Do You Sell This through Your Blog?

  January 4, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Big Buddha, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand


What do you sell through your blog?


Practical tips to turn a profit with writing?


SEO strategies?


Email list building techniques?


All well and good.


We need to know how to do something, to do it? Right?


Selling or sharing practical tips alone helps solve reader problems. But reaching the next level of blogging demands you to do something that influences readers in more profound fashion.


Most bloggers struggle terribly because said bloggers focus heavily on the details of blogging but never develop the skill of moving communities into inspired action. They never follow this tip.


You better be selling a dream through your blog if you want to do this full time because whipping people into fun, inspired action is the basis of every successful blogging campaign.


Do you sell a dream through your blog? Or do you just sell practical tips?


Picture This Post


I can dot all i’s. I can cross all t’s.


I can fulfill SEO requirements.


But after people read the post do I inspire readers to:


  • subscribe to this blog?
  • buy a course?
  • follow Blogging From Paradise?
  • share this post on social media?
  • link to this post?


The practical tips shared may be helpful but this shot I snapped in Phuket, Thailand a few years ago ultimately moves most folks into inspired action more than any other factor.


Phuket, Thailand.




Imagine yourself living in Thailand for 2 years as I did about a decade ago? Imagine traveling the world for 10 years like my wife and I? Imagine the freedom of being a full time, pro blogger?


Me sharing this dream with you:


  • goads you to write your next blog post tonight versus watching your favorite TV show
  • inspires you to write and submit your first guest post tonight
  • moves you to buy your domain and hosting


Dreaming about numbers on a screen? Bleh. Kinda boring.


Dreaming about sitting where I sat when I snapped that jaw-dropping photo in Phuket, enjoying a coconut shake with me? Now that keeps ya awake at night.


Sell the dream. Inspire your readers to do the fun, freeing and sometimes scary things, persistently, to become a pro blogger.


What If You Have Yet To Live Your Dream?


Share the dreams you aspire to live, to be authentic.


Then share stories from other bloggers who live their dreams. Like me. Show that living your dreams through blogging is possible, and probable, when you work from an energized, fun-loving, inspired space. This journey gets easier and easier as you focus on managing your energy. This journey gets tougher and tougher when you focus on writing robotic, mechanical, strained posts only focused on sharing practical tips.


Share the dream.


Goad bloggers to take the steps necessary to live their dream.


How to Share the Dream


A few ideas:


  • share your dreams; whether you are on the first leg of your journey or living your dreams through blogging, sharing your dreams makes the biggest difference from a space of being genuine and trustworthy
  • if you feel shy about sharing your dreams and or wish to keep dreams secret just share dreams of your fellow blogger; I have some inspired pictures and videos on my blog
  • persistently sell dreams; this ain’t a once a month deal so freely inspire folks by understanding that the invisible “why” in the visible “what” drives people into action


Bloggers spread your word, hire you and buy your stuff when you move them to take inspired action.


Double down on selling the dream through your blog. Whatever that dream is for your readers, if you focus on the driver or intent behind the stuff or experiences people crave you will build a successful blogging business.

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