Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger eBook


Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger eBook


Before we dive into today’s eBook I want to shout out my web developer aka Speed Demon Phillip Dews for the work he’s done here.


He’s done a spectacular job making my site lean and mean.


On to da Kindle!…..


Unexpected events.


Blogging fires.






The White Screen of Death.


Sometimes it feels like the blogging gods are against you.


In these moments, bloggers with the right mindset take a deep breath, relax, embrace the resistance, feel the fear, and proceed to find solutions in a calm, confident, clear manner.


The struggling bloggers of the world bitch, moan, whine and complain about events. Which is why they are struggling bloggers, right?


I wrote an eBook to inspire you to leap frog over obstacles so you can taste sweet blogging success by thinking, feeling, acting and *being* a successful blogger.


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Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger



This is a fun read for building a rocking blog with the right energy.


Benefits of Reading the eBook


The ultimate benefit is solving blogging obstacles quickly and easily.


To see solutions and opportunities in obstacles you need to energetically be a successful blogger. Even if you’ve not seen much success yet.


This eBook helps you change your vantage point. Kinda like looking over the fence to see freedom, beyond the prison that most bloggers see when any old obstacle pops up.


Reading this eBook helps you:


  • blog mainly for fun
  • increase your traffic and profits without obsessing over traffic and profits
  • blog from a predominant energy of love, versus from a predominant energy of fear
  • boosts your blogging posture so you let go non matches and work with awesome, like-minded clients and customers
  • become patient
  • become persistent
  • become passionate about blogging


Sound good?


Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of the read.


What’s In the eBook?


I jam-packed this Kindle with practical tips for building a successful blogging mindset.


When you think and act like a pro, you become a pro. Simple as that.


Here are the chapters.




1: Introduction

2: Getting Fully Clear on Your Topic

3: Develop Posture

4: Change Your Vibe Change Your Blog

5: Step Away from the Laptop

6: Practical Tips for Improving Your Mindset: A Daily Mental Science Primer for Professional Bloggers

7: How to Identify and Overcome Underdog Syndrome

8: Why Meditating Is the Most Important Thing I Do Daily, Blogging-Wise

9: The Money Chapter: Mindset, Money, Blogging

10: Freedom; What You Really Want


The intro gives you an idea why you want to think like a pro; as within, so without.


Chapter 2 reveals the core secret to being an expert in your niche.


Chapter 3 lays out strategies for developing blogging posture, so you connect mainly with awesome folks and make more money through your blog.


Chapter 4 explains why changing your energy changes your blog….dramatically, in many cases.


5 preaches why detaching from your blog by spending time enjoying offline life actually makes you more successful.


6 helps you set up rituals for improving your mindset….and your blog.


Chapter 7 reveals a sneaky but damaging meme that cripples most bloggers.


Chapter 8 preaches the immense power of meditating daily and why this habit promotes your blogging success.


9 dives into how to make more money blogging by improving your mindset.


10 explains why freedom, not things, is what you really crave, and how shifting your intent accelerates your blogging success.


The eBook


Are you guys ready for a fun, helpful read?


Buy Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger