Networking for Bloggers: Do You Want to See the Power?

  January 31, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
networking for bloggers

Forest, San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica


Networking for bloggers often becomes lost on lone wolf bloggers who want to do it all on their own. I have been there. Likely, you have been there. We want to do it all, without being bothered, to receive oodles of money, at least here and there.


However, solo acts soon learn the folly of their ways. Goodness knows I learned my lesson. The blogging gods never spared the rod. Nor should have the blogging gods held back. I discovered through periods of struggle how building a network genuinely makes blogging easier. One blogger can only do so much. A large, loyal blogger buddy network dwarves the efforts of a single blogger. 1,000 seems to be better than 1. Observing the efforts of many bloggers united by friendships beats the efforts of one blogger shut out by their lone wolf ways.


Perhaps you find yourself struggling to drive traffic and profits. My loyal blogging buddy network asks me how to increase traffic and profits frequently. At the end of the day, networking seems to be a core issue. Maybe you appear to do everything correctly on the creating-publishing side of things but have no loyal, dependable blogger buddy network to amplify your reach effectively. Feeling like you need to do everything solo seems stressful. Seeing scant blogging success feels even worse.


I intend to help you build a large, loyal blogging buddy network by showing you the power of networking the right way. Turning your stress into peace feels good. Letting go the overwhelmed feeling of trying to control everything to let your blogging friend network expand your success for you feels empowering, relaxing and quite enjoyable.


Let me give you a graphic example of networking for bloggers done the right way.


Rapid Blogger Network Response


Check it out…..


Boom. 6 replies on Facebook.


6 Guest Post Invites Via Facebook


Boom. 7 replies on Twitter.


7 Guest Post Invites Via Twitter


I asked my blogger buddy network if anyone wanted me to write a guest post for them. 13 bloggers replied with guest post invites in 17 hours. But the 13 guest post invites flowed to me in a 17 hour time frame because I spent 12 years networking genuinely and generously. Ya dig?


Think about it; I patiently, persistently and genuinely built my blogger buddy network over my 12 year blogging career. Helping fellow bloggers generously and asking for nothing in return drew a large, loyal network of blogging buddies to me. I fostered these friendships over the years. When I ask my friends for help or if I offer my friends help, my friends help me or take me up on my help offer.


Spinning Top Analogy and Networking


Building a large, loyal blogger buddy network is similar to recruiting an army of dear blogging friends who do ample work for you while you sleep, enjoy time offline with your friends and fam and allow your content to promote itself organically. For example, last night I went to be at about 11 PM. I woke to a number of blogging buddies who retweeted my latest posts from when I conked out at 11 PM to when I woke up at 7 AM.


Picture me:


  • writing a blog post
  • publishing a blog post
  • promoting the blog post lightly across a few channels


as putting forth initial effort to spin a top. I twisted the top to create strong torque. But I could not enjoy a fun, freeing life if I had to spend 24 hours daily tapping the top to keep it spinning. However, my blogging buddy network taps the top to keep it spinning when I am asleep, eating, lazing on the beach, doing yoga and engaging in anything offline. This is the chief benefit of networking; blogging friends add a strong passive element to your blogging campaign because buddies:


  • endorse you
  • promote you
  • buy your stuff


when you are enjoying life offline.


How Networking Works


The recipe is simple. Help people freely. Expect nothing in return. Get oodles of free help. Simple. But emotionally, fear in your mind turns this simple, timeless, loving, success-promoting concept into a complex, difficult, painful, uncomfortable experience. Bloggers deeply fear:


  • wasting their time publishing free content
  • wasting their time building their friend network
  • throwing away time helping people who give them nothing in return
  • wasting their energy helping people for free
  • wasting their time practicing their writing


Honoring this fear makes you a blogging lone wolf. Blogging lone wolves do not publish a guest post invite via Twitter and Facebook and observe 13 respected, successful bloggers reply favorably in 17 hours. Lone wolf bloggers spend months blindly cold pitching stranger bloggers via email, desperately trying to place a guest post on ANY blog. Most of their emails go directly to spam. Lone wolf bloggers struggle horribly to place 1 guest post on a respected blog. Connected bloggers who do outreach the right way influence respected blogging buddies to invite them to guest post, via a simple offer, or, organically, without any offer or pitch.


How to Network the Right Way


  • write offline daily; gain skills, confidence and clarity as a writer and blogger to attract successful bloggers to you
  • promote successful bloggers from your niche via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • comment genuinely on blog posts after reading the posts; comment on respected blogs aligned with your niche
  • ask for nothing in return
  • expect nothing in return
  • open your blog to guest posting
  • submit guest posts to authority blogs in your niche


I closed my blog to guest posting on an intuitive nudge. My heart tells me to do something. I do it without ego questioning because our intuition tells the truth 100% of the time. But bloggers on the come up learning how to network properly should consider accepting guest posts to build their blogger buddy network.


Networking is a study in:


  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence


In essence, those 13 guest posting opportunities flow to me not after 17 hours but 12 years of generous, genuine, patient and persistent creating and connecting. I not only networked generously; I also wrote diligently to be skilled, clear and confident enough to where respected bloggers crave my content for their blogs.


People invite skilled, confident bloggers to guest post on their blogs. Skilled, confident bloggers write their rear ends off for years to become skilled, confident and clear bloggers. Practice! Put in the time. Put in the effort. No blogger will invite you to guest post solely because you are generous. Bloggers invited skilled writers to guest post on their blogs.


