10 Ways to Correct Common Blogging Mistakes

  June 12, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read

Lake Pukaki


(Updated June 12, 2022)


Blogging can position you to become an authority in your niche.


Going pro frees you to be your own boss.


Professional bloggers set their own schedule. Adventurous pros circle the globe while growing a successful blogging business.


Unfortunately, most bloggers struggle to succeed. Making common blogging mistakes derails their professional blogging careers.


I want to help you address ten typical blogging errors to put you on the right track.


Own any mistakes that you appear to make. Correct each error to move in a successful blogging direction.


Be on the lookout for many any of these common blogging mistakes.


1: Blog for a Lifetime Not Just Today


Blog with a “lifetime” frame in mind.


Resist blogging mainly for daily or weekly goals. Blogging mainly for short term goals promotes a short cut mentality. Taking blogging short cuts leads to failure or muted success at best.


Create a blogging vision. See long term. Publish evergreen content. Build long term relationships.


Professional bloggers think in yearly terms not hourly fluctuations. Think long term to slowly but steadily experience blogging success.




  • resist the urge to get rich quickly
  • never expect overnight success
  • create a vision to see the long but rewarding blogging journey through


2: SEO-Optimize All Blog Posts


SEO-optimize all blog posts to increase:


  • targeted traffic
  • passive traffic
  • customers
  • clients


Publish 1500 word plus, detailed blog posts. Link to valued resources from your blog. Link to trusted blogging resources via authority blogs within your niche.


Google traffic grows your targeted, passive blog traffic. Highly interested readers who visit your blog around the clock gradually buy your courses and eBooks, hire you and become a strong source of referral business.


Do not publish thin content. Short posts do not attract targeted readers passively. Resist publishing off topic posts because doing so draws disinterested readers to your site.


Optimize all blog posts for SEO to grow your blogging business.


3: Engage in Genuine Blogger Outreach


Help bloggers from your niche. Ask for nothing in return.


Earn trust. Make blogging friends.


Practical Tips


  • comment genuinely on blogs from your niche
  • promote bloggers through your blog
  • promote bloggers through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


Never blog solo because lone wolves die.


In a world of connected bloggers, blogging buddies promote your success while lone wolves vanish.


4: Open Multiple Income Streams


Open multiple streams of income to:


  • boost earnings
  • protect yourself against income channels disappearing
  • detach from any one profit channel


Do not monetize through one or two channels because income streams can and do disappear overnight.  Resist the urge to rely on one stream because it feels familiar.


Vendor Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua


Bloggers sometimes lose their full online income after:


  • Google algorithm changes
  • company policy changes
  • social media algorithm shifts
  • companies closing down, being shuttered or acquired by bigger companies


For example, Amazon purchased Selz and decided to shutter the company. Even though I sold two manuals and one course through Selz I diversified my manual and blogging course digital storefronts via Gumroad. I simply moved my Selz products to Payhip for a seamless transition but already had courses and manuals available for sale through one other digital storefront.


I also removed all of my eBooks from Amazon to sell a select few robust eBooks – branded as rich manuals – via Gumroad and Payhip after deciding to capitalize on their more favorable pricing and commission structures.


Open multiple income channels. Increase your profits. Insulate yourself against any one income stream vanishing.


Open multiple income channels. Increase your profits. Insulate yourself against any one income stream vanishing.Click To Tweet


Income Ideas


  • offer coaching services
  • offer freelancing services
  • engage in affiliate marketing
  • sell sponsored posts
  • sell ad space
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • create online courses


Increase your profits by diversifying income streams.


5: Find the Midway Point Between Hiding Your Business and Over Promoting


Establish a medium point between hiding your business and over promoting your venture.


Profit by making your business visible. But resist only promoting your business with every:


  • blog post
  • blog page
  • social media update


Focus on sharing helpful, detailed content to grow your blogging business. Pepper in self-promoting here and there. Publish clear products and services pages to give readers an idea of how you can help them for a premium.


Develop this skill through personal experience. Let your intuition guide you as you gain greater self-promoting and content creating experience.


6: Find the Midway Point Between Perfectionism and Carelessness


Establish the ideal point between being a perfectionist and being careless.


Perfectionism is the fear of criticism, failure and rejection combined. Perfectionists wait on the blogging sidelines for not feeling like they are good enough to be accepted. Bloggers who seek perfection fear being criticized, rejected or flat out failing; these people are their own worst critics.


