Do You Make the Mistake of Being Stingy with Your Blogging Talents?

  March 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

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Professional bloggers out help most bloggers for a long time.


Struggling bloggers hold back for a short time or long time before quitting.


Holding back seems to plague most bloggers who fear:


  • wasting time
  • wasting money invested in their blogging campaign
  • not getting enough in return for their blogging efforts
  • not getting anything in return for their blogging efforts


Do you make the common blogging error of holding back? Bloggers usually help people a little bit by writing and publishing a blog post but stop helping folks until writing the next blog post 1 week or 1 month later. Meanwhile, during that month, generous bloggers publish a much higher volume of helpful, detailed content. As odd as it may sound to your ego, pros out-help everyone else. Pros help more people for free, frequently, during their amateur days to eventually become professional bloggers.


Struggling bloggers hold back, as a rule. Most bloggers who have a terrible time gaining traffic and profits try to be stingy with their blogging talents. For example, I saw my ego wish to be a little stingy a few moments ago. My intuition told me to generously write and publish this blog post. But my ego told me to not write and publish the blog post. Obviously, you see who I decided to allow to win. I have been cursed by my own stinginess and blessed by being generous. Truthfully, blogging success or failure develops deep within your mind. Dig deeply to root out fears goading you to be stingy. Allow your naturally generous nature to shine.


Do not hold back. Stop being stingy. Face fears fueling urges to hold back in stingy fashion. Bloggers who succeed cut the strings of attachment to outcomes. Versus publishing one post simply to see how much traffic and profits one post generates, thriving bloggers spend 2 to 4 to 6 to 10 hours daily helping people by:


  • commenting genuinely on blogs related to their niche
  • promoting bloggers from their niche on their blogs, Facebook and Twitter
  • promoting their courses, eBooks and services
  • answering blogging-related questions on Reddit and Quora


to increase:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


to professional levels.


Help people freely without expecting anything in return to become a habitual giver. Giving freely forms a solid foundation for a pro blogging career. Helping people often allows you to be all over the place in your blogging niche. Being all over the place gives you exposure enough to go pro. Being of service increases your skills and credibility, both necessary qualities embodied by every successful blogger.


However, giving freely feels uncomfortable to the ego for fear-worries about not getting anything or enough in return for service rendered. Let go blogging with an employee mindset of demanding money in return for blogging help rendered. Blogging is a business. Entrepreneurs help people for free for a long time before making money because trust, skills, credibility and exposure grow after 1000’s of blogging work hours executed over years. Every pro blogger helped people freely for years before going pro. Bloggers publish free content to become skilled, connected and credible. Help for free now. Money arrives later.


Stop holding back or success will be held back from you. Do not publish one blog post then put your feet up for the remainder of the day. Answer 5 blogging questions on Reddit. Answer 5 blogging questions on Quora. Life’s purpose is to be truly helpful. People feel happiest helping other people. Plus, worldly blogging success comes attached to the happiness of helping people for a long time. Envision this win-win scenario. Feel good. Be patient. Allow success to find you. This is genuinely simple. But the ego and its fears intend to muck it all up.


For example, I have the skills, confidence and clarity to publish a high volume of content to Blogging From Paradise daily. Deep down, I know I can publish 5-10 content-rich, detailed blog posts beneficial to you. But fears in my mind manifest as attachments to outcomes have largely scared me in to a less ambitious publishing schedule. I am being a little too stingy. I can be more generous. Writing and publishing a few more posts daily serves as evidence of nudging into fear. The journey has not been comfortable. But edging into fear to be a little more generous has helped me along the way. With that being said, my ego has mucked up my blogging career for long stretches. Training my mind reveals this. I own it.


Helping people for free may feel like hard work but it is generous, smart work forming the foundation for a professional blogging career.


Helping people for free may feel like hard work but it is generous, smart work forming the foundation for a professional blogging career. #blogging Click To Tweet


When bloggers search blogging or #blogging related keywords or hashtags or forums on:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Google
  • LinkedIn


after you helped people freely with your blogging talents for 1000’s of hours, your:


  • name
  • helpful blogging advice
  • blog
  • brand
  • business


will pop up all over the place, 1000’s and 1000’s of times, across 5-10 or more networks. People see this and in their mind formulate an idea:


“This is a blogging expert to follow. I will follow their blog, read their posts, buy their courses and eBooks, hire them to coach me and I will promote their blog and endorse them.”


Perhaps one never makes each above realization in a split second but all blogging success flows from being generous in sharing your time, talents, knowledge and help across multiple networks in front of a highly targeted audience.


Stop being stingy. Blog generously.


No blogger ever regretted being truly generous with their time and talents. Only stingy bloggers seem weighed down by the heavy anchor of regret, made by their own guilt for having not given blogging their all.


Be generous to lay the framework for a thriving, happy blogging career.




I recorded a video explaining this concept.


Do Not Be Stingy with Your Blogging Talents


Your Turn


How can you be more generous with your time and talents?


Have you been a little stingy with your blogging campaign?


How has being generous benefitted you?

  1. Eri says:
    at 4:51 am

    This is a powerful advice Ryan. It does make perfect sense the way you put it and long term it will provide big benefits. I will have this advice in mind and put it in practice as much as possible. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:25 am

      The long-term approach is so key because we have to think, feel and act for the long haul versus looking for quick, instant results. Once you have a vision it becomes easy to keep it simple and have fun helping people for a long time. From there, blogging success is guaranteed.

      I see this more each day. Do things the right way now and your success accelerates near term in a smaller way and long-term in a big way. Having a vision puts everything into action. We go from trying to get quick results toward building something meaningful with exponential growth over years.

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