15 Reasons Why I Closed Comments on Blogging From Paradise

May 27, 2018
Walking through Queen Elizabeth Park in Paekakariki, where I run the dog most days.


I love receiving blog comments.


But the time has come for closure.


Good run we had.


I feel super duper clear on closing comments. Didn’t even wish to write and publish a blog post. Until I thought of you, my rocking reader.


You may struggle like hell with this question yourself. Reviewing this list may nudge you in a fun, freeing, inspired direction, that helps you render the most generous service and see the greatest amount of success.


Let’s dive in.


1: Not Fun


I would be a piece of crap, full on, lame ass hypocrite if I dishonored my number 1 rule; blog for fun and do stuff for the fun of it. Keeping comments open does not feel fun to me. Heavy feeling.


2: Time and Energy Commitment


Scanning, reading and responding to comments saps too much of my time and energy. Time and energy best used toward other ends, to render optimal service for you, my reader.


3: Hit the Mark and Exit Stage Left


I see Alonzo Pichardo and his YouTube channel; comments closed. He explains his intent: he creates content to hit the mark, to serve folks and that is his intent. My end goal; share blogging tips folks seize and use immediately. No need to stick around and comment; just seize and use on your blog.


4: Greater Course and eBook Sales


Some blog commentors buy my stuff. Many customers and clients never commented on my blog.


Closing comments goads bloggers to focus their attention and energy on seeking premium solutions at post’s end.


5: Feels Good


I feel good, light, clear, loving and pretty darn peachy closing comments. Blogging is an energy game. Meaning, yeehaw.


6: Clearing Agent


If someone emails me or comments on social from a fear-filled or angry or upset space, in reaction to me closing comments, I get to see how clear and unmoved or unclear and anxious I feel about the fear-based person’s reaction aka trigger….or lack of trigger.


This could be so helpful for you too. Be with folk’s reactions. Learn about you.


7: Spam Volume Is Getting Ridiculous


Closing comments ends that problem immediately.




With comments closed and no email list, I am 100% GDPR compliant.


I won’t add check boxes and banners and all that annoying shit to clutter my blog when you can simply share your thoughts with me via email or social or through Twitter DM.


9: Backlink Seekers Vanish


I love you guys. So I know with a loving, fun-feeling vibe any commentors who just want a link and nothing else will vanish with comments closed. This frees my attention and energy for genuine people.


10: Spend More Time and Energy on Other Folk’s Blogs


I am more free to create genuine comments on more blogs.


This is good for you because I’m adding content to your blog.


Don’t worry about me; I have enough content already hehehehe.


11: More Netflix Time


The Blacklist now, along with Bourne movies.


12: More Exercise Time


Jogging, walking.


13: More Yoga Time


Deep yin.


14: Unearths Attachment


Sometimes you believe something outside of you determines your success. Not true. Success happens inside-out, based on your vibe.


Closing comments on BFP reveals any heavy attachment to comments I may have had, helping me purge fears.


15: General Energy Management


Seeing the energetic return I got from checking for replies, trashing spam, reading and responding to comments didn’t justify keeping comments open. I have only so much energy daily, and must spend it wisely on the right things to manage my energy effectively.


Blog Comments Rock


Guys; follow your intuition. Receiving blog comments rocks. But the process of filtering legit comments from spam, reading and replying needs to be entirely fun, joyous and glorious for you to keep comments open, because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Be honest with yourself. If you love getting and responding to comments, carry on my little blogging sweet robbins.


If not, close blog comments. If readers want to share their thoughts just make your contact page and email address prominent, so they can share their thoughts through email.


I am ready to move forward with the next stage of my blogging career.


Feels exciting!


If you have comments, questions or thoughts, email me at rbbidd@gmail.com, ok guys?


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