The Luxury of Building a Large Loyal Friend Network


I will pick and choose who I write and publish guest posts for from this list of 13 because I already have publishing or author rights on 6 blogs. Plus, I can write and instantly publish guest posts on 3 blogs. I can write and submit guest posts to 3 bloggers who publish the post within 24-72 hours. Each of these dear blogging buddies secures my attention and energy first since I commit 100% to blogging friends who commit 100% to me.


Traffic in desert, Nizwa, Oman.

Traffic in desert, Nizwa, Oman.


I deeply respect each one of these bloggers who deeply believed in me, who trust me and who literally gave me the keys to their blogs. I will keep publishing posts for this blogger buddy network o’ mine and will gradually publish guesties for the 13 rocking bloggers above but only if their blog, their readership, their styles and their perspectives match my skills, voice, eBooks and overall message.

This is the ultimate luxury of building a large, loyal blogger buddy network; having the posture to pick and choose opportunities best suiting both bloggers and both blogging communities feels relaxing, enjoyable and quite the pressure-free way to accelerate your blogging success while helping highly targeted, highly interested parties.


Post update; I let go a decent chunk of the generous guest post invites since I moved in a different direction with my blog. Feeling an urge to SEO-optimize my blog posts consumes most of my attention and energy on the creating side of things. Meanwhile, solo-focused bloggers with small or non-existent friend networks feel the need to gobble up all guest posting invites for this crowd fears few if any will flow their way in the future.


Do yourself a favor. Network generously to multiply your blogging success.


Patience Is the Networking Buzzword


Most bloggers never tap into the power of networking for their impatience. Nothing good happens overnight. Success involves a full commitment to doing things the right way.


Give networking some time. Be patient. Over the long haul, you will befriend a growing number of successful bloggers. Develop a vision for your blogging campaign to instill patience in your being. Every blogger who appears to be connected now generous, persistently and patiently networked the right way for a long time.


Being patient means refusing to panic as fears arise on your blogging and networking journey. From time to time, fear surfaces in your mind concerning work executed and not appearing to see enough success. Perhaps you networked generously for 5 months but see not even a penny in blogging profits. Do not panic. Never bail on networking. Stay the course.


Maybe you need to fine tine aspects of your blogging campaign. Or perhaps you need to network genuinely. Do not bail on proven strategies because fear in your ego scares you into self-sabotaging. See the blogging journey through. Network generously, genuinely and patiently for the long haul.


Surrounding yourself with genuine, kind networkers helps. Observe their actions. See how success flows to connected bloggers. Learn from their generous example. Being a patient networker becomes easy if you surround yourself solely with patient networkers. Allow their kindness to rub off on you. Let their shining example instill patience in you.


Learn from the best to become a skilled networker.

  1. Dhruvir Zala says:
    at 10:27 pm

    Hey Ryan, this was an epic post. Building genuine connections with other bloggers is very crucial and you are doing a great job in it.

    Most importantly, you have worked very hard for it unlike what other people think of. I am also trying to learn the art of building these connections and luckily, I have build one (with you) 🙂

    Keep sharing these blog posts and keep motivating us 😀

  2. Ayush Mishra says:
    at 11:07 pm

    Thanks Ryan for this post, building a strong bloggers network is the most important thing if you want to take your blogging career to the next level.

  3. Eric Cole says:
    at 11:17 pm

    Hey Ryan, hope it works out. I suspect there is a lot to be said for keeping the conversation in house.

    After observing enough different approaches I decided to have comments open on my blog. Granted my little corner of the internet is rather quiet so spam is minimal and there is no negative vibe from commenters so far. The alternative of using social media for blog conversations though didn’t feel like a good fit for me and hasn’t for a long while. At this point the fewer intermediaries and moderators between myself and my conversation partners the better. This may bring overhead as far as moderating of course. I have also considered installing a forum with my blog. That might be a bit much. I don’t know.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:49 am

      I resonate deeply with your view Eric. My intuition told me to open ’em up. But keeping chats on my blog felt right, as social media definitely seems to be heading toward turbulent times.

  4. Rohit Thakur says:
    at 11:57 pm

    Hey Ryan,
    Connecting with new bloggers it’s always new excitement, I like the ways you explaining very clearly.

    We know you don’t have an ego. You are the one who is always supporting the new blogger to gain authority on their niche.

  5. Jay says:
    at 2:36 am

    Hello Ryan, great post with some good tips.

    I definitely agree with you about making friendly connections with like-minded individuals in your niche.

    Running an online business can be hard work and the more doors you open the more opportunities you create to grow and expand your business in whatever niche that you are in.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:50 am

      I love that door opening analogy Jay. So much expansion for us when we open doors by making friends.

  6. Sourabh Patil says:
    at 11:27 am

    Nice Blog,The alternative of using social media for blog conversations though didn’t feel like a good fit for me and hasn’t for a long while. At this point the fewer intermediaries and moderators between myself and my conversation partners the better.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:32 pm

      Agreed Sourabh. Social has not felt good to me for a while. I use it sparingly but focus on blogging.

  7. Anoop Gupta says:
    at 11:06 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Interesting post, you have explained something out of the box. Such connections are more reliable and trustworthy. It’s a great way to increase your blogging connection. Thank you, for this wonderful post.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Anoop Gupta

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:20 pm

      Anoop, you are doing a fabulous job yourself buddy, creating and connecting. We never go wrong by building our blogger buddy network, ever. Thanks!

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