Do Not Force Blogging Reciprocation

December 25, 2018
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I spied a funny thing recently. A few times. Frenzied, panicked bloggers demanded fellow bloggers visit their blog FIRST, on reciprocation threads. Then, after the visit, said blogger would visit another blogger blog. Not good guys. Not good. Forcing reciprocation sounds like a good idea but emits an energy of:


  • fear
  • desperation
  • greed


This is the blogging trio of repulsive emotions. I harbor compassion for someone afraid, yet, after you clog up the comment thread with 30 demands for forced reciprocation, I likely will not visit your blog. Do not force it. Help. Cut the strings.


Jess Pacheco at Learning From Strangers graciously published comments on my blog. Before I closed comments. I appreciate her kindness. Evidence of my appreciation: linking to her blog. See how it works? She demanded nothing. She helped me generously. She expected nothing. I helped her.


Palm trees in Oman.


But if you help a blogger, expect nothing from it, because it ain’t always a 1 for 1 reciprocation deal. Cut the strings of expectation. Help to help. Like the wise¬†Vidya Sury helped me, through genuine blog commenting and by promoting me on social media. Keep helping folks. Be abundant. Sweet blogging success will find you, mirroring back to you your abundance vibe.


You can watch the video here.


Do Not Force Blogging Reciprocation


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