Do You Try to Game the Blogging System?

  April 23, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Hunterdon, NJ, USA


Every time I open my backoffice I see bloggers attempting to game the blogging system.


For example, many bloggers attempt to publish spam comments for increasing their traffic and profits. Each spam comment offers no value. Spammers write either off topic nonsense or a clear business advertisement. Every one of these spam comments appears in the:


  • spam
  • trash
  • pending




I delete every spam comment. Nobody sees these comments except me.


Each spammer wastes time and energy trying to game the blogging system.


What Is Gaming the Blogging System?


Attempting to manipulating people through things is gaming the blogging system.


Gaming the blogging system leads to failure because trying to use people through things dissolves credibility. Bloggers with no credibility fail since business expands based on being trusted.


Spamming is one way to try to game the blogging system.


Other examples include:


  • greedily attempting link exchanges
  • frantically emailing generic outreach templates
  • desperately messaging a prospective client or customer repeatedly


Anytime you attempt to use a human being for your selfish needs you try to game the system with things. However, things like links, emails and messages can be used constructively or destructively. Fear-driven bloggers use each thing destructively to fail.


But generous bloggers use links constructively by:


  • linking out to fellow bloggers through their blogs
  • linking in to valuable blog posts published prior on their blogs


to promote everyone’s blogging success.


Generous bloggers use email constructively by:


  • asking bloggers if they need help
  • checking in on fellow bloggers to greet them genuinely


to accelerate our collective blogging success.


Generous bloggers use DMs and Messenger constructively to:


  • care
  • serve
  • help
  • connect


Caring, helpful, genuine bloggers thrive.


Basically, if you use things to help human beings without any expectations you will become a professional blogger over the long haul. People love bloggers who help them freely. Building a large, loyal blogging tribe accelerates your blogging success.


However, many bloggers think upside down. Thinking upside down scares you into trying to game the blogging system by attempting to manipulate people with things for your selfish needs. Failure follows.


Do you try to game the blogging system? Do you dream about trying to reach number goals every day instead of intending to help human beings? Do you focus on things? Do you forget about the human beings you interact with on a daily basis? Anytime you attempt to game the blogging system you wrongly shift toward trying to get something from someone by using the individual for your selfish needs.


Your inbox and my inbox seems filled with bloggers trying to game the blogging system. None succeed. All fail.


If going pro is based on helping people generously to earn their trust and if gaming the system depends on using people selfishly to lose their trust how can you go pro by gaming the system?


No matter how hard you work to game the blogging system you will lose trust 100% of the time so you will fail 100% of the time. No one gains credibility by using people because people who feel used resent rather than trust manipulative bloggers. For example, I just blocked the profiles of some folks on Facebook who tried to use me to get:


  • money
  • traffic
  • business


for their selfish needs.


I do not resent these folks because I understand how the ego scares you into doing stupid things. But I completely lost trust in our potential friendship and ceased communication permanently with these folks because you will never grow, thrive and be free by surrounding yourself with manipulative people you do not trust. Blocking these profiles helped me shed more human beings who tried to game the system. Doing this allows genuine, generous, successful people to find me.


Be straight with yourself. Do you game the blogging system? Change your ways now. Begin helping people. Stop trying to manipulate people. Fear may work as a temporary motivator to scare folks into action benefitting you but people eventually tire of you attempting to scare them, stop trusting you and move on. In more extreme cases, you will completely obliterate your blogging reputation and people from your niche will run your ass out of your blogging niche if you use fear persistently to manipulate people for your selfish needs.


Things are just things. People are why you blog.


Have fun helping people. Happy readers will gradually bring you all the things – like traffic and money – you could ever need if you busy yourself with serving people generously.



  1. Randall Magwood says:
    at 4:38 pm

    When i do leave blog comments I try to be as helpful as possible. I know a spam comment when i see one, and i typically get some on my Youtube videos. I can’t delete those. But cleaning up spam blog comments makes a blog look better, and keeps it a friendly community to learn from for all.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 8:25 am

    Hi Ryan, It often amazes me how some people really do try to gain the system. They will leave blog comments with links! Or like you say others do it only get the backlink. The longer you are a this blogging thing, you can clearly see which ones they are. I recently had a new contributor who would not respond to comments, that was upsetting to me 🙁 I like to help new bloggers out and give them the benefit of the doubt, but now sadly, I’m more skeptical of who writes on it.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:11 am

      We do see blogger’s true intentions Lisa anytime we interact with individuals. Let go less genuine folks and allow in authentic people.

  3. Kari says:
    at 11:14 am

    I remember this one guy who commented on my blog with a thoughtful comment that required a reply. I thought it would be a conversation as I wrote him back and waited for him to reply. But, he never did. People like that also tend to be spammy in my eyes. They leave an engaging comment so that it gets published, but then they never bother to engage. It’s a high-end way to spam, but it’s still spam in my books.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:16 pm

      Trade your expectation and sense of entitlement for appreciation, Kari. That blogger owes you nothing although your ego will try to convince you that he owes you a response. When you learn how to scale, you too will not be able to reply to everyone. Impossible!

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