Do You Give or Take?

  March 11, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Sunset Savusavu Bay Fiji

Sunset Savusavu Bay Fiji


Every time I scan the comments here I see a steady stream of spam.


Few legit comments peak their way through filters.


Most bloggers are serial takers, trying to get without giving much at all. Observe the spammer. Bloggers try to get free advertising on respected blogs by giving nothing but cyber trash. Spam comments are cyber garbage. No one derives value from spam. People get value from helpful comments designed to add meaning to blogging conversations.


What can you do?


How can you succeed online?


Be a generous giver.


Generous bloggers do the opposite of spammers and other serial takers. Generous bloggers give freely without trying to get much of anything.


Make no mistake about it; generous bloggers set up business streams. Free givers make money online. Professional bloggers promote themselves, their products and their services quite freely. But none of these folks have a heavy interest in taking, grabbing or getting, as spammers and other takers do.


Who gets ahead?


Who goes pro?


Generous bloggers go pro. Generous bloggers develop the skills, exposure and credibility to go pro because free givers put in countless hours helping people for free across a wide range of platforms. For every 1000 spammers you see today you will also see a blogger or two guest posting on 3-5 blogs daily.


The blogger who guest posts on 3-5 blogs daily cannot help but to become:


  • skilled
  • credible
  • seen in a wide range of spots


Skilled, credible bloggers with massive exposure position themselves to go pro because generous bloggers seamlessly sell their products and services through the trust they establish.


Observe any top blogger. Top pros seem to be in a million places at once. Why? Top pros generously help readers for years. All help rendered increases their blogging skills. Skilled bloggers seen in many spots boost their credibility. Credible bloggers are trusted bloggers. Trusted bloggers influence readers to buy their stuff and to hire them.


Serial takers, on the other hand, always seem to be trying to take, get and finagle their way into growing THEIR business without giving any thought to other bloggers. Selfish, greedy, desperate takers operate from a dominant energy of fear.


Again guys; look at the silly spammers of the world. Do you believe in a million years that one grows a thriving, trusted blogging business on a foundation of spamming? 99.99% of spam comments never get seen by any human being. Virtually all spam comments land in spam or junk folders to be emptied without bloggers even scanning spam folders or junk folders.


Ditto for spam emails. I no longer check my spam or junk folders because I have no time to do so.


Do not be a greedy taker. Stop trying to get by solely by focusing on yourself and your needs; you will never get far with that approach anyway.


Be generous. Guest post. Publish helpful content to your blog. Blogging gets easier – albeit a bit uncomfortable – for free givers who offer their time and talents generously. Blogging becomes impossible for greedy types who want to take or get something at every turn and have zero interest in helping people.


Free givers rise to the top of the blogging crop over the long haul.


Give freely, be patient and receive easily.


Expand your awareness. Gain understanding. Be helpful. Stop trying to get traffic or profits through all you do online. Reverse your line of thinking. Give value. Stop thinking about imagined outcomes. Lose your self in the blogging process.


Focus your energy on serving human beings. Publish a blog post. Publish a guest post. Write and publish a helpful blog comment. Record and publish a video.


Be a giver.


Gain skills, exposure, credibility and blogging success.

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