Do You Want a Good Blogging Laugh?

  April 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Ryan Biddulph, titi monkeys, Quepos, Costa Rica

Ryan Biddulph, titi monkeys, Quepos, Costa Rica


I intend to lighten the mood this evening before I hit the sack.


The majority of people who friend request me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and request to connect with me on LinkedIn do so from a genuine intent.


Even less genuine people receive my forgiveness; I tend to overlook their misunderstanding as….they know not what they do.


But spotting patterns among the error-prone pitchers who request my attention only to try to get something from me makes for a good chuckle.


This Post Is Humor!


I love to laugh. Kelli and I watch comedies daily.


If you are familiar with some of my older posts and manuals, I offer a somewhat humorous, colorful take on blogging and traveling.


Do you find yourself on my seeming sh*t list below? Laugh! Stop taking yourself seriously. Chuckle, learn then move forward. People who can laugh at themselves put their ego to the side and sprint ahead. Why do you think I am happy? I do not take myself seriously. I laugh at myself all of the time.


I want to build an official list of things I am interested in on social media:


  1. blogging
  2. traveling


That is it. I only care about blogging and traveling.


I also want to build a list of things that I am not interested in on social media:


  1. kratom (to the small army of Indonesian farmers who ask me “Have you heard of kratom?”…..or “Are you a kratom farmer?”…Do I look like a kratom farmer? The f*** outta here LOL!).
  2. becoming a Christian preacher in a developing nation; for whatever reason, 100’s of my dear Pakistani and Indian brothers and sisters think that because I approved their friend request on Facebook that I am dying to become a crusader for Christ….I do not quite see the correlation. Perhaps because I share A Course in Miracles quotes?
  3. a female booty call…..sorry to all of the SE Asian honeys looking for some Western Heat. I am happily married. Curiously enough, my Facebook profile mentions this. But certain swooning types are in too much of a hurry to get me on Whats App to actually see that I am married.
  4. bringing the conversation to Whats App; I barely use my phone and have never used Whats App….but literally 50 people this past week asked for my number to move the conversation over there.
  5. a male booty call…….I suspect some of my former physique model photos were leaked…..but I digress…..nothing about my blogging presence says I belong on Grinder….so to the overweight guys who keep sending me messages of themselves with no shirt on then ask for a pic from me… a few push ups so I can complement your physique before I block you.
  6. buying stuff for people whose friend request I approved 2 seconds prior.
  7. getting visas to the US for people who friend requested me.
  8. getting green cards to the US for people who friend requested me.
  9. forex…..or the question I’ve been asked what feels like 50,000 times…..”Have you heard of forex?”….you would think that one of the travel locations on my blog lists “Under a rock.” or….”In a cave.”
  10. crypto….or any question regarding crypto.
  11. any specific affiliate marketing program pitched to me by strangers who followed me or friend requested me a few seconds prior.


Guys….lighten up.


Each human being who reached – and reaches – out to me with the above silly messages:


  • is an infinite spirit
  • possesses an unlimited mind


BUT….these individuals think from ego-fear. Thinking from ego-fear means believing that you are a body with a limited shelf life, ending in the illusion of death. People who live in fear do stupid stuff. Making matters worse, people who think from ego-fear rarely if ever do anything mindfully. Mindless people make big mistakes in blogging and life.






Use social media to take a genuine interest in OTHER people. Stop using social to try to FORCE other people to take an interest in:


  • you
  • your business
  • your kratom
  • your forex
  • your ass


Nobody cares about you until you genuinely care about other people.


The ego literally thinks upside down. The ego does what guarantees failure.


Humble yourself. Put your ego to the side. Blog with love. Treat social media with respect. Treat people you meet through social media with respect.


Honestly; if you have fun helping people on social media and take a genuine interest in these folks you will become successful.


But if you do not, at least your interactions can make for humorous Blogging From Paradise fodder!

  1. Peter Beckenham says:
    at 12:48 am

    Hey Ryan,
    Absolutely loved your “lists” and your awesome sense of humor.
    Even though I had a great laugh I also appreciated the underlying important message that sadly, many on your “shxx list” would never cotton onto

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