How to Connect with Online Influencers

February 6, 2018
How to connect with online influencers.
How to connect with online influencers.


We’re baaaaack.


Alonzo Pichardo and I recorded a new online success podcast to help you connect with online influencers.


Most bloggers do influencer marketing woefully wrong.


AP and I explain why you should:


  • help top bloggers and marketers without looking for anything in return
  • chat about hobbies and interests not related to your online business to become memorable to influencers
  • avoid asking established pro bloggers for anything until you’ve developed a strong friendship; otherwise, you are basically trying to use these folks and their high traffic, respected blogs for your gain while taking zero interest in the human behind the blog


Click the Play button to enjoy our latest podcast episode:



Your Turn


Do you follow these tips?


How are you connecting with online influencers?


Resources for this Podcast


I hand picked a few Blogging From Paradise eBooks, audio books and paperbacks as recommended resources for this podcast.


Shop and enjoy.



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  1. Yes you do Michael! Thanks for the endless retweets brother 😉

  2. Put them first! I always follow this rule.

  3. Moss thanks so much bro! This is how it’s done. I read an email from a blogger who wanted a vote from me. I followed up with this advice; help me some without asking for anything in return and you will gradually earn my trust. Of course they went around and told me they’d help me if I’d vote for them. Like talking to a wall LOL. Thanks for all you do my friend. Much love!

  4. Yep it was the 8th buddy. Thanks Jerry!

  5. Thanks much Donna 😉 Building bonds first by helping without asking for anything lays a foundation for an inspired influencer marketing campaign. When top bloggers trust you the potential for growth is astounding.

  6. Hi Ryan,

    Great chat with Alonzo.

    This is really good stuff.

    Influencers should be a part of your business.

    Because, like you say, they do have all that traffic and expertise and wonderful followings.

    But I guess it’s common sense – that you don’t just jump into their space and hack their audience.

    There’s a way to do things that can really take you far with influencer marketing.

    But you got to do it smart and do it right.

    I’m sure anybody that listens to your success chat will learn what they’ve got to do… and how.

    Fun 🙂


  7. Jerry Peri Says:

    Happy birthday in advance, Alonzo! And Ryan did you say yours is on the 8th? Seriously?
    I enjoyed watching this chat, it’s resourceful! Thanks guys. Will make good use of the tips!!!

  8. Moss Clement Says:

    Hi Ryan& Alonzo,

    Great video my friends. The two of you are like a match made in heaven for bloggers. Rightly said Ryan, helping pro-bloggers and looking for something in return is not the way to go. Personally I believe in creating long-term relationships. Now how can I create a relationship with you guys when all I do is come around looking for what I can possibly get from you?

    There many different ways to build trust, credibility, which will in turn set you up for the long run.

    For example, I share your articles across social channels because I find them very informative and useful. There are millions of others who needs this articles and the best I can do is help spread the word.

    In fact, I just published an article titled: “25 amazing books every blogger and freelance writer must read.” I included 2 of your books and a link back to your 126 other books.

    This I believe is a great way to help pro bloggers. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:


    Thanks you both for these amazing video.

  9. Having those doubts and deep fears is definitely normal Anda. The key is gradually shifting away from the fear-based way of spamming and pitching toward providing service. Weird to think about it but life and blogging is simply facing, feeling and releasing fears to move into harmonious, trusting, prospering actions. Not easy for sure but over time it does become natural until we do it habitually. Thanks for your comment my friend 🙂

  10. Thanks for the shout Drewry! I read the post and appreciate it bro.

  11. Freddy thanks so much bro! Like Alonzo I am happy you enjoyed listening because the chats are serving their purpose. Being of greater service is the fool proof way to succeed. I see this each and every day. More folks know me because I just want to help then follow up with guest posts and blog posts and videos and podcasts. Thanks as always my friend.

  12. Paying it forward is the core to happiness and success Israel. Wise phrase usage here buddy. This gets us out of Survival Mode so you think of others and how you can serve them before focusing heavily on your own needs. Thanks brother 🙂

  13. Thanks Freddy for the kind words, i’m glad our videos are serving it’s purpose …

  14. Hello Ryan,

    It’s very natural that top and professional bloggers should be helped in various ways by those offering comments without expecting anything in return. That will keep it a pay-it-forward system of marketing.

    Blog commenters who don’t understand this system of blogging would be regarded as cheats who are just trying to tap from the high traffic without offering any help to the pro blogger. One of the good ways blog commenters should help these pro bloggers is to promote their blogs on their own sites.

    Prior to asking for any kind of favor from an established top blogger, it’s truly great to have built friendship for some good amount of time. Keeping it a pay-it-forward system indeed will help everyone in all respect and the world will soon become a better place for everybody.

  15. What’s up fellas!

    I watched this yesterday. I saw you were talking about this in another blog post somewhere else. See, I’m stalking you man! hahah

    You guys have such a nice energy. I actually have played some of the videos in the background while doing my online work a few days ago. Such soothing conversations you guys got going on. And packed with valuable tips too.

    Helping with the true intent to actually help is the way to go. This is such a simple but super powerful advice if taken seriously. There is a flow of energy. Everything is energy. Money is energy. And it flows around whether you are involved or not.

    If you want to succeed more, then be of more service (help more dude!). That’s it. Really. There is no secret formula other than passion and genuine help from a heart centered place. People feel your vibes and it’s amazing how you can change your entire life when you start to pay attention to yourself and your true intentions.

    Anyway, I don’t want to rant for too long here (cuz I could). I want to congratulate you guys on this new journey!

    I see you guys are working on a new website for these series. I look forward to that!

    Best regards! 😀

  16. DNN Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m really glad people like you are online blogging away to your heart’s content and continue to be an inspiring example of change from employee to entrepreneur. I really respect your transformation that you went straight into entrepreneurship and didn’t turn back after being fired from your job. I mentioned you in a post on DNN and hope you like it.

    Keep doing what you’re doing with your blogging and being yourself online because you’re inspiring so many more people that you don’t know about. Thank you for being a continual side Hustle inspiration and most importantly, keeping people hopeful that they can quit their day jobs and rely 100% on side hustle entrepreneurship for a full-time income.

  17. Anda Galffy Says:

    Very interesting chat with Alonzo Pichardo. I count myself among the lucky bloggers who don’t have to make a living as a writer. But there are a lot of bloggers whose livelihood depends on their ‘online’ success, so I can’t blame them for having doubts and fear. It’s tough out there and you probably know it better than anybody else. But you succeeded. I have to agree with you that when you surround yourself with folks who are inspiring and successful and who have fun doing what they do, you feel inspired too. Nonetheless, it takes time to conquer your fear and be ready to take risks.

  18. I left a thought.