Can You Make a Full Time Living with a Personal Blog Today?

  December 1, 2021 blogging tips đź•‘ 4 minutes read
Savusavu Bay, Fiji

Savusavu Bay, Fiji


(The following is a guest post…..)


If you could not make a full-time living with a personal blog, well, I would not be here blogging on such a great personal blog that sustains the lifestyle of a good friend of mine, Ryan Biddulph!


This is a personal blog that is not just about blogging, but also about the person and the journey that they are on. Ryan blogs from paradise, and I think paradise to him is more than an island with coconuts and palm trees where we sit and bake in the sun all day long.


Actually, I think what he means is that no matter where we are in the world, we can create a truly successful blogging lifestyle and one that earns the income to sustain that lifestyle through a great personal blog. And here, I want to share with you how I know this, and how you can get started on your own journey into personal blogging…


What is a personal blog?


There is a misnomer today that is spread by the so-called expert on YouTube who blogs very little, that a personal blog is just a journal with no direction, no goal, and definitely offers no way to truly monetize it in a way that can sustain a “blogging from paradise” lifestyle.


Well, not only do I disagree but whoever tries to sell you this pile of crud, run! Run far away, fast!


A personal blog can have direction.


A personal blog can have goals.


And yes, as you can tell with this blog, blogging can retire you to a life of blogging!


A personal blog is not just a journal today, it is much more. Today’s savvy new bloggers are learning that speaking to a particular subject or, a general subject with a few or more sub-subjects can go a long way in creating the kind of success they never thought possible.


You, sharing your life living along coastal waters or, making candles or, hobby photography work and skills or, house sitting and blogging in beautiful locations around the globe is the epitome of a personal blog today!


And yes, all of those and every other niche “personal” blog idea you can think of is a viable candidate for success…


Choosing a personal blog “topic”?


Yes, just as Jess+ The Mess Blog has, your blog can have a particular or overall general topic to share. On her blog, Jess shares the life of a caregiver to her special needs son, the loss of family, and the gaining of family.


Personally, I read her blog from time to time because she also shares her life as a Christian in all that she is, and that gets my attention real fast, not to mention, I have a passion for helping children in need, especially those with special needs.


Yes, she makes money with her blog, and rightfully so. She sells books, makes affiliate income through her podcast from sponsors and those who simply give.


Guess what? So can you!


Now you may not be traveling the globe house sitting in Bali or Cozumel or New Zealand, but you still have a passion for something, and that is of a personal nature in the end. Maybe you love baseball, but you especially like baseball history, well, start sharing your knowledge and passion for it with a personal blog.


Maybe you love books and writing and coffee! Well, why not share that passion as my friend Beardy over at Beard Between The Lines blog, and share your passion too!


When I listen to those folks on YouTube talking day in and day out about blogging, it seems to always be about niche blogs trying to sell stuff all day long. Again, personally, I love grabbing books that Beardy loves that I too find an interest in, and that interest was piqued by his latest blog post.


Getting niche is all about choosing a topic you wish to share your journey, your story, your passion with and in. No, that topic does not have to be “one particular thing,” it can be a more general topic as Jess has created or, about writing, books, and coffee as Beardy has and creating blog content that connects your readers to that shared want, need, desire or, passion.


Start your personal blog here.


Yes, I am going to promote something here, the 11 Fundamentals Of Successful Blogging.


A few years ago I bought the audio series from Ryan. Since then, I have had two highly successful blogs blow up in a way I never expected.
Since then I have sold off one blog, and the other has taken on a completely new life this year, and because of the audio series from Ryan, I know exactly how and what I need to do to build, brand, and grow my blog going forward.


And yes, Ryan, I have another blog coming soon, and I thank you for all the kind words of encouragement along the way.


To get started with your personal blog does not take trying to find the latest and greatest hot-selling product or service out there. Actually, it is about finding something you are passionate about or interested in, putting yourself into it, and sharing that journey and story with others through your own personal blog.


