4 Tips to Become a Creative Blogger

  February 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Mombacho, Nicaragua


Being a creative blogger positions you to drive steady blog traffic and profits.


But becoming a creative blogger seems challenging in some regards.


Fear manifests as writer’s block. Wading outside of your comfort zone to pluck blog post ideas feels unpleasant.


However, following a few simple tips stokes your creative fires even if fear tries to hold you back.


Creative bloggers eventually dominate their niches. Creative bloggers also land features on top sites. Being prolific allows you to distance yourself from the blogging herd. Even though I am not nearly as talented as bloggers in my niche I do create a high volume of helpful content to stand out. Guest blogging and genuinely commenting on blogs for years allowed people to see me because being creative through each channel boosted my online exposure.


I used to be as creative as a sea slug after a 10 day drunk. Now I publish content freely.


Follow these tips to become a creative blogger.


1: Manage Your Energy


All my creativity flows from my energy.




  • did 50 minutes of deep yin yoga at 3:30 PM
  • ran for 50 minutes at 10 AM
  • did some deep breathing a few times today


to effectively boost my energy. Boosting my energy keeps me in flow. Being in flow keeps me creative, churning out content with increasing ease. Most days, at least.


Follow an energy management ritual. What floats your boat? Prayer. Meditation. Yoga. Exercise. Any or all; just dive in, vibe higher and become hella creative.


Boost your energy to seize and use ideas to create. Creative types usually seem to be energetic dynamos. Manage your energy. Become a creative blogger.


2: Slow Down and Calm Down


Exhibit A; it is 12:28 PM and I feel tired as hell now.  I have been awake for a bit. My mind raced a wee bit, worrying I’d not seize ideas for writing. But here I am. Writing. How? I took a deep breath, slowed down, calmed down, and the words flowed.


Slow yourself. Relax. Calm down. Take a chill pill. Being calm and at peace lets words flow from mind to keyboard to Word document, making you quite the creative blogging sweet robbin.


Breathe deeply. Prolific bloggers allow ideas to slowly flow through their consciousness. Even if some writers appear to write quickly the idea flow seems to unfold slowly, steadily and patiently. Perhaps the activity of writing appears to be quickly executed but the ideas flow from ethers, to mind to fingers slowly and deliberately.


Slow stop.


Seize ideas.


Be creative.


3: Call Upon Your Personal Stories


Sometimes I feel totally blocked up, idea-wise. Not often, but I do deal with writer’s block here and there.


Recounting personal stories from my world travels or from my online day perks me up into a prolific plane. One moment, I feel like I’m in an ideas desert, begging for an oasis, craving creativity. The next moment, when I recall a story from my life, I become incredibly creative.


You are human. So you have countless stories to call upon and to relate to your blogging niche.


Be creative by recounting personal stories from your day.


Pro blogger Kim Willis stresses how content ideas are everywhere.


Follow his advice. Take a moment to look at the world around you.


Be creative by developing the skill of recounting your daily stories through blog content, guest posts, videos and podcasts.


4: Add Details to Your Personal Stories


Calling upon personal stories makes you creative. Adding details to stories to paint vivid images makes you incredibly creative, by expanding your imagination.




The monkey scowled down at me, a gringo invader in his jungle habitat. We had been told monkeys were so unused to dealing with people here that they didn’t take kindly to their simian brethren.


He did some hooting and hollering. One moment later the cheeky Capuchin grabbed a branch and thrashed it around, issuing a warning signal. I was then greeted by a gentle cascading of a fine mist; monkey piss. Message received. I hit the road. Being a monkey urinal meant my jungle hike was over.


See how reading and seeing these details makes you feel creative? Ditto for me, the writer. Think of adding details to paint a vivid picture-story as a way to flex your mental muscles.


Note; I recounted vivid details from a personal experience with monkeys, above. Adding details to the encounter fosters my creativity. Being more creative goads me to create and publish more helpful, in-depth content.


The Wrap Up


Double down on energy work guys. Embrace the practical tips but dive into meditating, yoga or whatever you do to raise your vibe and to expand your awareness. Managing your energy dissolves fear-blocks screwing up your creativity. Removing these barriers makes you stupid creative.

  1. Sabina says:
    at 6:00 pm

    This is such different advice than I would find on other blogs. I really like it, I can tell it comes from your heart and your soul and your life. AND it is excellent advice to boot!

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