Cheese Blocks in Bangkok and Making Your Blog Rock

February 4, 2018
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The neighborhood where we are staying in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


He was floored.


Kelli and I waited for our luggage in Bangkok.


Having flown from JFK to BKK over 38 hours of travel time I felt a little spacey.


As we waited for our suitcases a man by the luggage belt asked if we had been to Thailand before.


I nodded and explained we’d lived here 3 years collectively over the past 7 years.


The man’s eyes almost popped out. 7 years? 3 in Thailand? He was amazed. Most people spend 1 week in Thailand if they spend any time at all in the Land of Smiles. We have been here many times.


Although the kindly man traveled to Thailand many times himself he noted our trip lengths and had to understand how we did it.


I explained how house sitting was one of our big influences in spending months in places like Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Qatar and between shorter sits, New York City.


He was sold.


15 minutes later I walked out of the airport in Bangkok with a block of cheese. A delicacy here as good cheese is hard to find and a bit expensive. Importing deal.


What led to the Blessed Bangkok Block of cheese being deposited into my suitcase?


Why the power of reciprocity of course.


Successful Blogging, House Sitting and Cheese


After spending a good 15 minutes answering the man’s questions about house sitting – he fell in love with this totally new concept and saw himself becoming a house sitter too – I gave him links to house sitting sites and mentioned my house sitting eBook on Amazon.


Pssst….buy my house sitting eBook here if you want to circle the globe and live rent-free in places like Bali, Fiji and Thailand:



He immediately reached into his bag after we offered the house sitting 411 and asked if we wanted a block of cheese. Turns out he froze 30 plus pounds of cheese and fine meats to bring to Bangkok from the USA.


Yes; he did in fact have the finest meats and cheeses available. Not unlike a Hobbit.


I took him up on his offer.


I felt like a Green Bay Packers fan or perhaps the Laughing Cow; me like cheese. Gift appreciated.


We did him a major solid in opening his eyes to a new way for doing long term travel all over the globe.


He extended his appreciation by doing us a solid, gifting us with in-demand fare here in Thailand.




You help someone without looking for anything in return.


Sure enough, either that individual or someone else offers you something sweet in return either in the moment or perhaps a day or week down the road.


Blogging Reciprocity


Successful bloggers build online empires through the power of being kind.


Top bloggers promote other bloggers, feature other bloggers and assist other bloggers generously without looking for anything in return, often for months and then, years.


Slowly but surely, the power of reciprocity becomes manifest. Appreciative bloggers promote top bloggers, spreading their word. Bloggers hire these generous pros or buy their eBooks or feature them on their blogs or promote top bloggers on social media.


The generous giving results in generous receiving.


Generous receiving means lots of traffic, blog comments and blogging profits.


But the benefits of reciprocity flow to largely detached, generous bloggers who help from an energy of love and non conditional energy, versus the fear-based, attached, conditional energy that strickens most bloggers, all of whom struggle terribly or see muted success.


Help to Receive Help


The more you have fun helping people without looking for anything in return the more help you receive from folks you help and more routinely, from folks you did not help but who love the value you share.


Far beyond the law of sowing and reaping, genuine blogging reciprocity is about spreading love and giving almost no thought to getting anything. Blogging is fun so blogging is the reward. Money and traffic and comments and social shares are extra’s, or bonuses.


Adopting this energy sends off an abundant vibe mirrored back to you through increasing blogging success.


Check out my friend Joao Leitao. The guy persistently promotes me and other bloggers on Twitter without looking for anything in return. He also genuinely appreciates whenever I retweet his content, thanking me.


Is it any wonder why the guy is such a successful blogger?


The Mirror Effect


The world is just a mirror, reflecting back to you how generous and detached you are with people. Most of the time, this reflection appears to be delayed. This is a good thing because you will be prepared to receive the increased traffic, profits, client base and rich partnership opportunities gracefully and calmly, without being overwhelmed with a tidal wave of opportunities all at once.


Little analogy for you; I just flew from NYC to Bangkok. Total flight time = 18 hours. We did between 500 MPH to 600 MPH on the plane.


If we tried to fly from NYC to Bangkok on an X-15 fighter jet we’d reach speeds of 4,500 MPH for select portions of the trip. Technically, we could arrive in a little over 3 hours but of course we’d die from not acclimating to the mach 6.7 G-force over months of training. The first second or two of supersonic flight we’d vomit like Linda Blair in The Exorcist than maybe my clothes would disappear like with the chick in the movie Zapped (Scott Baio version) then I’d croak.


