Do You Develop Your Blogging Emotional Intelligence Daily?

  November 8, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Buena Vista, Costa Rica

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


Blogging is simple. But blogging is sometimes highly uncomfortable because you need to face and feel fears in order to keep doing simple things.


Facing, feeling and releasing fears to proceed doing simple things requires you to develop a high level of emotional intelligence.


Being emotionally intelligent means being aware of the feelings in your mind. Developing emotional intelligence daily involves training your mind diligently.


Do you develop your blogging emotional intelligence daily? Or do you bury fears, lessen your emotional intelligence and slam into blogging struggles?


My friend SharlaAnn Matyjanka develops her emotional intelligence consistently and persistently. She creates and connects in genuine fashion on a daily basis. She asked me a question recently about how to think more like a pro blogger and less like an employee. I tweeted her my eBook:


12 Tips to Sprint from Employee to Entrepreneur


She bought the eBook, read it and mentioned it via her recent blog post. SharlaAnn exhibits an increasing level of blogging emotional intelligence based on her actions.




  • creates
  • connects
  • faces fear
  • asks questions
  • seizes solutions
  • capitalizes on solutions


All prior bullet point steps taken indicates someone aware of their feelings.


Either you become highly aware of your emotions and face fears to succeed or you bury emotions, resist fears and fail. Blogging mirrors your state of mind back to you. Face fear to grow. Bury fear to regress. Everything depends on your personal choices. Personal choices reflect a blogger’s emotional intelligence.




I recorded a video to discuss this point:



Blogging is simple, sometimes uncomfortable, in rare cases very scary but never complex. Anyone reading this post can sit down in front of a laptop, write and publish a blog post. Anyone can execute this simple, non-complex, basic action. But fears dancing around as:


  • writer’s block
  • blogger’s block
  • fear of wasting time
  • fear of failing
  • fear of being criticized
  • fear of succeeding


sit in the minds of less emotionally intelligent bloggers. Versus wading into these uncomfortable emotions to do the simple, success-promoting thing of writing and publishing a blog post, this crowd buries fears, remains comfortable, resists writing the post and fails. Failure began and ended in mind based on fears buried in a less emotionally intelligent mind. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Tips to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


A few practical ideas:


  • meditate
  • read and apply A Course in Miracles
  • do Kriya yoga
  • do yin yoga
  • pray from a loving intent
  • be truly helpful without expecting anything in return
  • face, feel and release blogging – and life – fears


Following one or multiple of the prior strategies helps you become more aware of your feelings. Being aware of your feelings helps you:


  • face
  • feel
  • release


fear to proceed toward doing simple, success-promoting blogging activities. Engaging in these activities accelerates your blogging success and makes blogging easier and easier over the long haul.


Become increasingly aware of your fears to spot the root of all blogging problems. All blogging obstacles are fears buried in your mind. Be more aware of your mind to face, feel and release fears fueling blogging problems. Release these fears to act on solutions to your blogging problems. Become more successful online.


Blogging is not difficult at all but becomes highly uncomfortable because bloggers bury fears and keep suffering the same traffic and profits problems for years. Why? Until you face your fears the problems persist.


Blogging is not difficult at all but becomes highly uncomfortable because bloggers bury fears and keep suffering the same traffic and profits problems for years. Why? Until you face your fears the problems persist. #blogging #bloggingtipsClick To Tweet


Facing fear is not difficult. But facing fear feels highly uncomfortable.


Is feeling uncomfortable for a few moments worth succeeding?  Or does it make senses to fail forever in your blogging comfort zone?

  1. Adam says:
    at 4:36 pm

    We need to think abundantly to blog successfully. Wise words here. Thanks for sharing.

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