How to Find a Clear Direction with Your Blogging Campaign

  January 9, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
Shenandoah County, Virginia USA

Shenandoah County, Virginia USA


Do you feel lost?


Have you lost your blogging direction?


Every blogger loses their way from time to time.


I got lost more than a few times during my 14 year blogging career. Sometimes I right myself fast. Other times I struggle to find my blogging direction for being prideful, stubborn, arrogant, vain or simply because I feel scared to move in a new blogging direction.


Benefits of Finding Your Blogging Direction


Finding your blogging direction:


  • feels good
  • increases blog traffic
  • boosts blogging profits
  • grows your blogging business
  • puts uncertainty in your rear view window


Do you feel like you need help with finding your blogging direction toward increased online success?


Follow these tips.


Acknowledge Being Lost


Spotting a problem is the first step in solving a problem.


Admit to being lost. Own how you cannot seem to find your blogging way. Step into the fact that you walked away from your blogging path toward increased success, traversing a muddier, confusing blogging journey.


I found myself lost a few times during my blogging career. Even now I feel a bit lost, drifting and confused from time to time. I am prone to ego. I am subject to fear. Fears kicking around in the mind may cause you to lose your way until you own being lost.


Do not be ashamed to lack clarity. Do not be embarrassed about getting lost even if you are a professional blogger. I still struggle blogging-wise deep into my professional blogging career. Not 2 weeks ago I began moving all of my eBooks from Amazon to Selz and Gumroad. Why?


I was lost!


At least, monetizing aspects of my blogging campaign seemed to be lost. Honoring my intuitive nudges revealed Amazon simply stopped working for me moons ago. I woke up. I owned being lost. The wave of relief washing over me felt like experiencing a blogging baptism.


Admit that you are lost on your blogging journey. Own how you need to find a better sense of blogging direction.


Solve the problem by first acknowledging that you have a blogging problem.


Know Why


Know why you blog.


Tie the reason to fun and freedom.


Blogging mainly for fun and freedom dissolves unclear fears clouding your mind. Fear appears to make you lose your blogging direction. Bloggers who lack clarity seem to get lost from time to time, not unlike losing a cell signal to observe your GPS vanish.


Blog mainly because you have fun helping people through blogging. Blog to free yourself. Blog to free your readers. Hold these intents to let go any lack of clarity. Letting go a lack of clarity gives you:


  • mental clarity
  • a strong purpose
  • a clear sense of direction


Spend time in quiet. Lock the door. Relax. Begin to think about why you blog. Do you chase money outcomes a bit too frequently? Let that fear-urge go. Do you want to be a popular blogger? Release that fear-impulse. Blogging with fear drivers in mind causes you to get lost. But forgiving fear drivers gives you a definite sense of direction.


Blog for the right reasons to find your blogging way.


Build a Mental Goal


Bloggers speak of setting goals.


But the concept seems to airy and nebulous for some.


Build a mental goal for your blogging campaign. Think deliberately about what you intend to do with your blog. Think long, patiently and persistently. Allow the goal to burrow deep into your mind. Find clarity by seeing the blogging intent clearly in your mind’s eye.


For example, I lost some clarity with my blogging campaign recently. I did not feel good about my direction because I lost my blogging way. However, sitting down to set a clear goal in mind put me back on the blogging straight and narrow. I visualized the perfect reader for Blogging From Paradise. Aspiring bloggers who intend to travel the world seem ideal for my blog. Holding this individual in mind nudged me to begin posting travel images, travel blog posts and travel videos too with #travel and #digitalnomad keywords.


See the goal in mind. Add details to let the vision become crystal clear. Seeing your blogging mental goal as far as a niche, reader or bullseye points you in the right direction quickly.


Invest in Blogging Resources


Invest in blogging resources.


Find a clear direction by listening to pros who point you in that right direction.


Lacking clarity muddles your mind. Fear in the mind blocks the way toward increased blogging success. Investing money in blogging resources crafted by top pros clears out the mental cobwebs to guide you along the way.


Few bloggers have full clarity concerning their blogging direction. Pros simply show you the way toward blogging freedom by coaxing you with their:



Invest money in premium advice professionals have to offer. Do not be stingy. Invest money to access blogging clarity in the mind of top professionals who had to get clear in order to go pro. I drilled down to get clearer in my mind. My blogging audio course, eBook and overall blogging brand help to give my fellow bloggers increased clarity, a sense of direction and greater peace of mind in righting their blogging ship. Plus I freely admit to having unclear moments of doubt; transparent bloggers tend to bond deeply with their communities. At the end of the day, we are all human.


Stop trying to clear the mental fog based on your own efforts. Invest in pros. Learn from the best to find the way with their advanced perspective guiding you along.




Pro blogger David Boozer asked me how to find a clearer blogging direction after I asked if any of my friends had blogging questions.


He quickly asked the question about gaining a sense of direction blogging-wise. I wrote and published this post to help a blogging friend who shared what was on his mind.


Ask questions to gain clarity. Find your blogging direction by asking pros how to find direction. Never be shy. Do not feel embarrassed. Never be ashamed. Top pros like David freely ask questions because no one knows it all. I either ask questions of blogging pros or dig deep into their work to answer my questions, too.


Observe Top Pros in Action


Pay close attention to top blogging pros.


High level professionals are largely clear on their blogging campaigns.


Pros know their direction. Top level bloggers know where they are headed and why they are headed in that direction. Pros rarely lose direction but even if they stumble they tend to get back on the blogging straight and narrow quickly.


Admittedly, I continue to learn how to get clearer in order to hone in on the perfect blogging direction for me. My recent discovery involved attempting to appeal to a bit too many folks not sitting within the perfect target audience of Blogging From Paradise.


Making this realization immediately urged me to drill down on:


  • how I create content
  • who I create content for
  • monetizing channels


I learned how to pick the right blogging direction for me in these regards by noting how top blogging pros ooze clarity. Blogging big dawgs seem to know the right direction for these icons. Observing pros in action provided me with a shining example of how to get clear.




Stop feeling lost by first admitting that you are lost.


Everything changes the moment you note having a direction problem.


Ask for directions from pro bloggers. Get clearer on both your blogging reason why and blogging goals. Invest in professional advice.


Blogging never needs to be a struggle but you better put your ego to the side and admit that you are lost and need blogging directions.


Your Turn


Do you feel lost with your blogging campaign?


Do you need blogging directions?


How do you find blogging directions?


What tips can you add for gaining clarity around your blogging campaign?


Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 11:44 am

    Hi Ryan, oh yes I’ve been lost too on my blogs. I finally wrote down my goals to help clarify for myself where I was going. I need to do that was my 2nd blog next as well. It’s easy to work on your blog but the planning and implementation are very important. Thanks for your tips!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:50 pm

      Lesson learned here too Lisa! Planning is oh so key to allow the work to be easier not harder. Thanks for reading!

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