Do You Panic About Your Blogging Campaign?

  November 18, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
This was our pool during a 6 month house sit in Jimbaran, Bali. Kelli and I swam there on a daily basis. Why not? Although one time we had to wait our turn, for a monitor lizard to finish its morning laps.

This was our pool during a 6 month house sit in Jimbaran, Bali. Kelli and I swam there on a daily basis. Why not? Although one time we had to wait our turn, for a monitor lizard to finish its morning laps.


Bloggers often panic if traffic and profits do not manifest quickly.


Good things take time and generous service. Blogging requires practice. Practicing allows you to become a successful blogger. But during this practice period of things coming together slowly and surely, bloggers tend to panic. Traffic seems scant. Profits seem non-existent. Intense fear, manifest as panic, follows.


Anxious bloggers ask pros the same questions pros answered 100s of times but expecting:


  • overnight results
  • quick success
  • easy street


but since success is always slow and steady, struggles continue and deeper panic sets in. As the panic strengthens the struggles worsen until bloggers simply quit. Who enjoys spending years in blogging panic? Why torture yourself?


Panicking only makes your job more difficult. Blogging in panicked fashion dissolves a rock solid blogging foundation. For example, imagine panicking if your blog comments do not seem to increase your blog traffic after 3 days of genuine, effective blog commenting. What happens next? Panicked bloggers spam blogs. Spammers wildly publish 1000 comments on any blog consisting of:


“Great post.”


Panicked bloggers do not care about other bloggers. Scared bloggers care only about themselves. Publishing 2 word comments makes sense to scared people, especially dropping the same 2 words on 1000 blogs in a single day. Fear makes you do dumb stuff.


Unfortunately, all 1000 “Great post” comments go to spam or trash folders. Bloggers empty spam or trash folders without even checking spam or trash folders. Imagine spending 14 hours today commenting “Great post” on 1000 blogs but nobody sees your comments? How horrible does that feel? Now, imagine fear feeling stronger in your mind. Stronger panic sets in. Since no one saw one of your 1000 comments today, panicked bloggers work 18 hours dropping 1300 “Great post” comments tomorrow. Nobody sees these comments. Every comment goes to spam or trash folders. Bloggers empty each folder. Nobody sees your work. No traffic flows to your blog through any one of the blog comments.


Fear feels even STRONGER in your mind. The following day, you work 19 hours to drop 1500 “Great post” comments on 1500 different blogs. Or perhaps you save time and drop 50 “Great post” comments on Blogging From Paradise today, then 50 on another blog, until you hit your 1500 blog post comment a day threshold. What happens? Every comment goes to spam or trash, bloggers empty each folder, no one sees your comments and you drive no traffic and profits through comments.


Most bloggers have so much fear in their mind and panic so much that they execute this daily cycle of spamming for months or even years. But nobody will ever read their comments or click through to their blogs until the individuals:


  • face, feel and release fear in mind
  • let go panic
  • embrace patience
  • publish genuine blog comments
  • persist in working an authentic blog commenting campaign


Following each prior step slowly and steadily allows traffic and profits to find genuine commentors but only because each commentor builds real friendships through blogging.


Everything changes the moment you feel fears fueling panic to clear fears and to become:


  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • relaxed
  • trusting


Do not panic.


Do not get too high.


Do not get too low.


Keep an even keel.


Be patient, persistent and generous to build a granite-like foundation for your blogging campaign.




I recorded a video to help you remain calm as a blogger:


Do Not Go Bonkers When You See Blogging Success

  1. Eri says:
    at 4:29 am

    This is a helpful post for every new blogger. It can become really scary and terrifying to post regularly and have no traffic or no comments. I was lucky enough to become a member of the tweeter blogging community from the day one of my blog and started receiving comments and also returning them. I was really enthusiastic because people were readong what I had to say so I would also comment back and I couldn’t stand myself if I just commented a simple great post. It seemed and still seems fake. As if though I haven’t read the post at all. In order to get attention from others you also have to pay attention to them. This is how everything works in life and so does blogging. Thank you for reminding it to us all! 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:21 am

      This is such a simple and powerful aspect of life that few ever understand. Helping people brings help to you. I cannot make it any more clear. Pay genuine attention to people and they will pay genuine attention to you. Eri, you were wise for starting blogging with the community mindset. Being part of that Twitter tribe helped you see from day one that blogging really is about helping people and taking a genuine interest in them. Being authentic as a new blogger will help you avoid so many problems. Thanks for sharing your experience and as always, have a great day!

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