How To Develop Blogging Posture (Amazon eBook)

August 4, 2017

how to develop blogging posture


I used to have the posture of an earth worm who forgot to do its core exercises.


Wishy washy. Weak. No backbone.


I turned things around though.


Now I have the posture of a catholic school student, from the 50’s.


Sitting straight. No slouching. I’d been whipped by enough nuns, with the meter stick. Metaphorically at least (and literally, a few times in Catholic grammar school, early 80’s style).


I wrote this eBook, which I am excited to officially release today:


How to Develop Blogging Posture (Amazon eBook)



to give you confidence and clarity in your blog, yourself and in your entire online brand.


What is blogging posture? Basically, it is the idea that you have the confidence, clarity and level of trust to know all success flows to you. Posturing bloggers work with good matches, business-wise. Posturing bloggers turn down non matches, business-wise.


Example; I regularly receive pitches for all types of business opportunities, guest posts, cults, you name it (I like the cult ones, especially).


Here’s how I – lovingly – respond to a person who wants to buy a sponsored post in bulk, said person offering a volume discount of $50 for 10 sponsored posts:


“My non-negotiable price for a single guest post is $600, Payable through Paypal.”


This drives them mad. Because I previously quoted $500 through a prior email. But for their silliness and non-posturing ways, I tack on $100 for each success email.


My record is an $800 quote for a sponsored post after said placement guy tried to worm me down price-wise thru 3 emails. He got the hint. His head exploded like that character in Total Recall.


Anyway, I wrote this eBook for you, to help you have blogging cajones. Blogging balls. Stones. Confidence. Clarity. So you can make a lot more money through your blog. So you can drive more traffic to your blog. So you can have more fun blogging. So you can live your dreams through blogging.


When you have blogging posture, you can weather storms, gracefully move through the appearance of dry spells, and most importantly, when you stand firm as fear-filled folks try to bargain-basement ya to death with absurd price pitches you will make a lot more than peanuts through your blog.


My Examples of Developing Blogging Posture


Old price for blogging audio course: $30 (I shit you not)


New price for blogging audio course: $350


Old price for blog consulting service: $25 per hour


New price for blog consulting service: $200 per hour


Old eBook price: $0.99


New eBook price: $3.99


Old sponsored post price: $50 to $100


New sponsored post price: $500 on up


It, literally, pays to have posture.


Yes; I have made more money through my blog since developing the posture to raise my prices. Raising my prices helped me make more money. This happens when you’re being abundant, and when you have the confidence, clarity and loving trust to be posturing.


Remember; it’s only money. Meaning, when you develop blogging posture you understand money is just a means of exchange. Nothing more. So when cheapies flow your way you can shrug off their poverty consciousness. When you run into the appearances of a blogging financial dry spell, you will stand firm, clearly and confidently, *not* lowering your prices or not choosing to network a few circles down the blogging scale because you will have the posture of a Marine who just left Parris Island.


How The eBook Helps You


I help you to *not* waste time and short change yourself, by explaining how to turn down poor matches. Ya know, the nightmare clients, the non payers, or, any blogger or client or customer who is not the fun, freeing, prospering choice for you.


You will learn how to become a posturing vampire – thanks Chris Deewaard – by slurping and sucking posturing juice from pros.


I also jam-pack tips for boosting your self esteem, to growing your blogging balls to whale-sized proportions (this applies for men and women bloggers, symbolically speaking….no need to go all Winny, women….which is a super vague steroid reference), releasing the folks who have the posture of a cowardly sea sponge, as well as sharing insights into how being prolific, connected and abundant thinking will accelerate your blogging success like a cheetah who drinks 15 espressos a day….before noon.





1: Turn Down *Poor* Matches

2: Suck Posturing Juice from Pros

3: Power Up Your Self Image

4: Grow Blogging Balls

5: Eliminate Blogging Jellyfish from Your Life

6: Create Like a Blogging Machine

7: Bond with Blogging Leaders

8: Believe in Abundance


Cover Story


This is the only Blogging From Paradise eBook cover I snapped in New Jersey.


It ain’t all cities and Turnpike jokes, folks.


The eBook


Ok guys and dolls.


This eBook can help put your blogging career into overdrive.


If you are ready to feel more calm, confident and clear about your blogging direction, buy the eBook.


If you want to feel clear about the pricing of your products and services (without that nagging self-doubt chattering in your mind), buy the eBook.


If you want to never feel hostage to tire kickers, bottom feeders and cheapie potential clients or business partners….and if you plain just want to make more money through your blog:


Buy How to Develop Blogging Posture (Amazon eBook)


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Rahul thanks a bunch bro.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Everytime I read your post, I get to learn a lot the way you portrait things. The analogies you bring up is just awesome. I like the way you bring travel related analogy to your blogging. Giving meaning to your blogs!

  3. Alright Jan. Awesome! Actually I charge nothing for guest posts but do charge $500 for a sponsored post. Guest posting is closed though. Keep on keeping on, and hey, thanks for watching my Live video today.

  4. Jan Verhoeff Says:

    I love it. You charge ’em $600 to guest post on your blog. I only charge those who are posting crazy crap, otherwise I let some people post for free.

