Do You Deeply Fear Sharing Your Blogging Mistakes?

  May 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


I wrote and self-published over 100 eBooks from 2014-2016.


But I made a mistake in so doing because I did not have a big enough audience and lacked scaling wisdom to actually give each of these eBooks exposure.


I also uploaded all save 2 to Amazon. I made a big mistake because Amazon consumed too much in commissions for the thorough, detailed reads. I received a pittance in payment compared to the value shared through each eBook.


I corrected each error by pulling all eBooks from Amazon and uploading only a few of these manuals to Selz and Gumroad with higher prices and commissions paid. Each manual can get the attention it deserves and give the appropriate payment based on value rendered.


I erred for years by not:


  • meeting new bloggers daily
  • building stronger bonds with blogging friends
  • engaging freely on social media


in a genuine, 100% ALL IN fashion. Even though I networked I did not spend hours daily doing it with the right energy.


I corrected these errors by committing fully to a genuine blogger outreach campaign for hours daily.


My list of blogging mistakes runs long.




  • slammed into blog performance issues with an old host and did not make necessary changes for weeks
  • accepted sponsored posts from anyone who paid
  • linked to anyone without verifying the credibility of the blogger and their blog
  • made far more mistakes to review


during various stages of my 15 year blogging career.


Why do I share my blogging errors with you?


I am being transparent. I am showing you that I am a real human being who screws up sometimes but still circles the globe as a pro blogger.


How About You?


Do you fear sharing your mistakes? Do you fear appearing to be a fraud? Do you believe that people will see you as being less than credible if you admit to making huge blogging mistakes?


I have news for you.


“Not” sharing your blogging mistakes makes you look:


  • like a fraud
  • less than credible
  • untrustworthy


because hiding your flaws hides the truth. Hiding the truth makes you fraudulent, less than credible and untrustworthy.


Sharing errors also bonds you with bloggers who previously perceived you in a delusional light.


For example, some bloggers delude themselves into believing that I am:


  • lucky
  • gifted
  • talented
  • blessed


to circle the globe as a pro blogger.


However, all of these beliefs are bullshit spewed by the ego and its delusions.


Luck does not exist in a precise Universe. Every blogger has gifts; I simply chose to develop mine. I was not a talented blogger 15 years ago; I practiced to develop my blogging skills. Every human being is blessed but needs to do the mindset training to see it; I did mine over many years.


Even though each bullet point above is bullshit, the ego needs to be shocked out of delusion to see reality. By sharing my mistakes you see reality. Seeing reality allows you to perceive the truth. I am a guy who made many scary but freeing choices to train my mind and to work at blogging for a long time to become an island hopping pro blogger.


Being transparent helps you to see that you too can circle the globe as a pro blogger even if you have made blogging mistakes. Reviewing my errors reveals to you blogging errors you may be making now in order to correct the mistakes and move in a successful direction.


As Donna Merrill points out, legendary bloggers work on their blog daily to become legends.


Closely observing top bloggers indicates that these pros do simple things daily for a very long time to become highly successful.  For almost all top bloggers, the ego injects fear into the equation in moments of desperation and/or greed, makes simple things complex, and mistakes follow. However, mindful amateur bloggers spot those errors and correct each mistake to suffer a temporary roadblock.


Every blogger makes mistakes. Bloggers who admit this truth instantly become more credible than someone who attempts to hide their errors to emit a perfectly pristine blogging image.


I did want to mention one important point…..


Teach How to Succeed


Share your blogging mistakes to be transparent but predominantly teach bloggers to succeed because bloggers want to succeed.


For example, perhaps you can publish a post sharing 5 of your biggest blogging errors but also share 5 corrections to those mistakes to preach a message of success. After you publish this mistakes-post, publish 4 or 5 posts detailing primarily how to succeed as a blogger.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. If you blog too often about your mistakes you will attract mistake-prone bloggers clinging to a failure consciousness. Failure conscious bloggers tend to be dodgy readers and resistant to investing money in courses, manuals and coaching for their unconscious habits of self-sabotage.


At the end of the day you need to surround yourself primarily with prospering, success conscious, loyal readers to go pro.


Do not be afraid to share blogging failures.


But do teach how to succeed as the prime focus on your blog.

  1. Adam says:
    at 7:23 pm

    Awesome post Ryan. I’m in the catering biz and have been exploring blogging for only a short time, though I find that its a great outlet to connect with my community and engage my customers. Do you have any tips for finding things to blog about specifically? I find it hard to come up with content on a weekly basis. Thanks!

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