This is why your reciprocity benefits often lag; good things take time, and if you try to force things that strained, forced energy leads to some dangerous or failing outcomes.


Be a persistent giver without looking for anything in return, like my friend Will Blunt who tirelessly retweets my posts on Twitter and never looks for a darn thing.


How to Tap into this Amazing Power


Follow these practical tips:


  • promote bloggers through social media by RTing, Facebook Sharing and G Plus Sharing their content
  • mention bloggers on your blog
  • interview bloggers on your blog
  • open your blog to guest posting
  • comment genuinely on other blogs


Have fun doing these things.


Cut the strings (this is where the real power kicks in).


Look for nothing in return.


You will become irresistible to fellow bloggers and your success will expand exponentially over the long haul if you have fun helping folks then cut the strings.


Your Turn


Are you using reciprocity to rock out your blog?




11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


If you want a fun guide for building a successful blog buy my blogging course:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


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  1. Cool Nishant. Such a fun way to see the world and save dough. I think you’ll love my eBook too.

  2. House sitting is something new, and I would love to read your book, I have added it to my watch list.
    Thanks you Ryan.

  3. Thanks Agness! It was a fun time noshing on cheese in BKK LOL.

  4. Seems like you had an excellent experience and the man will never forget you, Ryan. Enjoyed reading your story. 😉

  5. Way cool Jerry. Thanks for eating up these posts 🙂

  6. Jerry Peri Says:

    Great teaching about the values of giving and kindness! Thanks for sharing this, Ryan.
    Got curious about you from a mention by Elaine “Ladyboss” in a guest blogging post on Janice Wald’s “Mostly Blogging!”
    I’m glad to be here and will always look out for your posts!

  7. It’s fun Khai!

  8. Israel you are doing a smash up job my friend! From what I see you are all over it, outreach wise and reciprocity wise.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    It’s great to know here that top bloggers promote, feature and assist other bloggers passionately and generously without expecting anything in return and even for several months or years. This is awesome. It reflects the true character of a passionate blogger who loves paying it forward.

    Though I have been using a kind of reciprocity to rock out my blog, I haven’t been able to do that to perfection. Thanks for teaching how to receive help even more routinely!

    You taught here that the more we help without expecting anything in return, the more help we get from those people we help and even from other people we didn’t help but who just love what we share.

  10. Khai Says:

    I have never tried housesitting though I have heard about it a few times and one of my friends did that while she was in Scotland.

    I think I need to learn more about housesitting, who knows it will be beneficial in my future travels.

  11. Your energy is tremendous Joao; love all you do! Keep spreading the love my friend and hugs back from Chiang Mai 🙂

  12. Hey Ryan wow man thank you for the mention. I really appreciate that bro. You know, one of my favorite phrases is “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” in latim, which means, “one for all and all for one”.

    Interesting how you did get my logic:

    “genuine blogging reciprocity is about spreading love and giving almost no thought to getting anything”.

    I share, just on a pure basis of… sharing the love and noncompetitively support what other people are doing. 🙂 nothing else. We should be happy when other people achieve their dreams and their goals.

    big hug all the way from Tbilisi Georgia, and keep up the good work.

  13. Excellent insights Freddy! All we receive flows from the love we give. So keep giving and loving the action of serving human beings without worrying about outcomes and the receiving steadily expands. Thanks so much 🙂

  14. Good to know Rhonda!

  15. Rhonda Albom Says:

    Your right. Blogging is the reward on its own. I enjoy talking to other people when I travel. Sometimes I learn, sometimes I help with tips, and I always make new friends. I never received a block of cheese but I can offer this word of advice – if you bring sausages to Fiji, make sure you have an import license and a vet certificate.

  16. Hey Ryan!

    You’ve said it best brother!

    Help to receive help.

    You are super right, there is a mirror effect in this world. You get what you put in. That is just how things work in this age of time.

    This reminds me of what Zig Ziglar said; “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

    When you give and help from your heart and from the energy of love, you are well-compensated over time. The more you give, the more you get. But you have to do this from a heart-centered energy and understand that things will come to you if you just focus on helping and giving. The things you get and the money you make are simply a by-product of all of this.

    The more passionate people and the most helpful people are the ones who tend to succeed big in this world. Plain and simple.

    Understanding this simple fact can help you become such a great blogger. In the world of blogging, it is all about helping the audience in your niche and truly caring about them. And not just them (niche audience), but the people trying to help them as well (other bloggers). We are all in this together! 😀

    Thank you for sharing such valuable tips man!

    Keep up the great work!

    Best regards! 😀

  17. I left a thought.