    Live today was awesome. I’m usually too late to get on there, but I enjoyed today’s live “performance” and interaction. So fun.

    Great way to start my day. And the share…

    I have to tell you, yesterday was horrible. When I went to bed last night, I’d just totally had a scratch day. AWFUL. And woke up to three (3) BIG sales on my new project. Scheduling out calls this morning all ready. Can’t wait to get started with the recorded calls to add more content. Doing this!!!

  5. Woohoo! Sounds awesome Praveen. Do enjoy the eBook. Happy you are digging the delivery here. Thanks much.

  6. Cool Yash! Do enjoy it.

  7. Hello
    I will definitely buy this amazing book to give my blog posture and clarity. You always come up with a knowledgeable topic. I always happy to read your post and learn something new every time. I am new in blogging and this book will prove to be very helpful for me.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  8. Yash Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the great article. I am going with your e-book 🙂 🙂

  9. Exactly Pedro. And what a difference, right? When I developed even a bit of blogging posture things seemed clearer and easier to me. As if I took off a pair of glasses and saw the blogging light?

  10. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for a fantastic post.

    I love the idea of developing ‘blogging posture’. And your definition of ‘blogging posture’ simply rocks: “Basically, it is the idea that you have the confidence, clarity and level of trust to know all success flows to you. Posturing bloggers work with good matches, business-wise. Posturing bloggers turn down non matches, business-wise.”

    Thanks again for inspiring us to see blogging as a business, and not an expensive hobby!

    Best regards,


  11. Great example Benjamin! I dig how you held your posture. I just sold another course today. Amazing how I charged 30 freaking bucks for it LOL, for so long. But I woke up, got clear, built my posture and things turned for me, selling more courses and eBooks and boosting my services income all at higher rates. Super point too on money. I see it as extra, for rendering helpful service and for building your friend network.

  12. That’s awesome and I went through something pretty similar before I really started to succeed as a ghostwriter. I started ghostwriting so that I could replace my bartender/server income about 10 years ago. However, I thought I had to compete with all the cheap writers with horrible English, so I set my rate at a penny per word. It wasn’t until I tripled this rate that I found great clients with the ability to really use the content for success. Today, I charge quite a bit more than even that tripled rate and my business has flourished!

    I love how you call this blog posture and that’s the perfect term. I think we all have to have principles we stick to and will not waiver from. It’s annoying when you start following a great bloggers and all the sudden they’ve sold out and all the content/ads becomes all about the sponsors because they wanted to make a few bucks. Stick to your guns and the money will be there.

    It’s not about making money, anyway. It’s about helping people and money will become a useful byproduct of that help you’ve provided!

  13. Thanks Kishan, enjoy it!

  14. Good deal Niki. Excited to see your products develop.

  15. That’s awesome that raising your prices helped you sell more. I may need to consider that in the future. I’m still working on my products.

  16. Kishan Says:

    The e-book provided by you will be interesting and I will surely go for it.
    Thank you.

  17. Good for you Jane 😉 It feels empowering to have posture, right? Awesome-ness. Keep rocking it out.

  18. Monna that is awesome. I know it gets scary sometimes to have posture. Especially during lean time. But when sales persistently increase over weeks and months at the higher, premium, right price, goodness it feels awesome to make more money. It just makes life easier. Thank you for all of the love. I appreciate you!

  19. Hi Ryan,

    I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over when I comment on your blog. It’s true though, I learn something new every time I come here.

    I have one of my books I’ve stood firm on the price ever since I wrote and published it. There have been some lean times but also some great sales. I need to work on getting that same kind of confidence in my other books and on my blog too.

    Thank you again. Ryan. 🙂

  20. Right on Ryan! You have just given me ‘posture’. I did posture a month ago, stood my ground, did not back down and after reading your article feel that I have done the right thing. Thanks for giving me the confidence.

  21. Bingo Shantanu! This is it; when you develop your skills and charge a premium, folks see the offering as being special, helpful, valuable. The higher price changes the perception, leading to increased sales.

  22. Hello Ryan,

    Great give away here buddy 🙂

    This e-book of yours, would be of great help in shaping our blogging structure.

    Those who are willing to achieve what you have done it with a ease, they need to grab this e-book of yours.
    I totally agree, marking high price tags always gonna help us. People have that nature, if that things costs more then there
    would be some secret recipe in there which would be worth of that cost.

    Thanks for the share.


  23. You got it Patrick 😉 This is a cool read for standing tall, having posture and being clearer with your blog, which accelerates your success.

  24. Patrick Says:

    I’ll be checking this out. I could really use some backbone in my blogging strategy. Thanks as always Ryan.

  25. Stalk away Cori LOL! No really, I appreciate it so much. Thanks so much for buying a copy too! You are doing great, laying an awesome foundation as you build your business. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  26. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m sorry I missed your Live feed but I’m glad I caught the last part. I turned on notifications so now I’ll know when you’re Live. Does that sound stalker-ish? I hope not, LOL.

    I just picked up my copy and I can’t wait to dive into it and soak up everything you show us!

    Kudos to you and to your success and I wish you even more! I’m not quite there yet, which is why I know your eBook is going to help me!

    Thanks for showing us how it’s done!

    Have a great day and weekend!


  27. I left a thought.