Do You Commit to Blogging 100 Percent?

  February 17, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

From my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


I can say 1 thing after blogging for 14 years:


you need to be ALL IN FOR YEARS in order to get closer and closer to your blogging potential.


you need to be ALL IN FOR YEARS in order to get closer and closer to your blogging potential. #bloggingClick To Tweet




Ryan Biddulph on Twitter


I have tweeted over 600,000 times since 2008. Tweeting well over half a million tweets is called being ALL IN ON BLOGGING FOR A LONG TIME.


Commit 100% to see fun blogging returns over the long haul. Or commit 1% to see no returns short term and long term. Or commit 50% to see a little success and far more failure. Or commit 0 percent to see nothing. Or give blogging a shot to see nothing. Or put blogging off, or, take a look at blogging, to see nothing.


What Does Being 100% Committed to Blogging Mean?


  • establish a generous, trusting, detached energy focused on helping people and making friends
  • embody that being for 1000’s of hours spanning years
  • embody that being even when fear manifest as terror, depression, sadness, anger, rage, boredom and other illusions arise
  • keep embodying that being AFTER facing, feeling and clearing deep fears
  • keep embodying that being when you feel really good, too, versus distracting yourself
  • give yourself proper rest time to recharge but dive right back into blogging for 1000’s of hours spanning years to be ALL IN



Pay close attention to the in 463,000 results number above to know that number = 15,000 plus hours of my life blogging since 2007.


Fear in your mind hates these numbers. The ego hates these numbers too. What is the result of fear, the ego and hating 100% commitment? No 100% commitment, failure and quitting.


Either you commit 100% to thrive or do not and eventually quit. Perhaps another passion pulls you away from blogging. But in many cases, passionate bloggers quit because they do not commit.


Either you commit 100% to thrive or do not and eventually quit. Perhaps another passion pulls you away from blogging. But in many cases, passionate bloggers quit because they do not commit. #blogging Click To Tweet



This post is not:


  • practical blogging tips
  • sound blogging strategies
  • a guide
  • a tutorial


because I already covered this stuff 1000’s of times including in my blogging audio course.


Most bloggers have access to sound blogging tips but quit because most do not commit 100% to blogging for 1000’s of hours spanning years.


What Stops Bloggers?


Fear in your mind.


Fear in your mind wins out over a love of:


  • fun
  • freedom
  • passion
  • generous service


Face, feel and release fears of:


  • failure
  • criticism
  • wasting time
  • being rejected
  • poverty


to shift from scared, non-committed blogging to a fun, full-on, 100% commitment to blogging. Shifting feels uncomfortable. No one enjoys feeling fear. But feel fear you must to be ALL IN on blogging.


Fall deeply in love with your freedom to allow the imagined shackles of fear to fade away in your mind. Freedom beats fear because love is real and fear is an illusion. Fear is not even real. Fear is an illusion created by ego to keep you bound in misery and comfort versus being free in love and yes, some discomfort.


Being all in means living from love to help people even if being this person feels uncomfortable here and there. Does it sound more sane to be free, happy, generous and helpful even if it means facing some fears? Or does it sound sane to be bound, scared, stingy and living in survival mode, if it means living in comfort, depression, sadness, anxiety and failure? What sounds like the sane decision? Being all in by free diving into the Mariana Trench? Or dipping your blogging toes into the kiddy wading pool?




I recorded a video reminder to be all in.


Check it out here:


Commit to Blogging 100 Percent


Note; this concept is not about hard work. Slaving, straining and striving leads only to burnout, failure and quitting. Adopt a slow, steady and long term approach to successful blogging. Think with a vision, not an obsession over surviving, day to day.


Blogging commitment is not a daily thing in terms of results but it is a daily thing in terms of the process. For example, being all in means working daily. Doing simple things daily yields success over the long haul. But one needs to do simple things daily for a while to become a professional blogger.


Knowing why you blog is the #1 factor in making a full commitment to blogging. Blog for fun. Blog for freedom. Blog to have fun helping people. Access these endless sources of energy to be ALL in with your blogging campaign for years.

  1. Phillip Dews says:
    at 11:40 am

    Interesting Post Ryan as usual. In fact, I just google searched your name as well and this is the result from the version of Google…

    The results are somewhat different from yours it seems fella. Anyway that aside, I feel that I must disagree with you about Quitting because Quitting on things can open other doors. I recently read a book by Steven Bartlett of Dragons Den (think about the UK version of Shark Tank) fame, in which at the age of 25 he had built a business worth over 300 million dollars and then quit it to pursue other animals.

    Curiosity just got the better of me and I had to google my name as well. Seems I am cathing you up as well…

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts Ryan, Its good to be finally back in the blogging game.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:02 pm

      Quitting can be a good move for sure. Sometimes we need to quit one venture in order to move on a successful direction with another venture. For example, I quit my old blog to move in the direction of Blogging From Paradise. I never could have began this blog unless I let go the old blog because dividing my attention and energy between 2 blogs simply would not have worked. However, dropping the oldie like a hot potato made this blog take off relatively quickly. Quitting seemed to be the first step in making this transition. I struggled with the decision too because I felt ashamed and even embarrassed about quitting a venture I worked hard at for many years. Who would I be, if I quit? Where would my identify be? I was the guy who ran that blog. Then I had to become the Blogging From Paradise guy. Good thing I quit. Who knows where I would have been if I clung to my old blog solely because I feared quitting.

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