Do Blogging Outcomes Poison Your Mind?

  April 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Savusavu Bay, Fiji

Savusavu Bay, Fiji


Imagine driving down a highway at 75 MPH.


You spot a mile marker.


People tend to observe the mile marker for a second then zoom by with an idea of:


  • where they are headed
  • how many more miles it will take before reaching the destination


No sane person:


  • slams on the brakes at 75 MPH to stare at the mile marker for 5, 10 or 60 seconds
  • slams on the brakes at 75 MPH to stare at the mile marker for 5, 10 or 60 minutes
  • pulls over to the side of the road to stare at the mile marker for 2 hours
  • drives on for 10 miles, worries about whether or not the mile marker seemed accurate, puts the car in reverse for 10 miles then on pulling up to the mile marker, stares at it for 2 more hours


Virtually all of us would agree: the person who concentrates on the mile marker to the point of obsession is insane because the intent is to drive from Point A to Point B versus stopping between Point A and Point B to obsess over where you appear to be on your journey.


Are You Staring Obsessively at Blogging Mile Markers?


Do you glance at:


  • traffic metrics
  • profits metrics
  • any metrics


for a few moments to figure out:


  • where you are on your blogging journey?
  • what you need to change to right your blogging course?
  • what you need to keep doing to reach your blogging destination?


If you answer “yes” to these questions you are on the right track. You successfully avoided obsessing over blogging outcomes. Good for you; scanning metrics for a few moments, planning your course and proceeding pulls you along the straight and narrow toward a successful blogging career.


Do you stare obsessively at blogging mile markers?  Do you allow blogging outcomes to poison your mind?


Do you check your email 30 times daily because you fear losing clients? Or do you check your email 5 times daily because you feel confident that clients trust you to remain with you?


Do you check traffic stats 10 times daily? Or do you understand that checking blog traffic stats weekly or monthly proves to be more reliable because hourly and daily fluctuations are virtually always wild until you drive heavy traffic to your blog?


Do you check blogging profits stats hourly? Or do you understand that money behaves in such impetuous fashion for entrepreneurs that scanning profits once daily, once weekly or once monthly makes the most sense until you really begin raking in blogging profits?


Do you base your level of generosity on how much you make money-wise through your blog? Do you hold back because you already appear to make a decent chunk of change?


Any time you decide to do something based on blogging outcomes you allowed blogging outcomes to poison your mind. Instead of helping people freely you help with strings attached. Versus figuring out what and how you give – the foundation of blogging success – you obsess over what you are getting, what you appear to not be getting and a general NOT ENOUGH feeling. You cannot get and give simultaneously. You cannot generously help people while obsessing over your needs.


Beware holding back because you feel as if you already made enough money for the day, week or month; every blogger blogs to help an increasing number of people. Pulling back based on outcomes destroys your ability to scale.


Keep helping people not to greedily or desperately gobble up more money and traffic but to help an increasing number of people to free themselves through blogging.


Anytime you stop to obsess over getting you cease giving. Ceasing giving leads to either miserable blogging failure, depressing mediocrity or the inability to scale.


Of course, make freedom your goal. Do not blog 18 hour days for years on end. Enjoy hours offline daily, too.


But when you blog….keep giving!


More importantly, do not allow blogging outcomes to poison your mind.

  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 3:46 am

    I admit that I looked at my traffic a lot when I started out. But I have managed to control this urge. Nowadays, I only look at the monthly stats. Instead, I investedmy time in a SEO book, and will soon start implementing its strategies on my blog.

  2. Stuart Danker says:
    at 11:06 pm

    Not gonna lie, I often fall into the trap of judging my posts due to external metrics. Posts that I liked before posting often end up being slightly less-liked because the audience said so.

    But then I remember where all this comes from, and as long as I’m sharing as much as I can, then all’s good. Like you said, ‘beware holding back’ indeed!

    Thanks for this post, Ryan!

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