Let the hype go. Let the gurus go. let the money-first reason for blogging go, then you’ll start to see and experience firsthand the kind of blogging lifestyle folks like Ryan and myself and Jess and Beardy do each and every day… the life of a successful blogger.


See you on this side of success…David.


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David Boozer helps you learn WordPress and marketing at David Boozer Dot Com.

  1. David J. Boozer says:
    at 6:08 pm

    Thanks, Ryan! I love a great personal blog!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:34 pm

      Me too David. Thanks so much for writing the excellent post. Personal blogs can reel us in because most people love a good life experience to follow. Other blogs tend to become a little too dry or bland for me. But someone who injects their personal experience into their work shares their struggles, successes, ups and downs and everything in between that all of us human beings experience during our lifetime here on planet earth. I see a great connecting Factor there. Thanks again!


  2. Sushma says:
    at 10:16 pm

    Hello Ryan and David, this is really an inspiriting article!! Time to time we need a small push that will ensure that it is feasible to thrive in blogging field if we are consistent and enthusiastic what we want to express. I wasn’t aware of the audio series you have. I will have to look it up asap!
    Thanks again!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:43 am

      That little push of energy makes all the difference Sushma. Logically we all know that running a helpful personal blog can promote our success. But sometimes we need to see from other bloggers who have succeeded that this possibility exists. I am learning more every single day that blogging is mindset or energy. The practical work and more importantly doing it the right way gets much easier when you get your mind right. Getting your mind right feel easier and easier when you do what you love with your blog. David mentioned some awesome examples out there and from what I see my friend, you are well on your way to succeeding. Thanks so much for your blogging support as always.


  3. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 3:21 pm

    David, I see what you did there =)

    Yeah, that’s the beauty of blogging.

    You can take any topic or subject matter and then just infuse your own personality into the content, giving it your own spin. That’s why this idea of “competition” in the blogosphere is so irrelevant.

    I blog about “personal development” type stuff. And there’s a bajillion other bloggers out there talking about the exact same topics that I talk about.

    But nobody says it the way I do because I’m me.

    And so no matter what topic you blog about, the point is that nobody will blog about it the way you do, as long as you put your own personality into your content and personalize it.

    By being yourself in a transparent and genuine way, you automatically spin your content a different way from everyone else, and that’s why your audience keeps coming back.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:53 pm

      Sensational insights Chris. You do have your own style writing wise plus you up the ante by adding your personally drawn cartoons to these personal development posts. I have yet to see anybody online who does it just like you. Of course, you stand out in my mind because you are just being you through your blog. This is why personal blogging can be a highly valuable asset for building an eye-opening brand. No one can recreate or retell our personal stories like we can. It is an intimacy thing. No one can share their experience like the individual who had the experience. Running a personal blog just helps you stand out from everybody else who ever blogged but the key is to face self-conscious fears to allow your true self to shine through your blogging campaign. Excellent job on that brother. Thanks for the detailed, fabulous comment.


  4. bbrian017 says:
    at 11:12 am

    When you love blogging, everything else will come. I love this statement and let’s be fair it seems like the logical natural progression right? I never blogged much, though I have known Ryan for about 15 years now, I made my living helping other bloggers market and connect. But lately I have taken a try at actually blogging, being committed and I did it, because I wanted to, I want to try and be a blogger for the first time in almost 15 years of online marketing. Nice connecting with you David and thanks for the blog post Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:32 pm

      Brian that’s a good job my friend. I am happy to see that you are getting into blogging right now genuinely for the first time. I believe that you will love it. You have known me longer than any person online. Think about that for a second. 15 years we have known each other and been through many ups and downs along the way. I apologize if earlier during my career my mind was not as developed. I reacted deeply from fear during some of our encounters and via my behavior online. I have purged a lot of that fear. Doing my best now feels much more enjoyable to me because I am blogging from love, not fear, at least predominantly. Watching your expanding success from afar has been my pleasure. Keep up the great work and enjoy diving into blogging brother.


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