Do You Respect Your Blogging Path?

  April 7, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
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Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


Every blogger walks a different path.


Do not compare yourself to other bloggers.


Honor your blogging journey.


Perhaps I wrote a manual for you on How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging. Maybe this sounds epic to you. But you experienced victories I will never experience. Wins for you may be hard for me. Wins for me may be hard for you. Each one of us has talents in different disciplines. Each one of us experiences varying levels of success.


Every blogger succeeds at a different pace. Some earn 6 figures in 5 years. Others never earn 6 figures.


Who cares?


Why do you care?


Why would you care about how you do versus how other bloggers do? Why do you care how much money someone makes compared to you? What does it matter? Why do you feel jealous about a blogger who reaches their dreams seemingly quicker than you are taking to reach your dreams?


What does any of it matter?


The only thing that truly matter is how you feel about your blogging career.


If you feel good about blogging you succeeded. Plus your good feelings position you to experience worldly success. But you will not care at all about the results if you feel good about the process. The feeling is the reward. Every *thing* else is an extra, bonus or icing on the blogging cake.


Some bloggers seem jealous of me. Circling the globe seems like a dream life. I appear to be free. In truth, I do largely live a life of freedom. But the fears I had to face in order to let go virtually every THING in my life (home, possessions, etc) and most people never seem to be the object of envy among fellow bloggers.


Bloggers may feel jealous about my lifestyle but want nothing to do with the:


  • fears I had to face, feel and release to live this life
  • work I put in to live this life
  • things and people I released to live this life


Stop comparing yourself to fellow bloggers.


Respect your blogging path.


Honor your blogging journey.


Respect how fellow bloggers who appear to be living their dreams (which you want to experience) gave up what you have yet to give up because you feel too afraid to give up these things and to release people from your life. Own this truth. Own your journey. Do not compare your blogging experience to other bloggers and their experiences because every blogger walks a different journey.


Some appear to succeed more quickly than others. But these folks often had to face deeper fears earlier in their lives; said deep fears did not hold them back from blogging success as these deep fears hold you back.


For example, bloggers may envy how I have circled the globe for 11 years already as a 47 year old. But the same bloggers feel too terrified to let go their:


  • home
  • job
  • health benefits


I face, felt and released each of these fears 11 years ago to let go my:


  • apartment
  • job
  • healthy benefits


I felt these fears to eventually live this life. You will need to face, feel and release these fears to eventually live this life. It is what it is.


You cannot be a true, genuine, full time digital nomad for 11 years by holding on to anything other than your suitcase, laptop and a few other things.


You cannot be a true, genuine, full time digital nomad for 11 years by holding on to anything other than your suitcase, laptop and a few other things. #travel Click To Tweet


Why would you compare yourself to other bloggers anyway?


Walk your blogging journey.


Learn the lessons you need to learn.


Experience what you need to experience.


Get clear on your blogging experience.


Who even knows what worldly success means to people?


The blogger who experiences seemingly quick financial success may feel quite different about their success than you do. Some feel worse after making more money; the fear of more to lose dances around in their minds. Others could care less about money or having no money. Do not compare their life to yours because you cannot be in their mind.


Own your blogging path.


Be comfortable in your blogging shoes.


You are experiencing exactly what you need to experience to reach your next stage of blogging growth.

  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 8:47 am

    I do think people compare because that’s how internet works. It also doesn’t help that a lot of people like to show off.

    But then again, they attract an entirely different kind of audience. They don’t care about any kind of value. They just want to see someone showing off their house, or flexing in front of their car or something along with those lines.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:00 am

      We want to get clear on why we blog, for sure, Tanish. Getting clear on blogging for fun aligns us with the right folks who offer compassionate, good-feeling advice.