Do a good job helping readers with detailed content. Publish the post. Let go your judgment of the post.


Being careless promotes failure because publishing a high volume of:


  • typo laden content
  • grammatical error peppered throughout your content
  • thin content
  • non-optimized content
  • poorly-planned content


leads to struggles, failure and quitting.


Careless content creators help no one, self included.


Practice the skill of caring enough but not too much. Get lost in helping people generously. Spread love through your blog. Have fun. Enjoy the process. Do a good job by being thorough to avoid being sloppy. But beware falling into a self-judgmental, perfectionist loop guaranteeing your failure.


Savagely criticizing yourself to the point of sitting on the blogging sidelines leads to failure just like abject mindlessness does.


Help people generously. Publish the post. Pro bloggers do the best job helping people thoroughly by publishing blog posts.


Be carefree in helping people. Be generous but without worry as you serve your ideal reader freely.


7: Learn Only From Professional Bloggers


Learn how to blog only from pro bloggers.


Do what works. Succeed.


Avoid the error of surrounding yourself with struggling new bloggers. Failing bloggers teach failure through their example. Exit your comfort zone. Let go failing bloggers to learn from successful bloggers.


Following pros feels uncomfortable because top bloggers challenge you with proven strategies guaranteed to propel you outside of your comfort zone into your fears. However, if you want to succeed you better follow advice only from successful bloggers.


Surround yourself with the best to become the best.


8: Drive Only Targeted Traffic


Target all blog traffic to establish a:


  • loyal readership
  • client base
  • customer base
  • strong referral based business


Cappadocia, Turkey


Highly targeted readers grow your blogging business because interested individuals want what you have to offer through your:


  • content
  • products
  • services


Optimize all blog posts for SEO. Publish content with your ideal reader in mind. Build all content around long tail keywords related to your blogging niche.


For example, all content I now publish on Blogging From Paradise centers around a blogging tips themed, long tail keyword. I optimize all posts for Google traffic, network only with bloggers and publish text only, blogging tips updates on social media for a targeted, wider organic reach.


Non-targeted traffic rarely if ever grows your business because if people do not want your content or premium offering why would they hire you and buy your products?


Update old blog posts by optimizing content for SEO. Center each old post on a niche specific keyword. Drive targeted blog traffic through every blog post to become a professional blogger.


9: Drive Only Organic Traffic


Focus on organic blog traffic to gain credibility.


Drive traffic based on the quality of your blog posts.


Organic blog traffic flows to your blog based on the merit of blog posts. The blog content promotes itself based on post quality, depth and targeting and subsequent referral marketing across multiple online channels.


Struggling bloggers attempt to drive inorganic traffic through manipulative methods including:


  • spamming blog comments
  • volume publishing thin blog posts
  • publishing expert roundups mainly to gain influencer promotional support


Stop trying to get traffic through forced methods. Failure follows. In rare cases, muted success seems to follow but only temporarily.


Drive only organic traffic to your blog around the clock based on the detailed, in-depth, targeted nature of optimized blog posts.


10: Publish Posts to Thrive Not to Maintain a Schedule


Bloggers commonly err in publishing posts to fulfill a posting schedule.


Publishing content to maintain frequency lessens content:


  • depth
  • quality
  • targeting


For example, if you hurriedly publish a post mainly to follow a posting schedule you cannot:


  • write 1500 plus word posts containing a rich collection of practical tips
  • add in-depth details to each post
  • format the post for easy reading and scanning
  • properly link in and out to valued resources
  • research for the blog post
  • promote the post effectively across multiple channels


Typically, even skilled bloggers spent 3-4 hours or longer writing a properly optimized post before publishing the content.


Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal


Lesser skilled bloggers cannot create such critical content with the fear of missing a publish date driving them to hurriedly publish thin posts.


Focus on blog post quality, first. Progressively, bloggers add a higher quantity of quality blog posts to their blogs.




Should you publish blog posts daily?


In most cases, the answer is “no” because post quality suffers.


Check out this video for the answer:


Should You Publish a Blog Post Daily?




Correcting common blogging mistakes accelerates your success.


Own your errors. Address and correct your mistakes to maintain peace of mind.


Blog generously, patiently and persistently to position yourself to go pro.

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