.


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Ryan Biddulph

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  1. Dogs rock Anda! Send me a picture of Vizsla… that name!

  2. Anda Says:

    Give me videos of dogs and I can watch them day in and day out. I LOVE dogs! They are like children. Actually, what am I saying? They are better than children (lol)! They are grateful and considerate and love you unconditionally. The best part of my day is taking my Vizsla for a walk in the foothills behind my house.

  3. Ocean and doggies; perfect together Donna. These dogs shied at first then pall-ed around a bit. Hams eventually.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    I enjoyed your video of dogs rough housing. We can talk about blogging, marketing and all that stuff until we are blue in the face. It does seem enjoyable to take videos of our dogs and nature. People are interested in animals all the time. I’ve tried to take videos of my dogs, but one is totally black and not great for the camera. The other knows when the camera is on and starts barking at me. Oh well, I’ll have to stick to the ocean and it’s mighty strength.