Do You Attach to 1 Blogger in a World of 32 Million US Bloggers?

  May 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Sunset Savusavu Bay Fiji

Sunset Savusavu Bay Fiji


Bloggers often attach to 1 blogger.


Perhaps the attached blogger emails their obsession once per hour for 5 hours consecutively.






Maybe you fear that without this blogger’s reply that you will fail. Perhaps you fear that you need the blogger’s help to succeed.


But fear makes you do stuff leading to failure no matter how long and hard you work. If you email one blogger 50 times you will fail because fear-filled actions bring failed results. Even if he or she responds with proven blogging advice the fear in your mind will scare you into ignoring the good advice to follow your egoic, bad, failure-ridden blogging advice. However, in almost every case, emailing pros 3, 5 or 10 follow-up responses leads to spam-trash-block scenarios. Never mistake egoic arrogance or flat out delusion for sheer persistence.


Stop obsessively emailing 1 blogger in a world of 32 million US bloggers.  A few years ago, 600 million blogs existed. Think about 32 million US bloggers and 600 million plus blogs before emailing, obsessing over and attaching to 1 blogger from fear. Detach from 1 blogger. Begin helping 32 million bloggers in the US one blogger at a time.


Comment genuinely on 10 blogs today. Build relationships with 10 bloggers today through an authentic blog commenting campaign. Drop genuine comments on Facebook Groups related to your blogging campaign. Follow hashtags related to your blogging campaign on Twitter. Engage bloggers and readers keenly interested in your blogging niche. Keep meeting new bloggers to detach from one blogger.


Pro bloggers let go one blogger to continue connecting with more bloggers. Take this approach to be:


  • abundant
  • detached
  • calm, cool and collected


Abundant, detached, calm, confident bloggers eventually go pro in a world of poverty-conscious, scarcity-focused, frenzied, panicked, bloggers who doubt themselves and who doubt the blogging process.


Never See One Blogger as a Savior


Seeing one blogger as a savior sets you up to fail.


Success or failure is in your mind.


Success or failure is not in the connection between you and any single blogger.


If one blogger does not reply to your email move on to the next blogger. Do not worry about running out of bloggers to bond with because 32,000,000 bloggers live in the USA alone. 600 million plus blogs await for you to check out. Connect with new bloggers. Develop an abundance mindset.


Never attach to one blogger because attachment is fear. Fearful blogging precedes failure.


For example, struggling bloggers tend to bring their fears into interactions with fellow bloggers via Messenger, DM or email. A struggling blogger may email one seasoned pro for some form of help. After the pro offers a blog post, blogging manual or blogging course that would solve their struggles if used, the struggling blogger usually ignores the post, manual or course solving their problem to beg the pro for a:


  • blog comment
  • retweet
  • share on Facebook
  • link exchange


The struggling blogger wants the pro to do the work so the struggling blogger doesn’t have to dirty their hands with doing any of the work.


Pros either ignore all future messages or block the struggling blogger because if you ignore blogging help how can you ever succeed? If you attach to:


  • one blogging savior
  • your ego’s specific demand for blogging help


you will push the blogger away and ignore their help that will help you succeed.


Chasing 1 blogger with 1, 2 or 10 messages is foolish because they are not interested in your interaction if they did not reply to your first message. Let go one blogger. Begin connecting with 32,000,000 US bloggers. An increasing number of those 32 million bloggers will:


  • connect with you
  • offer sound blogging advice to dissolve your ego so that you eventually trust the advice, follow it and thrive
  • co-create with you to promote your blogging success


Move on.


Move forward.


Let go people who do not reply.


Connect with people who do reply.


Let go non-resonant bloggers.


Bond with resonant bloggers.


Accelerate your blogging success.

  1. Moss Clement says:
    at 1:23 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Attaching oneself to one blogger amongst the millions of others is counter-productive. Yes, one may learn a few blogging tricks from one blogger, but consider what you will gain when you separate from that blogger, network, and make friends with other bloggers. The benefits are incredible and worth your every effort. Lisa wrote a blog post a few years ago where she mentioned that “you can’t do it all alone.”

    So even if you have one blogger on your call all the time, that one person is not enough. Do you know how much I’ve learned from you guys over the years? For instance, pro bloggers like Nikola Roza; I learned some SEO hacks from him, all be expanding my horizon of bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing, Ryan!😁😀

  2. Randall Magwood says:
    at 3:40 pm

    Great post. Luckily i have a network of bloggers who i can connect with and advise with on a monthly basis. I’ve never been one to attach to a single blogger as i know this can be quite annoying to the blogger, and can ruin a relationship that could potentially be profitable for the both of us.

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