Did You Find Your Blogging Sweet Spot?

  May 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal


I write and publish short, punchy posts best for me and you.


I found my blogging sweet spot.


Even though I wrote and published long form, highly-detailed content in the past – and still update old SEO-optimized posts – and even though each post gained some interest none sat in my blogging sweet spot. SEO-optimizing long form blog posts feels:


  • unpleasant
  • heavy
  • burdensome


to me because my intuition never told me to write long-form content; this is not my function for you. I am of best service in my sweet spot. Ditto for you. The ego told me to write long-form content. But the ego is not real. The intuition is real. Intuitive advice is always true. Intuitive advice guides you to find your blogging sweet spot.


Your style of blogging does not bring success. Your feelings about blogging and how you feel blogging bring you success.


Bloggers who publish 400-600 word posts 1-2 times daily become millionaires. Bloggers who publish SEO-optimized, 3000 word posts weekly become millionaires. If publishing long form content is the only way to succeed the short-form blogger could not become a millionaire. Of course, short-form bloggers make millions because these pros found their blogging sweet spot, honored their intuition and thrived.


Your blogging sweet spot is where you are needed. Every reader needs different help. Some need 3000 word long, detailed blog posts. Some need a 600 word post stressing one point. Some find posts through Google. Millions find posts through Facebook. Millions find posts through Twitter. Millions find posts through:


  • LinkedIn
  • forums
  • Instagram


Find your blogging sweet spot to help millions who need your specific content type to solve their problems.


What Is Your Blogging Sweet Spot?


Your blogging sweet spot feels:


  • fun
  • freeing
  • enjoyable
  • liberating
  • peaceful
  • sometimes a bit uncomfortable if it defies common convention backed by statistics


Blogging mainly for fun and freedom aligns you with people who enjoy your blogging style.


However, most bloggers ignore their sweet spot to blog solely based on:


  • stats
  • metrics
  • popular convention
  • common logic


For example, observe the thousands of struggling bloggers who publish:


  • dazzling
  • highly-valuable
  • detailed
  • SEO-optimized
  • long form


blog posts.


Why do these bloggers struggle if they appear to blog intelligently for a long time?


Each of these bloggers ignore their sweet spot to blog with:


  • force
  • straining
  • striving
  • a hard work consciousness


Since life is mindset, if you strain, strive, force things and work hard you will struggle, fail and quit due to fear in your mind calling the shots.


If you strain you will not succeed. If you publish excellent content from the mindset of fear/force-strain, nobody will read it and you will fail because feelings beat strategies. If strategies beat feelings, all successful bloggers would follow the exact same strategy.


Meanwhile, bloggers who blog in their sweet spot of 600 word posts for a long time run circles around the forced, straining, striving bloggers who cancel out their intelligent, long-form efforts with their fear-based mindset.


How Does it Feel?


How does it feel to write a specific type of blog post? If it feels bad, stop blogging in that fashion.


Find your blogging sweet spot. Have fun with blogging. Enjoy the process. Perhaps it feels fun to publish long-form, SEO-optimized content. Do that because this is your blogging sweet spot. Maybe writing short-form, 600 word posts feels forced, rushed or hurried. Stop that. That is not your blogging sweet spot.


Trust your intuition. Some readers find you through Google. Billions of human beings find you through sites other than Google. Many people need a 600 word post right now to improve their lives. Some need a 2000 word guide. Others need 1000 words. Finding your sweet spot allows people who enjoy your sweet spot to find you.


YOU become the blogging niche if you get hyper clear on finding your sweet spot. People make a beeline to your:


  • passion
  • fun
  • freedom
  • peace


through appropriate channels if you stick to your blogging sweet spot for a long time.


Do what feels fun to you to align with readers who solve their problems with your passion.

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