1 Profitable Concept On Blogging Income Streams That May Blow You Away

April 2, 2018
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If you have helped folks with your content and generously built a blogging buddy network, you have already earned your blogging profits.


Peep your blog well-stocked with helpful, targeted content.


Observe your diligent engagement, loyal readership and highly engaged, loving blogging community.


The blogging profits are in the value you already created and the loyal network you already built, through your generosity.


Now it’s just a matter of receiving profits by opening helpful income streams you feel clear on.


Income streams are helping and receiving vehicles. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Income streams do not earn you profits. Income streams allow you to receive profits.


Eye-Opening Concept


This concept probably blows your doors off.


Maybe you obsessed over:


  • worrying about which income stream to choose based on its “profitability”
  • how you should monetize your blog based on your audience
  • what income streams vibed with your niche


Most bloggers pain themselves over monetizing when it is a simple, clear, clean process:


  • creating something helpful and add a price tag
  • receive money you earned through your generous service over the years


How it works…..


The Profiting Process


People buy into *you* based on the:


  • free content you generously share across multiple platforms online
  • large, loyal friend network you build by generously promoting other bloggers
  • persistence, passion and patience you exhibit by generously being this person for years of your life


Once people buy into you, ya got your earnings.


The only reason why you open an income stream is to create a helpful vehicle through which you receive money you already earned, by offering a valuable premium product.


Income streams are kinda like ATM cards for the generous, detached blogger, with the exception that you offer something helpful for the money. But since you offered helpful content on your blog and built your friend network, folks will buy the product or hire you because they believe in you and your offering. No vetting process. Just a buying action.


Takes Tension from Monetization


Thinking along these lines removes tension, worry, doubt and fear from the blog monetizing process. Overwhelm dissolves. Confusing about which income stream to pick fades away.


All roads lead to Rome. All income streams you feel clear on allow you to receive money if you generously help folks through your blog and create a helpful premium offering. The gravity you added to blogging income streams breaks down into no big deal, really.


2 Rubs


2 important points here:


  1. you cannot just sit on your ass and watch Netflix all day long; generously helping people for free and generously promoting bloggers in your niche to make friends over years lays the foundation for boosting your earnings
  2. pick income streams you feel clear on, and create (or choose) products and services you know benefit your readership


If I spent 1-2 hours daily helping people generously and the remaining 22 hours thinking only of myself, fulfilling my needs, focusing on me, I’d not earn jack shit. My energy would be stingy, self-centered, and fear-based, predominantly, and one does not boost earnings by thinking of themselves all day long. Earnings flow through folks you generously helped, either for 10 seconds, or over the years. Since you know your stuff and have generously helped folks over years, of course you’ll create rocking products and services. Different format; same help.


If I wrote and self-published a shit eBook I’d not receive much money I’d earned because I’d be unclear on my premium offering. This is why many respected bloggers literally make no money through their blogs. Subconsciously, such bloggers either offer low quality products or services, or believe their quality offerings are low quality, doubting and second-guessing themselves, and of course they cannot receive any of the money they earned because their funky, fear-based energies around income streams scare off money and prospering clients and/or customers.


 C + C + RIC = BP


Creating + Connecting + Helping and Receiving through Income Streams = Blogging Profits


Your loyal readers already want what you have to offer, premium content wise, before you even create the course or eBook or service. Adopt that clear, calm, fun-loving vibe to create helpful content, then add a price tag to that content, and you’ll both serve folks and receive the money you already earned.


Is this a different way for you to view blogging income streams?


Blogging Course


If you need help with your blog and want an in-depth course I got ya covered:


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  1. This is a simple process Vishwajeet, as you note and have experienced yourself. Focus on service. Like almost 100%. Boost earnings. Receive by opening helpful income streams. Thanks bro!

  2. Shock and awe coolness is a wonderful concept Glenn. Thanks for the rocking comment buddy.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Awesome post, buddy! As usual, sage-like advice here.

    I think my favourite part of this whole post is this sentence: “Income streams do not earn you profits. Income streams allow you to receive profits”.

    That is so true. You can plug in numerous income streams, but unless you’re doing what you need to do in order to earn that income then you could end up waiting a long time for any of them to do anything.

    Frank Kern talks about this concept when he refers to helping people through “shock and awe coolness” by putting your best foot forward. If you lead with your best foot then you’ll have people snatching your hand to buy from you before you even get to the point of trying to sell them something!

    It’s then that your income stream delivers money that you have already earned through your prior actions.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Ryan. I hope you’re keeping well, my friend! 🙂


  4. Hey Ryan,

    I really like your humor. Monetizing a blog and make a profit from it is a big part of blogging journey and newbies are always find it quite hard and difficult. When you put your 100% and deliver quality and helpful content that resonates with your readers can help you to make a profit. There is no rocket science behind it. As you have said connecting to bloggers and with your audience is very important to deliver right product and services to them. Thanks for this beautiful post.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  5. I left a thought.