Do You Need a Home Office to Succeed Online?

  October 13, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Hanoi, Vietnam.


Bloggers sometimes rent fancy office space – or spruce up home offices – believing snazzy home offices make success possible. Others blame failure on having no access to a loaded home office. As a guy who worked all over the globe in many conditions, blogging success is how you work, not where you work. I worked on beds, chairs, and even floors in less hospitable spots. Makes no difference to me. I need an internet connection, laptop and phone to be a successful blogger. Cover those basics. Succeed.


As a guy who worked all over the globe in many conditions, blogging success is how you work, not where you work.Click To Tweet




Comfort plays a role in the success equation because working in genuinely difficult surroundings makes blogging tough. I could never succeed blogging years in the remote jungle hut we visited in Costa Rica in 2016. No internet. Humidity ruining laptops and phones. One needs avoid extreme environments like these of course but barring a genuinely hellish set up, maintaining a base level of comfort to sharpen your focus is all you need to succeed online.


(Note; I will share some of the cooler home office views I’ve had via snaps below.)


Koh Lanta, Thailand


How you work means everything as far as being generous, patient, persistent and trusting. Whether you invest $10,000 a month for office space or trick out your home office makes no difference because how you work is a personal choice, independent of your office chair, set up, or anything else. Bloggers blame not having a sleek home office as a chief cause of failure but this is not accurate. Can you be kind, generous, trusting, prolific and focused, working from a chair in your bedroom? Yep. No blogger needs a fancy desk and plush chair to be generous and trusting. I worked in bedrooms, living rooms and last year, I worked on a trampoline. Not advisable. Anyway, I did OK.


I do suggest moving away from Spartan set ups as you grow blogging-wise. I shall never work from a trampoline again unless etching in my abs with some jumps; blind-sided by that work set up, anyway. Part and parcel with house sitting, sometimes.


Give yourself some comfort to allow your work to flow. But never believe you need a spectacular set up in order to succeed online because it is all in your mind, not in your environment. Do you need a plush, office quality chair to write 1000 guest posts? Nope. All you need is a kind-hearted, abundant mindset, generous spirit and a laptop. How you work has little to do with where you work. Working in the bedroom on a chair or even sitting on the bed has little to do with being abundant, generous and trusting in all you do. How you work seems to be a personal choice. We all have that choice. No matter if you work from the kitchen space for a bit, or, the living room, how you work is your choice, made in mind.


Savusavu Bay, Fiji

Savusavu Bay, Fiji


Blogging success is being generous, patient, persistent and trusting, anywhere on earth, in any room, in any work environment. My only requirement is quiet. Silence allows ideas to flow from mind to Chromebook to backoffice to you. Beyond that, success is being generous, relaxed and seeing the journey through, no matter what your work set up looks like.


Be less concerned with where you work online and more focused on:


  • why you work online
  • how you work online


Focus heavily on the why. Tie the reason to something fun, freeing and enjoyable. Blogging from a fancy home office means nothing unless you feel incredibly passionate about blogging because energy fuels your blogging journey. I blog topless on the beach sometimes; my passion makes the difference, not me writing shirtless on the sand. But cultivating the passion required me to journey deeper and deeper into my mind. Taking that journey felt highly uncomfortable because I had to face fear to migrate even deeper into my blogging passion.


Pedasi, Panama.

Pedasi, Panama


Know why you blog. Blog mainly for freedom. Blogging for freedom leads to blogging success over the long haul no matter where and how you blog.


How you work online makes a difference but where you blog makes little difference. Create and connect generously. Monetize through eBooks, courses and by rendering helpful services. Persist. Success will find you if you blog from a sewer. Success will find you if you spend the next 10 years blogging from a laundromat.  Why and how you blog make the difference. Where you blog makes little difference.




Imagine your home office not being the most comfortable spot in the world.


Sometimes, we need to go bare bones.


I recorded a video in Bali a while back to help you do freeing but uncomfortable stuff….like working in a less than optimal home office setting.


Check it out here:


How to Do Freeing but Uncomfortable Stuff



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