Can You Rush the Blogging Process?

  April 19, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Cappadocia, Turkey


No matter what bloggers claim no one can rush the blogging process.


Rushing the blogging process leads to failure.


Slow down. Calm down. Relax. Develop posture. Create and connect. Allow your content to spread far and wide. Make friends. Help fellow bloggers. Allow your friend network to spread the word for you.


Contrary to popular belief, success finds you. No blogger finds success even if my fellow bloggers and I use this terminology from time to time.


Busy yourself with creating and connecting patiently. If you rush the blogging process success never finds you. If you chase success it will remain out of your grasp.


For example, I blocked a few profiles on Facebook within the past 10 minutes. A few people on Facebook attempted to rush the process of seeking one successful end for themselves. Since you cannot force success these individuals lost opportunities to bond with me. I blocked their profiles. Being blocked means these folks can no longer interact with me on Facebook.


Every time you lose one connection due to your impatience you miss an opportunity to:


  • help people
  • expand your reach
  • boost blog traffic
  • grow blogging business


Does it makes sense to lose connections and to lessen your reach because you blogged impatiently? Does rushing the blogging process seem like a smart move if taking this route promotes failure?


Be mindful. Slow down. Calm down. Blog from a relaxed energy. Serene bloggers succeed by standing out in a world of desperate, frenzied bloggers. For example, if you see bloggers spamming your inbox would you ever hire these spammers? Of course not; fear repels potential clients and customers. Frenzied, desperate bloggers scare off business. But if you came across a blogger who publishes genuinely helpful posts you feel inclined to check out and possibly buy their courses or manuals, even if the individual never asked you to purchase their courses and manuals.




Blogging confidence is sexy.


By saying this, I mean that clear, confident, relaxed bloggers ooze a type of charisma, serenity and overall energy that makes their business offering appealing. Doesn’t it feel nice to get help from someone who does not beg you for business before or after offering you help? Doesn’t it feel good to interact with someone who helps you freely, with no strings attached?


THIS is why rushing the blogging process promotes failure. Calm, patient, relaxed bloggers sprint ahead of hurried bloggers who rush the process, to the front of the blogging line. Confidence feels sexy. Bloggers follow confident bloggers to become confident bloggers, themselves.


Success Takes Some Time


Even well-meaning but scarcity-focused bloggers promise blogging:


  • shortcuts
  • hacks
  • quick success


from time to time.


But unless the bloggers stress how the sole way to succeed a bit more quickly is to do the most:


  • uncomfortable
  • terrifying
  • unpleasant
  • freeing


things in that time frame, consider nudging their promises aside because you cannot rush success.


Pros cannot even rush the blogging process. Even if a few appeared to take shortcuts most simply forget the amount of time and work each put in to become a professional blogger.


I wrote a manual about how to become an influential blogger in 6 months or less. But I stressed how influencing fellow bloggers in such a short time frame involved doing the most scary things right now to experience influencer status in 6 months. Few bloggers face their deepest fears immediately. Most resist doing terribly uncomfortable things. Naturally, if you dodge fear it takes longer to succeed.


However, all blogging success takes time, practice and a full on commitment to this gig.


If you put in the time and work you will thrive.


If you try to rush things you will fail.


No one can rush the blogging process.


Success finds you in its own time.

  1. Martin Pavey says:
    at 6:54 am

    There is a truly refreshing air to your blogs Ryan.

    When I read, “Success finds you.”, fireworks went off in my head and a heard the boom of dynamite (in a good way!)

    “Blogging confidence is sexy.” – wonderful. There is indeed a charisma in people who “don’t care.” i.e. who aren’t addicted to the outcomes but practice with the sole aim of providing value. There is a great satisfaction in being useful, it helps everybody (including we the bloggers!).

    Thank you.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:11 am

      Good fireworks indeed Martin! When we realize that we have it all, already, in mind, blogging and life becomes a relaxing experience.

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