Do You Need to Change Your Blogging Perspective?

  May 20, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Albrook Mall, Panama City Panama


I strolled around Albrook Mall in Panama City, Panama today.


Albrook is one of the biggest malls on earth. Built on a former US military base, the mall of 400 plus stores attracted up to 50,000 visitors daily pre-current conditions.


I observed a fascinating kiosk a few moments ago. The Comando (1 “m” for trademark purposes) stand boasted handguns, hunting knifes and even a sniper-style assault rifle. I have never seen such a kiosk in my native New Jersey. But such a store exists in Panama City, Panama because different cultures reflect different attitudes.


The old, closed-minded me would have deemed such a store ridiculous but new, open-minded me holds a different perspective. People can buy as they please. Humans have the freedom of choice. At least, this is the pervasive attitude in regards to some aspects of Panamanian culture.  Why? People here think differently in some facets. I am open to this core human trait; thoughts, feelings and attitudes change as you circle the globe but we all possess plenty of similarities, too.


Being open-minded allowed me to see more clearly because I generally do not judge or condemn harshly.  I simply open up to what is in order to understand that different humans around the globe think and feel differently. Understanding this truth lets me connect with more people seamlessly because I am not busy seeing our differences but spotting similarities while feeling fascinated concerning apparent differences.


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Blogging is no different. Being open-minded by changing my perspective lets me appreciate similarities and differences in fellow human beings. Adopting this attitude lets me connect seamlessly with more readers who appreciate my open-ness. Some bloggers adopt an us versus them approach minus their small friend network but walking this path creates:


  • enemies
  • resistance
  • strife
  • struggles
  • legions of critics


all of which are completely not necessary. However, open bloggers who appreciate both similarities and differences seamlessly connect while letting go folks who seem to be non-matches.  Connecting freely with folks expands my success but also makes blogging fun. What is worldly success unless you enjoy experiencing this gift? Bloggers often make oodles of dough but fall depressed on hitting money goals. I recall someone exclaiming how they felt deeply depressed after hitting a 6 figure income. Why? The individual became skilled at manipulating numbers but never developed the skills of:


  • being happy with developing human bonds
  • feeling loved by making blogging buddies
  • feeling fulfilled by rendering generous service


Friends like Lisa Sicard, Sue-Ann Bubacz, Cori Ramos, David Boozer and Venkat Randa make blogging fun. Follow each thriving blogger to multiply your fun index, to enjoy the ride and to open up to the world around you.  Each of these engaging bloggers teaches you how to be:


  • open
  • genuine
  • authentic
  • natural
  • engaging
  • kind
  • heartfelt


Guys; THESE are the qualities you need in spades to be a happy, free, successful blogger. I mention and link to each friend not only because they are valued blogging resources but because they make the ride enjoyable, fulfilling and flat out a blast. Plus, unless you make blogging fun, like a party celebrated with dear blogging buddies, you will quit fast. No way in hell will you blog for 13 years like me unless you have the love, support and guidance of loyal blogging buddies.


Are you a lone wolf blogger? Do you blog solo? Do you intend to succeed solely through the sweat of your blogging brow? You are screwed. Do yourself a favor; change your perspective. Open your mind. Make connections. Stop being quick to judge. Judging, closed-minds can – and do – find fault with any human being, for a litany of reasons. Being open-minded lets you make more connections. Making more friends helps you have more fun and become more successful.


Changing your perspective feels uncomfortable to the ego. The ego knows everything until the split second ego begins to be exposed, to see it knows nothing. Open up. See blogging differently. Never try to succeed through your singular efforts. Failure follows. Make blogging a team sport.


While I walked around Panama City for 6 hours today my friends shared my content through social media streams, increasing my blog traffic. I now happily increase their traffic by linking to them through this blog post. We just keep helping each other succeed sans expectations.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to blog?


How Do You Change Your Perspective?


Delving deeper into your mind reveals why and how to change your perspective.


Humans only change the way they look at things by knowing why they ought to change the way they look at things. For me, I observed how opening up my mind felt a bit scary but a ton more fun, freeing and yes, success-promoting. I then felt a nudge to spend more time in quiet, to observe how closed, rigid, fixed states of mind regarding my blog hindered my growth.


The best thing you can do is spend more time in quiet. Truth serum arises in quiet because the ego chatter becomes louder and louder until your intuition drowns out the ego chatter with a simple instruction:


“This limited state of mind needs to go.”


We are all connected to unlimited worldly success at all times. Being quiet and observing your mind simply reveals how fears in your mind cut you off from unlimited worldly success through closed-mindedness.


Some practical tips for being open-minded through a perspective change:


  • spend time in quiet daily
  • surround yourself with open-minded people
  • appreciate differences in fellow humans while seeing your similarities
  • understand how you will likely shed some relationships to make room for more resonant matches


I gotta go guys. Panama City is calling me.


Change your perspective. Open up. Make blogging easier and more enjoyable.

  1. Eric Cole says:
    at 1:40 pm

    Hey Ryan, Absolutely perspective is key. I recently went through another blogging shift. As my perception continues to develop and understanding unfolds regarding the various planes of the cosmic creation how I blog shifts as well. It all works from the inside out. Meditation has been key for me.

    Thanks as always,

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